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  1. I assume you meant the wing mates maneuvers would be blue as well, not the wing leader. 

    I don’t think that’s correct. There is a question In the official ruling thread about whether these upgrades affect the revealed dial. This excerpt seems pretty definitive. 

    Note that abilities that alter a maneuver without causing the ship to select a new maneuver on its dial do not affect the ship's "revealed maneuver" as referenced by abilities such as Ric Olié's pilot ability.”


  2. 52 minutes ago, Faerie1979 said:

    Eh, you can probably only join or voluntarily split in the same end phase. Have to re-read that section though. Especially since I now have enough ships to actually field a Wing. Provided I want to fly Galactic Empire, that is.

    Certainly makes sense, but we couldn’t find anything precluding it RAW. 

  3. Loosely related: both voluntary joining and splitting happen during the same timing window (end of end phase). Joining costs a stress, but splitting costs nothing. So join to reposition (gaining a stress) then split if you still don’t want to move with the wing.

    We couldn’t see a reason this couldn’t be done and my son was using it for some bananas repositioning with a wing of tie phantoms. Cloak (from evade or action) -> rejoin with stress -> split -> new round -> decloak or not (no evade action on decloak, though) -> blue maneuver to clear stress -> cloak, evade, or other as necessary. I never knew where he was going to be. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Singulativ said:

    Seems also like the wingmates don‘t need Adv. SLAM to perform their action.

    Seems like. I think there are going to be lots of similar action and shooting shenanigans. Bump with leader at a slight angle and the rest of the wing gets tokened up range 1 shots while being able to absorb damage if the untokened leader is targeted. 

  5. It’s even worse for the wingmates if you slam. The slamming rule Simply states you split. You don’t get to do the original dialled maneuver and you move at the end of the engagement phase. The dialled in maneuver is only allowed if you bump.

    From Wing Leader Actions:

    “After a wing leader performs a slam action, each of its wingmates without slam on its action bar splits from the wing (see Splitting), and each of its wingmates with slam on its action bar gains a disarm token.”

    From Forced Splitting:

    “Due to forced splitting that occurs after the Planning Phase and before the Engagement Phase, it is possible that a ship might not have a maneuver dial assigned to it for the Activation Phase. If a split ship does not have a dial assigned in the Activation Phase, it does not activate as normal. Instead, at the end of the Activation Phase, it must execute a [2 straight] maneuver, skip its Perform Action step, and gain one stress token.”

    From Moving Wingmates:

    “If a wingmate cannot be placed in formation because it would overlap another ship, or because it would leave the play area, the wingmate splits from the wing (see Forced Splitting). Then, it returns to its previous position and executes the wing leader's revealed maneuver (obeying normal overlap rules if necessary). Then that wingmate skips its Perform Action step. See Appendix: Wing Overlap Diagrams.”

  6. On 5/29/2019 at 1:36 PM, Darth Meanie said:



    I would have believed that, once upon a time.  They've got a lot of programming work and trust-building to do before I would consider the app A Gold Standard For Rule-Keeping.

    Moreover, not everyone turns to the app for listbuilding.

    By “the app” I mean the pdf’s and whatever other resources exist for list building. All I’m saying is they could codify the list building restriction without reprints simply by leveraging the non card resources we already have to use. Such limitations affect list building, but don’t have an impact once you’re at the table. 

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