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  1. Hi DemanKnght, Someone over at the Geek recently bought a version that contained Heirs instead of the Shadow Rune, but no official details as far as i know. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1516540/what-gives
  2. Hi Jonny WS, As far as packing every single thing into the game boxes goes, it can be done :-) I keep everything, all the books, tokens, tiles, sleeved cards, pod's, mini's, ... stored in the games boxes: 1 Big base box - tiles, bases & doors 2 Big exp. boxes - minis (heroes, monsters, lieut) & books 4 Small exp. boxes - every thing else cards, hero sheets, tokens, dice, pod's, ... I guess the other 2 h&m expansions will fit in as well, still some room left :-)
  3. Do you have sources at FFG? Checked some older posts, i think we can take Morthia's word for it. For ex. he also had inside info way back in november on Heirs of Blood as well. Maybe he's a playtester or something, i think we can now safely assume more is coming :-))
  4. I assumed fallen heroes couldn't recover hearts like this? (as in before they were revived?) edit: nvm, rulebook page 15 proves me wrong, i assumed wrong :-)
  5. The process :-) ^^ the collection ^^ all the compontents ^^ the bits for the coop ^^ tightly in a box ^^ and the final travel box :-)
  6. Managed to fit the bits needed for the "Nature's Ire" coop into one cramped bigbox, so its doable! Will post some pictures later on
  7. Summer's here! And in a few weeks from now, i'll be taking my family on a month long nomad trip around Sweden. The great outdoors and stuff. Basically that means rain right? Sooo... I'm luring my wife into packing the littlest tiniest box of comfort Descent just in case... I was wondering, has anyone else been travelling around with the game? Or considered it? Smuggling the whole collection would be - well - beyond mad. But maybe - just maybe - i can fit everything i need for just one of the Coop sets into one box? Some heroes with their essentials, a few fixed monsters, the matching cards, a child's hand worth of die, a minimalistic bag of tokens, ... Doable i guess. Anyone been there done that? If not i'll stop doubting and start indexing it, with the urgent things i now really need to start packing so she says :-) Sunscreen? - nah. Big mofo monsters? - check.
  8. Since "Road to Legend" seemed to be the expansion that transformed DE1 into a the classic it is, any chance DE2 has that kind of meta-evolution coming? After all, Road to Legend also came at the so called "end" of Descents life cycle, following up other expansions and introduced various "tweaks": rule changes, a more personal overlord, a world map, ... - all in all detailed and magnificent "metagame" stuff that could be added to Second Edition as well, no? The campaign book for DE2 already has some of those more epic vibes going for it i think... And if adding coop to DE2 was possible, why not go nuts and add a big box filled with tools to recreate the succes of Road to Legend? This time being based on this more streamlined and the already richer content of the second edition? Someone at FFG must at least be considering this no? Best of both ...
  9. And once you get the hang of it, you can add a "dice brain" to the overlord role. Minor adjustment to add a bit of randomness to the game. Nerdook made a very easy addon for this: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1160543/nerdooks-d6-overlord-variant
  10. Ok Indalecio, thanks for looking into this! I was thinking of adding some draw control by buying a few of these cards: Upgrade Plan ahead Schemes and maybe even Unholy Ritual But on the other hand... Zach's deck does that better i guess, and without the xp cost :-)
  11. Thanks for the referral Guillaume, as i read it it could be overkill.. overlapping strategies & not getting the cards you need at the right time. Maybe by being selective in what to choose i can see some chemistry. Like protecting roadblockers, questtargets, lieutenants, agents with a combination of: Bol's plotcard Affliction Aura (disease when starting turn within 5 spaces of the marked monster) & the overlord card Adaptive Contagion (changing poison/disease into infections) => stacking infections & adding shields to the defense Guess i'll test it a bit :-)
  12. Earlier on BGG :-) Sarcasmorator wrote: I think Bol'Goreth is going to be really strong paired with an Infector-heavy OL deck. Having Plague Release and Infected/Envenom along with Adaptive Contagion is going to keep the heroes amassing infection tokens like crazy, and Airborne can be used to allow ranged units to deliver infection tokens on every miss. As I recall, it was ruled before that even if a hero already has a condition, it still counts as being Poisoned or whatever if something happens that would give it to them again. This means Infector cards can still trigger when a hero is repeatedly hit with conditions. After a few quests are past and you have some Plot cards, bring in the Bol'Goreth agent — who can deal Poison AND Disease with a surge — and use Affliction Aura on him, and you could very quickly have tons of infection tokens to take advantage of. Maybe this is less effective than I think; I haven't tried it yet. But from checking out the cards it seems like it would work. I was wondering if this strategy has been tried yet? I'm setting up to use it myself, tnx!
  13. Maybe some extra info on the complexity, and choosing to start with the base set or not: Our group is new also, and we had acces to the base set + Trollfens + Nerekhall + one Heroes and Monsters pack + some lieutenants. After 2 quests from the vanilla game, we had great fun and got greedy, and switched to the Trollfens mini-campaign. In which you start with 4 xp and some gold each. We also tried a Nerekhall quest, with the added influence mechanics. The whole thing was a bit too immersive, especially since English is not our native, and as Zaltyre said: the rules are simple but a lot of subtle details for everyone to learn. So a lot of those "look it up just too be sure" and "i forgot this or that ability" moments made our play speed drop... In the end, we decided to go back to the now "enriched" (extra heroes, loot, monsters, overlord cards, plot decks) base set campaign, stick to our choices, and gradually work our way through :-). That way we can truly appreciate the expansions, once everyone of our group is more on par with the details of the mechanics!
  14. for those still looking, one store has a few copies left here in Belgium: www.sheepgames.be, they ship worldwide - got mine from these friendly sellers this weekend!
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