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  1. How or Where could i get the correct or close to accurate topography of the board?
  2. Buy the A Dance with Dragons expansion. It is worth it and makes the game so much fun.
  3. Joe, Whats BGG? @Bakura, Alliances are good and bad for the game, if you don't have one, you're F'd. If people are sick of you winning (like me), you're F'd. But a few times I have won, I've formed alliances, stuck to them, until winning was in my grasp, we tend to break an alliance and take the last castle the player does not have guarded because he thinks you have an alliance. Crumby, I know but its a game of thrones.
  4. Siege Engine is a +4 if you use it as support as long as the attack is on a Castle or keep. I think
  5. Anyone in Michigan play often? I would love to play a lot more.
  6. Can I split my army if I am taking over land that has 1 routed unit in it and then take the rest of the army and attack a land with troops in it? It came into question, I wanted to split my armies. Moving some to a land with a castle and 1 routed unit and the rest with ample support to take another castle since it was our last turn. I needed a few more castles to win. What do you guys think or know?
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