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    shotbyscott got a reaction from twincast in 3d printable scenery   
    ive started designing and editing 28mm stl files specifically for legion, things that will help build a 3x6 table e.g. doors windows etc you can download the files for free in the link below. I am adding to it every few days at the moment  

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    shotbyscott got a reaction from JJ48 in Limited Edition Ships   
    Getting back to the original theme
    Limited edition ship would be ok only if it was a a different paint job to a standard ship.
    Any ships and cards that cant be bought by every one would kill the concept of level playing field.
    We and all build any list we what and we all have access to the same cards
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    shotbyscott reacted to s1ickrick in Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator   
    New FREE program for solo and online play, way easier than Vassal.  It’s in its infancy stage but maybe with a little more support will finish quicker.  It has 2D and 3D modes.  Give it a try. It looks very promising. 

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    shotbyscott got a reaction from JJH_BATMAN in 5 Double Tap Turret Lists   
    i am looking forward to playing 4 y tommorow 

    BTL-A4 Y-wing - •Horton Salm - 53
        •Horton Salm - Gray Leader (37)
            Elusive (3)
            Dorsal Turret (2)
            R4 Astromech (2)
            Hull Upgrade (3)
            Veteran Turret Gunner (6)
    BTL-A4 Y-wing - Gold Squadron Veteran - 48
        Gold Squadron Veteran - (33)
            Elusive (3)
            Ion Cannon Turret (4)
            R4 Astromech (2)
            Veteran Turret Gunner (6)
    BTL-A4 Y-wing - Gold Squadron Veteran - 48
        Gold Squadron Veteran - (33)
            Elusive (3)
            Ion Cannon Turret (4)
            R4 Astromech (2)
            Veteran Turret Gunner (6)
    BTL-A4 Y-wing - Gold Squadron Veteran - 48
        Gold Squadron Veteran - (33)
            Elusive (3)
            Ion Cannon Turret (4)
            R4 Astromech (2)
            Veteran Turret Gunner (6)
    Total: 197/200

    View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
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    shotbyscott reacted to LawstDragon in Epic 2.0 - Lawst Edition   
    Salutations All-
    I have been posting most of this material in another forum, but it has since been recommended to me to give this project its own Topic. This should help keep all the materials organized and presented on the first page, with each section being modified from development, playtest results, and feedback. And hopefully, a few additional eyes on the project to truly test it.
    Rules: PDF
    Points: Image (Updated 8.3.18)
    General Changes:
    We have replaced the Energy mechanic with a variation of the new Charge mechanic
    (See below for reasoning)
    Recover Shields action has been removed
    With FFG's 2.0 mantra of heavily regulated shield regeneration, there is an inherent danger in having a standard action for this very purpose.
    In addition, it is depended on the energy mechanic, which is no more.
    Ship Cards
    ALL Epic ships are getting two Ship Cards. Each ship card is treated as a separate ship in almost all cases, and we are truly exemplifying that in our current design. Each ship card activates separately, perform their actions in turn. Currently, we have eliminated the "Epic" portion of the activation phase, to streamline it more in to the 2.0 play experience.
    Upgrade Slots
    While they are not necessarily printed on the cards anymore, our approach to Epic is that Epic Ship upgrades and Standard Ship upgrades should NOT cross contaminate. By having these be universal in 1.0, it caused ALOT of headache (mostly crew cards). As Epic Ships and Standard ships should feel and play DIFFERENTLY, it makes the design space for balancing concerns much more difficult when they share options. As a result, Modifications and Crew will NOT be found on our Epic Ships. Instead, we have expanded the functions of Teams and Cargo, as well as added a new upgrade, Commander.
    >>Teams have been used incorporate many of the generic (and some unique) crew options that work well for epic ships.
    >>Like teams, Cargo has been expanded, where many of the previous Modifications that were found for Huge ships are now here. 
    >>The idea behind Commanders is that they should give Epic Ships 'Genre-breaking' abilities, with the thought that there is only 1 at most per Epic Ship.
    Hard Point Upgrades
    With the added rule in 2.0 that a ship can only every receive ONE bonus attack, regardless of source, we believe this should carry into Epic with an exception to Hard Points. These grant additional attacks in addition to your Primary attack, but are not considered "bonus" attacks.  However, any additional attacks from these attacks (such as Quad Laser Cannon) still follow the rule of only ONE bonus attack per ship. Note: As each Section is treated as a separate ship in the Engagement phase, each Section may perform a total of one bonus attack, granting an Epic Ship essentially two bonus attacks if utilized by each section.
    Fore Section Activation
    The Fore Section of the Epic Ship is considered to have performed (not revealed) a Blue Maneuver when it is activated during the Activation Phase. 
    Each section may perform actions only on its native action bar. As free actions have been removed from 2.0, we see no reason to continue the functionality of Epic ships being unable to gain additional actions. As many have stated and we agree with, action economy has become a huge thing in X-wing, and 2.0 is fully embracing this with controlled measures. As a result, we have incorporated many ways for Epic ships to gain additional actions. We have also added one new action to for Epic ships: Energize. 
    >>Energize: When performing an Energize action, you may spend any number of [Charge] to regain an equal number of [Charge] on any number of your Pilot or Upgrade cards. For example: If you spend 2 charge from your Aft Section, you could either give one Upgrade two [Charge] OR your Fore Section and one upgrade one [Charge] each OR two upgrades one [Charge] each.
    >>>>>>>(The [Energize] Icon is the old Energy Symbol from 1.0)
    >>Lock: Each section may acquire and spend locks with the appropriate action. Locks are not "shared" by each section. 
    >>Jam: Now functions as it does it Standard Play for 2.0. 
    >>Reinforce: functions nearly identical to Original Epic. However, as I start to post the Pilot cards we have made, you will notice that EACH section has the Reinforce action. Whichever section performs the Reinforce Action receives the Reinforce token. It is possible for the entire Ship to be Reinforced if BOTH sections perform the action (As Reinforce has been limited to reducing damage to a minimum of 1, we feel this isn't overly powerful, while also providing a boost to the Epic ship feel and resiliency as Recover has been removed).
    We have altered the Epic Maneuver Tile to that attached. We have kept the 30 degree turns as the farthest that a turn can be performed by an Epic Ship, as we believe this adds to the large / heavy feel of an epic ship. All movement is now measured with the template lined up with the BACK edge of the Epic Ship. This Maneuver Tile removes nearly ALL of the 'fishtailing' effect that the old provided, and it removes level of need to move small ships out of the way (On a personal note: This is also much easier for Storage in my maneuver template case as it gets rid of the awkward shape!).

    Stress, Ion, Tractor, Focus
    Epic ships are no longer immune to stress. 
    Epic ships now receive Ion tokens. When both sections have acquired at least six Ion Tokens combined, the entire ship is considered Ionized, and suffers the effects listed in the 2.0 Rulebook.
    Epic ships are immune to the Tractor tokens and the 'Tractored Effect'.
    Epic ships can now gain Focus (and by extension Calculate), tokens.  
    Ramming and Obstacles
    We share the opinion with many that we have read that Ramming should not destroy ships outright. However, we also believe that a Huge Ship should ALWAYS complete its maneuver. The current mechanic is inspired by Armada, but are still uncertain about it as it feels somewhat clunky.
    >>Overlapping Epic Ships: After executing a maneuver, if a Huge ship overlaps another Huge ship, use the standard rules for overlapping.  However, overlapping an Huge Ship does not cause you to skip the "Perform Actions" step. Instead, EACH ship are dealt a faceup damage card.
    >>Overlapping Standard Ships: If a Huge ship overlaps a Large, Medium, or Small ship, the overlapped ship(s) position(s) are adjusted by the controller of the Huge ship to allow the Huge ship to complete its maneuver. Ships adjusted in this way must still be in contact with the Huge ship as well as their previous position (if their previous position is completely covered, the Epic Ship controller moves them to as close as possible to their previous position while still in contact with the Epic Ship). After their position is adjusted, the opposing player to the huge ship’s controller may adjust the standard ship’s facing to any direction. 
         Standard ships then suffer a number of facedown damage cards based on their size, Small - 4; Medium - 3; Large - 2. The Huge ship also rolls 1 attack die, and suffers any hits or critical effects rolled. Overlapping a Standard ship does not cause the Huge ship to skip the "Perform Actions" step. 
    >>Overlapping Obstacles: If an Epic ship overlaps an obstacle, it rolls 3 attack dice and suffers any damage or critical damage rolled. Then remove the obstacle. Overlapping a Obstacles does not cause the Epic Ship to skip the "Perform Actions" step. 
    >>Standard Ships Overlapping Epic Ships: When a standard ship overlaps a basic ship, it follows the standard rules for Overlapping ships. In addition, the player controlling the overlapping ship rolls 1 attack die, and suffers any damage or critical damage rolled. 
    Ship Tiles and Arcs
    Huge ships have three sets of firing arcs printed on their ship token, Fore Section Firing Arcs, Aft Secion Firing Arcs, and a Shared Firing Arcs. Primary weapons and special weapons that utilize an arc utilize the arc of the section they are found, unless the weapon has the shard firing arc symbol printed on it. Weapons with the shared arc symbol must use the shared firing arc set on the huge ship token.
    My gaming group here in the desert have been looking at how to adopt Epic into 2.0 since FFG performed the unboxing of the conversion kits. We have done quite a bit of work playing with a custom redesign that hopefully has a similar feel to 2.0. We are attempting to approach this from a similar stance to how the Devs have stated in their many videos, with one of the biggest being that we aren't worrying about points cost until everything else feels right (not too mention there are still a LOT of point cost variables that have yet to be seen). (EDIT: Points have been posted as well, though in a very rough form. Card abilities and interactions are still first priority, but these points are guidelines in hope to encourage more players to try this stuff out in the wider world).
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    shotbyscott reacted to irdonny in Offline usage   
    I really wanted offline because squad building is fun, and I used to pull up my squad builder to kill time on the train and other times where I often didn't have internet so I couldnt do much else. 
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    shotbyscott reacted to Shenannigan in Is there any ways to copy ships?   
    Using YASB. 
    Otherwise- no. 
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from Intergerm in Not a “Bug” but rather a request   
    I was thinking the same thing
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    shotbyscott reacted to Azrapse in It's only online.... No off line mode   
    Yes. I have. And many other guys in the X-wing community, for free.
    Check FFG's Road To Legend app for Descent. That is awesome!
    And that is from 2 years ago. In 3D, with music, a working collection manager, campaign manager, offline play, everything!
    The X-wing Squadron Builder app is, compared to that, a sorry, embarrassing, hacked together piece of software that few developers would want their names to appear on.
    And no. Apps updates don't work like that. They autoupdate (at least in Android), and the new version replaces the previous one. You don't accumulate 100 versions in your phone.

    In any case, this is almost pointless, since the X-wing Squadbuilder app is a glorified browser frame that connects to the website under the hood. 
    I find it amazing that, being that the case, the iOS version is still plagued with bugs that were solved for the Android and the web version a couple days ago.
    It's hard to understand why would FFG want to damage their best selling game with such low production values put on their almost mandatory companion app, when they have done so much better before for other of their games with less market appeal.
    I didn't even know they had made one this good looking for Imperial Assault:

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    shotbyscott got a reaction from RoockieBoy in It's only online.... No off line mode   
    It chews up bandwidth reloading images every time. No local cashe or usability with no internet. You can't sit in the plane train or bus and make lists as all thus buggy APP does is access some online square builder. 
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from cwh008 in Mystery Millennium Falcon graphic?   
    I put it into google translate and got this

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    shotbyscott got a reaction from BlodVargarna in FFG your app is poor quality   
    Also printing list is an issuse.  There is to little information in the PDF /ship stats/pilots abilities/ upgrade card text.
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from Spiog in Since this official app is terrible and essentially useless can anyone recommend a third party alternative, please?   
    Launch bay next. On the Goole play store
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    shotbyscott reacted to J1mBob in Online 2.0 Rules Reference browser (1.0.5 Effective 9/18/19)   
    I've made an online phone screen friendly version of the Rules Reference document. Looking at the pdf on my phone was getting a little frustrating, and the links in the pdf didn't work for me.  I'm kicking around ideas for additional rules info that might be handy to include. And if you notice any typos or errors, feel free to post here or use the rules browser's built-in reporting mechanism.
    Edit: I have a search feature in the browser but it seems to have broken. I’ll post an update when it’s fixed. 
    Edit: Search function working again!
    Edit: Confirmed working on Android devices now.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.2 Rules Reference, effective 9/28/18.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.3 Rules Reference, effective 4/10/19.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.4 Rules Reference, effective 6/6/19.  Updated search function to produce cleaner results.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.5 Rules Reference, effective 9/18/19.
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    shotbyscott reacted to Frimmel in Saved lists have no fiters.   
    I think it could also use more information in the headers of the saved lists.
    It could use a way to make notes on a list. I'd also suggest it needs something akin to keeping revisions of the same list so you can more easily see the way you've changed it. That sort of feature would also assist in finding things as you wouldn't necessarily need as many individual lists. A MtG deckbuilder I used had a feature for keeping revisions of a list. 
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    shotbyscott reacted to TrueMandalorian in Not a “Bug” but rather a request   
    FFG official rules reference included in app. I’d appreciate that.
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    shotbyscott reacted to McTavish in Printing lists....   
    I am too but I still like fully printed lists so I don't have to fish about for the cards as well as a cleaner and less distrupting game space.
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    shotbyscott reacted to Darth Meanie in Printing lists....   
    No, because you need the miniature.  People buy this game for the minis.  Some people actually buy the minis and don't play the game.
    The rabid $0 crowd can still use bottle caps, screen shots, and whatever to play the game.
    If the app needs to provide the utility of a squad builder, like all the other ones that have come before it.
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from Darth Meanie in It's only online.... No off line mode   
    It chews up bandwidth reloading images every time. No local cashe or usability with no internet. You can't sit in the plane train or bus and make lists as all thus buggy APP does is access some online square builder. 
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from Darth Meanie in Printing lists....   
    The PDF contains to little information about the list. No stats, abilities or card text. I like to print 3 or 4 lists and take them to x-wing night. That way I save a lot of time setting up for games
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    shotbyscott reacted to JReim in Printing lists....   
    Not having the full details on a PDF print out from the "official" squad builder is ridiculous... They are already <italics>LITERALLY</italics> giving the information away by making the builder free!!  Think of it this way, your casual player will benefit from it by being able to try out a few upgrade cards and pilot cards that will encourage them to play with ships that they may want to buy in the future. For the player who is of the competitive mindset it will give them the opportunity to test out their super sweet meta warping squad that they will then have to go and buy the components for. 
    With all of the other resources out there for X-wing, and already having the ability to 'proxy' by just taking screenshots from the apps, its a huge oversight to not just put the info on the PDF and call it a day...
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from LeiserLers in It's only online.... No off line mode   
    It chews up bandwidth reloading images every time. No local cashe or usability with no internet. You can't sit in the plane train or bus and make lists as all thus buggy APP does is access some online square builder. 
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    shotbyscott got a reaction from McTavish in Printing lists....   
    The PDF contains to little information about the list. No stats, abilities or card text. I like to print 3 or 4 lists and take them to x-wing night. That way I save a lot of time setting up for games
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    shotbyscott reacted to Phelan Boots in It's only online.... No off line mode   
    Seriously, an app needs an offline mode or else it’s worthless.  If I wanted to use an internet browser to build lists, YASB is already doing it better.
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