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  1. You know this would include killing all Jedi? You say "killing", I say "making them more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
  2. This stuff is your friend: http://www.aerodromeaccessories.com/index.php/game-aides/wings-of-glory/altitude-glue.html It's like post-it-note glue for your pegs.
  3. Are you being ironic? R4 aggromech section on page 16.
  4. I've been having good luck with Chopper, Zeb, AC/Autoblaster, nera with dead eye, munitions, proton, guidance chips, and a prototype with auto thrusters. Off the top of my head, I think there's 1 or 2 points left to play with the 2nd crew. I've played around with the crew and vcx pilot as well (Lothal with Hera and Dash for example). You can play around to work in engine which is almost an auto include. Using the upgrade that allows the large ship to block for Nera is another thought.
  5. Had a game 2 weeks ago. Can't remember the specific lists, but I had a Lothal Rebel (VCX-100) AC/autoblaster turret with dash, guidance chip Nera Dantels (b-wing), and a prototype pilot (a-wing). My game partner had hlc dash (yt-2400), tlt hwk with nien nunb, and another ship I can't recall. It came down to me with the LR with one hull and him with the hwk with one hull and the crit that makes you flip damage cards to crit. We were on opposing sides of an asteroid with him going over it for sure. I couldn't make it out of tlt range to setup for a better attack (should he survive the rock) so I turned towards the asteroid and him, hoping to bump enough to avoid actually landing on the rock and risking destruction, but no luck. I just caught the corner of the asteroid and died in a fiery explosion. He finishes the turn by going over the rock and crits himself as well. 0-0 draw. Never happened before for me.
  6. Only problem is I think professional means you get paid for the activity
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i2KLyBapfTc NSFW audio
  8. i had the same issue with a HWK. You will get a new model. This would be a good chance to try out magnets if you are so inclined. If not, a little Saran Wrap over the peg tip will make it fit snugly.
  9. Oh, if you do decide to have the player come back with a new character, you have the makings of a great nemesis that has history with the party. Who hates to be abandoned, eh?
  10. I'd set it up as opportunity for a future hook. PC goes missing on the ghostship with no explanation (maybe some clues depending if you have an idea how to reintegrate); party has to accept the loss (maybe you even collaborate with the player to say he is going to start a new character when he returns); when your player returns, the party discovers he was alive the whole time (left on ship and escaped to nearby low tech planet after the party left, gone feral from isolation on the cleared ghost ship, hid in a statis system on the ghost ship, whatever); 1 session adventure to find him; 1 session adventure to escape with him; when they find him, you can use the intervening time to explain how he has gained experience. Maybe he discovered something interesting that leads to the next adenture...
  11. Objectives for tournament play. Magnetic mines! At the end of the combat phase, move any magnetic mines remaining towards the closest ship using the one straight maneuver template. Resolve any effects if they are now in range.
  12. For pure space such as bunks and rec areas, i see this as the sustainable, comfortable limit (i.e. Beds for everyone). If cramming, you can considerably increase this depending on the ship, but I would start imposing escalating effects based on occupancy and duration something like: 1. A few extras: displaced folks unable to recover strain or damage with rest 2. 50% over: everybody unable to recover strain or damage (perhaps allow someone to be isolated to make things worse for everyone else) 3. 75% over: displaced acquiring extra strain regularly, setback on any actions taken (also reflects an effect for MINION/RIVAL) 4. 100% over: everybody acquiring strain regularly, more setback penalty 5. start degrading ship functionality due to impact to crews effectiveness (difficulty or more setback) 6. Maybe move on to actual damage (sleep depravation) 7. Core breach! Lol I assume consumable tolerances similar to airlines, which is 100%. So the ship can handle twice the number of people for air, food, septic disposal, etc. for a normal resupply cycle (scale based on ship size/role). Normally, I just assume any trips include resupply when needed unless integral to the story. Exceeding 100% makes it integral. I calculate the per person per day capacity of the ship as: 2 x capacity / resupply cycle in days. Full depletion of resources happens when this is exceeded. A precipitous drop off occurs at the end if no mitigation is taken (primarily starvation, dehydration, and suffocation). Rationing can be done, introducing similar effects as above (depending on severity of rationing).
  13. Gberezowsky


    Meta is the lists you lose to and then complain about on these forums because it needs to be nerfed.
  14. Pacific side Costa Rica is amazing. Lots to do. Great surf and beaches. Friendly people.
  15. An adjustable height chair/stool might help. I've been ok for x wing, but this thing is magical when using a telescope: http://flylib.com/books/3/311/1/html/2/images/0596100604/figs/astronomyhks_0435.jpg
  16. For those of you with loose pegs, this stuff is magical: http://www.aerodromeaccessories.com/index.php/game-aides/wings-of-glory/altitude-glue.html
  17. I narrated A New Hope as a bedtime story (about 45 minutes) to my son from about the age of two. It still gets requested.
  18. Kyle, title, tlt, chewbacca. Chewy makes the HWK very durable.
  19. I ran 4 relatively basic x wings to see how it felt compared to 4 B wings which I'm more accustomed to and it was way more durable. Luke w/ r5p9, Tarn w/ r7, 2 rookies w/ r2
  20. I was nervous my first tournament and setup some ships facing the edge. My opponent was ice and pointed it out but it would have been pretty funny if he hadn't.
  21. I learned a lot by working my way through the different types of lists. I spent time focusing on flying swarms, then arc Dodgers, then turrets, and so on. Learning to use them helps immensely in learning how to work against them.
  22. What is this "win" thing you all keep speaking of?
  23. Juno with engine, X1/ATC, predator Marek with X1/ATC, predator Vader with X1/ATC, predator That's off memory, but I think it's right. Unbelievably reliable damage, but I find you do need to fly a bit more cautiously as it is a bit squishy.
  24. I wouldn't say it's the ultimate solution, but Plano 1374 (3700 series trays) with Microhangars works well for me. I use one tray for all my play gear (templates, asteroids, bases and pegs, etc.) and the other three for ships. I originally put some thin foam under the ships. This was fine in the tackle box, but the individual 3700's I take to tournaments resulted in the ships getting knocked around a bit. I've found the Microhangars give me a good balance of density and safety. It is possible to hold more ships without the Microhangars, but my collection fits here. I put the large ships in the top section, although most of them fit in the trays if I don't box them (all except for the YV-666). All three huge ships will alternatively fit in the top, but I have them in a separate box as I have a few large ships. I have a decent sized collection and it all fits here with room to grow except for the huge ships: 7 X's, 4 Y's, 5 A's, 4 B's, 3 E's, 2 K's, 2 HWK, 2 Falcons, 1 YT-2400, 1 T70 10 Tie Fighter, 3 Advanced, 3 Interceptors, 2 Slave 1, 1 Shuttle, 3 Bombers, 2 Punishers, 2 Defenders, 3 Phantoms, 2 Tie F/O 2 Starviper, 3 M3-A, 2 IG-2000, 1 YV-666, 2 Kihraxz
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