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  1. A book with this theme should been printed at double if not triple amount than others, if you had not per-order the thing at release you will not get it. That is sh*tty no matter how you turn that page. I had pre-ordered it and still I don't get it until it is reprinted. Look with Rouge One A Star Wars Saga soon to be released on DVD there should been some kind of heads up for the people that their products would sell out pretty freaking fast. Now I have to wait until it is reprinted in China, then it needs to get shipped to the US and then I have to wait until it get to Europe and it probably wont be in my ownership until 4 weeks later, it's like waiting for a Open Source Game go from Beta to Alpha over here. It sucks big time. So yeah all of FFG should need double printing as I know from experience were I live, nothing stays in stock longer then 1 week tops and that is a really sh*tty week to that. The price FFG products sell at, should alone cover some extra prints. I've have bought products for FFGs Star Wars Roleplaying Game for well over 1,154 EUR. Someone should update their administration about the increased interest of Star Wars and prioritize it, why is that? Well they are loosing big bucks on this, I know many GMs all over Europe that do not introduce this game to their groups because there is always a freaking Re-print needed to get what you need. Please hurry the f up and understand there wont be anything left on the shelf's if you just increase it a little bit more Mkey?
  2. Greetings, I've been surfing the web about the Rathatar. And I found this place so I wonder if there are any plans to include the Rathatar within the Unofficial Beastiary, that could be used with EoT or AoR or FaD? or if there are someone that could be nice enough to guide me to one already existing? Kind Regards Eigel
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