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  1. Yeah but the torps we've seen get to fire multiple times.
  2. Am I crazy or did I see he can make a primary attack AND drop a bomb?
  3. Dengar's Charge value has a little up arrowhead next to it, so he probably regains one at the end of each round. His ability probably costs a charge, and this is now a tracking mechanic so his ability doesn't have to say "once per round."
  4. I actually think the idea of 2 crew 1 gunner slot is more likely to be what Decimator 2.0 will have. I can't imagine 3 crew slots no gunner slot on something that's already paying the price of the overall (and welcome) turret nerf.
  5. Big question: if we can tentatively assume 3 becomes a hard cap on native attack value...how does Ghost change to compensate for the same reduction in its primary? (Big assumption at this point, I know.)
  6. The fatigue is (was) real. All the ships and pilots from Rebels (with their utterly incongruous cartoony appearance) never appealed to me. It felt like a crayon drawing overlaid on the Sistene Chapel. I never bought them. Thus I couldn't compete. And the sheer volume of leapfrogging power upgrades (which i ended up not owning, thus not mastering either to play with or against) meant I was headed directly for the bottom of the win probability spectrum. Keeping up became impossible. Now all my favorites feel revived and relevant! At least that's my optimistic hope.
  7. This is my ideal kind of Xwing too. Unfortunately, in my area, it pretty much wasn't an option. Go Meta or go home. But im looking forward to being able to still do this with 1.0 stuff on rare occasions, while also being able to play 2.0 stuff I actually LIKE to fly and OWN rather than getting crushed by all the newest hotness from ships and meta builds that simply don't interest me or which I haven't been able to keep up with since I abandoned my completist purchasing. Seriously, 1.0 is going to live on around kitchen tables and while introducing the game to kids.
  8. 1) Getting to play some nifty new StarVipers since I never bought the latest aces pack. 2) Getting to play some nifty new Khiraxzs, since ditto. 3) Getting to play some nifty new Scyks since I never bought the Croc. 4) Getting to play with my Punisher. 5) Getting to play with my Other Punisher!
  9. 6) getting to fly 1.0 ships I fell behind and never bought. All potatos standing by!
  10. Man, give them to kids. Seriously, I've got a buddy whose son has a small handful of ships, and this thread made me realize, I can ship him most of my 1.0 dupe cards and they will have a blast getting to add all kinds of new capabilities to their kitchen table. (I'm going to keep at least one of each. I can't bear to part with ALL of it.)
  11. Whoa! Good catch! So maybe Dengar 2.0 can only return fire if he hasn't already spent his Charge on something else?
  12. Where did this new understanding of Reinforce come from? The "minimum of 1" part I mean? This thread is the first I heard of it and I've been following reveals pretty closely.
  13. I think literally what's going to happen is a Force user crew will just have the Force token physically sitting on the card as intended for Charge tokens on the other upgrade types. I think trying to define it as an increase in the Force level of the ship or pilot it's equipped to is more a matter of semantics.
  14. I figure a 7-10 threat level game will be the first thing I try out of the big box. (Assuming there's a wide variety of these quick build cards.) The only thing I don't like so far about 2.0 is that I can't look at the product and immediately get a sense of what upgrades have synergy with what ship types since upgrade bar is now a mere Force Ghost inside an app. That said, I'm sure I will have pored over the app long before I crack open a converter box...but man, I really want to try to keep myself unspoiled and enjoy the beginner's-days thrill of slowly flipping through a vast stack of unknown cards and being amazed.
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