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  1. I use the quickbuilds a lot with my son. While the cost and slots never aligned with the published values, it seems to me that some of the larger re-evaluations should be reflected quickbuilds. I’m curious if anyone with more time and interest has given any thought to tweaking quickbuilds. I had a few thoughts: - using a points handicap for the heavily adjusted ships - bidding for a list: Each player picks 2 lists and then we bid starting damage to choose a desired list (i.e. I’ll accept 2 damage from the beginning to run list X). Does anyone have any other thoughts?
  2. The premise of your question suggests you simply do not understand this game.
  3. Gberezowsky


    oh, right. i was just focusing on the arc.
  4. Gberezowsky


    Marksmanship does. According to app anyway. I didn’t check the card
  5. Didn’t that used to be a rule somewhere? If you accidentally move something, your opponent gets to place it.
  6. I tend to play the same way, despite what I’ve been pointing out here. That raises an interesting point. How do people adjudicate when it’s close and things are nudged? When it’s myself, I support ruling in my opponents favour. I kind of wish that were a formal rule, though. Perhaps belonging in the tournament rules rather than the RR.
  7. I’d be inclined to play it that way, but the logical distinction isn’t sound as you could just as easily say he/she didnt quite make it.
  8. Except if you call a judge over and you’re physically touching, you don’t get to fire. Doesn’t matter how you got there.
  9. Its rare, but a ship can be touching physically without having overlapped after moving. It’s happened in at least a few games for me where the template didn’t come down on top of the other ship, but the bases are physically touching. It’s not required to overlap, though. Touching is separate from overlap although overlap always results in touching. The rules are not “you can’t shoot a ship you overlapped”, but rather you can’t shoot a ship you are “at range 0 of” (in physical contact with). It doesn’t matter how you got there. This seems quite clear, although I think it has adjudication problems if players disagree. Other thoughts?
  10. Also, per page 15 of the RR: “Although rare, it is possible for a ship to move in such a way that it is at range 0 of another ship (in physical contact with it) without having overlapped it.” If your bases are physically touching even though you didn’t overlap another ship, youre not firing.
  11. unless there are no turns or banks. That would keep the cost down.
  12. Well, the number of green dice you’re rolling
  13. I reported my misprinted rulers to FFG. they sent me a second copy of all of the core set cardboard. the replacement rulers are correctly printed and i still have the old ones when i want to cheat.
  14. lower left is a prerequisite, lower right is added to your upgrade bar.
  15. oh and do the same with the condition cards. just put them reversed in the sleeve with the upgrade or pilot.
  16. some other sleeve-fu: I print all the errata on label paper and put this on the card sleeve over the corrected text. I might use those little colored sticker dots to put points on the cards if they are stable enough. You could probably even print the points pdfs on label paper, cut out the upgrade icon bars, and put those on the sleeves as well.
  17. i just printed out the effects descriptions in the reference guide and slipped them in the other side of my my bomb card sleeves.
  18. For casual thats not a problem, but in tournaments I dont want to explain to every opponent why I’m not lining up with the white lines. OTOH, if I do use the lines, it gives me some extra flexibility with barrel roles as I can flip the template and shift the barrel role an extra couple of mm either direction. I opened a support ticket in any case.
  19. the white line on all of my templates is not centered. Anyone else experience this? Based on the pictures in the rule book, I don’t think it’s intentional.
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