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  1. I would like that as 4 scouts would be fun!
  2. Somewhere there is a spreadsheet that totaled the dice results for thousands of games on vassal...dice were exactly the same percentage that they should be.
  3. Scottie, I believe wins at Store Championships and Regionals should be 200 MOV (isn't that what it is, and not what we're talking about?). Also, I never said random is better, just that 150 is far from perfect. I really like your way much more then the current, as long as software automated the process and made it free of TO error, I think that would be a great addition. Steven, sorry for taking you off on a tangent and not explaining everything clearly...all I wanted to do was make the point of "yeah Jeff, I understand that 150 points isn't perfect". The reddit league is really "Season 0" where these first 5 games will place you in different Leagues with different tiers where players move up and down depending on how they do in previous seasons. These 5 games are not the end all, be all...rather a starting point for the first season. Scum & Villainy podcast is giving prizes for the top 2 as an added bonus (something that wasn't even offered when the the league started) so like I said before, it's no big deal that it's not perfect!
  4. All responses are as rational as your suggestion for a completely random, and thus completely irrational, result to be used. So let me get this straight. You play five games to pick some kind of 'winner' and have one the first 4 games and then the last game you are HANDED a win because of a bye which drops your 5-0 record down to 4th place. There is something seriously messed up with that and it has NOTHING to do with how many MoV points a bye will award. 4th out of the 207 total players instead of 1st out of the 207. Scottie says this isn't relevant, but my point is that a bye for 150 points isn't always a blessing...in actual tournaments the same situation can happen (which is the point of me bringing it up!). I don't know of a better way, but I agree with Jeff that 150 is not perfect.
  5. Here is a real world example: In the reddit league (with 207 people), everyone plays 5 games in their pod. The top 2 players get some pretty cool Team Covenant swag thanks to Scum & Villainy podcast. After 4 games, I am undefeated but for my last game we had one player in our pod drop...so I get 150 MOV for that last game. That puts me in 4th place overall, however if I was to win against an opponent and only lose 30 points or so, I could take first. I noticed Starslinger is in the same position as me, so this did effect a couple players. No big deal (I promise I don't care...the league has been great and I'm excited for its continuation : ) but I would rather have played a game then had the bye for 150 points. In other words I see the merit in Jeff asking the question.
  6. 3 TLT's (K wings) will lose to 4 TLT's (Y wings). When the TLT meta began, K wings were passed for the cheaper alternative.
  7. Perfect MoV through Swiss? That's better than I have done with the list, although I have come close through 3 rounds of Swiss. I believe the first time he saw his list was when he played vs me in TC Aces relegation round 1. Now I have to go pick his brain about any new tactics he might have picked up. :-D This is insane! Way to go Paul! I can't even imagine going 5 games with that list and not losing a single ship, especially the Bandit or Stresshog who are relatively easy targets. Thanks man!
  8. I like how Theorist did it for the last Galactic Cup (this way if you're in the US but prefer to play in the morning, it works out): Times are listed by EST ( my time), and by UTC time for you to convert: Block S — 1am-6am (UTC 6am-12noon) Block T — 5am-10am (UTC 11am-3pm) Block A — 9am-1pm (UTC 2pm-6pm) Block R — 12am-5pm (UTC 5pm-10pm) Block F — 4pm-9pm (UTC 9pm-2am) Block O — 7pm-12pm (UTC 12pm-5am) Block X — 10pm-3am (UTC 3am-8am) You can find a UTC conversion map to help you HERE. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e8/Standard_World_Time_Zones.png
  9. Also, the top 4 need to play for the championship ; )
  10. If there was a way separate seasons vs all-time, that would be ideal. Since it's competitive, people mainly will start if they think they have a chance to win. Anyone starting off will see that all they have to do is play 30 games and only lose 1, to overtake Matt Shadowlord (seriously, that's incredible!). Combine that with the fact that there isn't many people playing ELO on vassal and it's no surprise that there is not much excitement compared to the beginning. If everyone started over, that would create excitement again. At the same time, Matt and Blair's record shouldn't be thrown away, so there should be an all-time score as well. You could even just add it up at the end of each season.
  11. Much rather have it be like episode 4 then episode 1. I hate it when franchises have a system that works and then they go away from it...also, you're complaining that it's similar to a movie created almost 40 years ago!
  12. IGB with HLC gets 4 hits against Biggs. Biggs rolls one evade which gets crackshotted (by IGB). Can R4-D6 be used to cancel two hits (which will give Biggs 2 stress)?
  13. Brad Miller (who took 10th) played against a very similar list in his first match: VT-49 Decimator, Piloted by Rear Admiral Chirneau EPT - Veteran Instincts Crew - Darth Vader Crew - Gunner Modification - Engine Upgrade TIE Phantom, Piloted by Whisper EPT - Veteran Instincts System - Fire Control System Modification - Advanced Cloaking Device Round 1 - Opponent from Wisconsin Rebel List Poe Dameron (Lone Wolf, R5-P9, Autothrusters) Gold Squadron Y Wing (TLT, BTLA4, Stress Bot) Gold Squadron Y Wing (TLT) Z-95 My Opponant set up with his Z-95 and Y-Wing's on his far right. Since I had inititive, I then placed Whisper in the middle of the board so I could go either direction. He then placed Poe on the opposite side of this Y-wings, and I placed the decimator in jousting position of Poe. Seperating Poe to take advantage of his Lone Wolf was a mistake as with my Decimator build, I want to miss my first attack with him. He starts with a 2 forward and I blast the Decimator out with a 4 forward and a boost to get into firing range on turn 1. I miss my first shot, and sacrifice 2 shields to take 1 off of Poe, followed by another shot where 1 damage sneaks through, and another crit from Lord Vader to put some fear into Poe. He fires back, does 2 damage to the decimator and we go to dials. Poe is dropped by the Decimator on the next turn, and whisper moves as far accross the board and possible without letting the Stress Y catch her in arc. I seperate my two ships on the next turn and the rocks force my opponant to swing tword the decimator with his fields of fire, allowing Whisper to begin flanking runs and the decimator takes the Z-95 off the board with hit, crit, crit followed by another use of Lord Vader. Eventually the Decimator goes down, but not before doing its job and putting out a ton of damage. Whisper operates as the clean up crew and we start the day with a win. 1-0 Whisper @ 39 points remaining. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/193124-10th-place-x-wing-world-championships-2015/ Also, watch Kelvan play against Paul Heaver with that list here...you'll see it's beatable with a rebel swarm:
  14. Some great Galactic Cup Top 4 games as well as the final week of TC Aces League. If you only watch one video, I'd recommend seeing if Kelvan can beat Paul Heaver, after Paul went 12-0 with that list at Worlds! X Wing Galactic Cup Top 4 - Veldrin (Dash, 2 TLT Y's) vs Remi (Palp, 2 Aces) https://youtu.be/sQb15r4qWcE X Wing Galactic Cup Top 4 - Riku (Palp, 2 Aces) vs BMF (Han, Jake) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRrTguyQ-w X Wing Miniatures TC Aces Week 12 Theorist (Dash, Vrill) vs Sozin (Merc, 2 Kihraxzi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY5im_RitkU X Wing Miniatures TC Aces Week 12 Paul Heaver (2015 Worlds) vs Kelvan (Rebel Swarm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VdVQiydkWY X Wing Miniatures TC Aces Week 12 Dom (3 Imp Ace) vs Matt Shadowlord (2 Imp Ace, 2 Epsilon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBlXyYhKxKk
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