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  1. Can a success cancel the failure part of a despair and can a failure cancel the success part of a triumph without canceling the other aspects of a despair/triumph or can NOTHING cancel ANY part of a triumph or despair? In other words, if I roll a despair and a success, do the failure part of the despair and the success cancel each other and leave only the narrative/storytelling negative part of the despair left?
  2. Hi all, When you have a Destiny pool, can players and GMs use the Destiny Point tokens for just ordinary skill checks like Mechanics? What I don't understand is if you can use Destiny Point tokens for ordinary skill checks, who would use the Destiny Point token to upgrade the difficulty die to a challenge die? I mean, if a PC is searching for droid parts in a desert, no one would be effected negatively by the check, so if the PC used a Destiny Point token to upgrade one of his ability dice to a proficiency die, who would want/care to upgrade one of the difficulty dice to a challenge die? In other words, who upgrades the "bad" dice on a regular skill check when using Destiny Point tokens?
  3. But if the characters already killed the guards on the way in, wouldn't there be no need to be quiet, thus getting rid of the setback die?
  4. Hi all, In Encounter 4 of the Adventure Book, why do you add a setback die to the Mechanics check to manually disconnect the shuttle's engines? I mean, the reason that you get a setback die is because sabotaging the shuttle is noisy, but that shouldn't effect the check in and of itself. Shouldn't the check be made disregarding the fact that it's noisy, and if the check generates threat then say that the guards check out the commotion? Basically I'm just asking: Why is there a setback die on the Mechanics check to manually disconnect the shuttle's engines in Encounter 4? Thanks!
  5. The theme button is back!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You should send FFG your feedback on the site so they'll fix it.
  7. By the way, I know that members can view the profiles of people, which includes their location, but this is mostly for the people that don't have FFG accounts. It's also just more convenient this way.
  8. Hi all, I've been seeing a lot of posts recently asking about where people are and if people are available to play EotE/AoR/F&D in a certain area. To make it easier to find players in a certain area I came up with the idea to have a list with people writing where they live (preferably only the state, town if you want to). Directions: 1.) Write down the state you live in/area of the country you live in. *Optional* 2.) Write the town/city you live in. If somebody speaks up and says that they live in your area, then you can private chat them the specifics of where you live; It's not a good idea to give your address publicly to the internet. I live in Maine
  9. Hi all! So I was wondering if there was any specific way that you measure range bands. In the rulebook there are several examples of possible situations, but I was wondering how you handle range and distance in your games. P.S. - I know the range band system is abstract, but still. Thanks!
  10. Actually, this guy convinced me that the lightsaber isn't so bad:
  11. Hi all! If you watch the Force Awakens trailer on YouTube you can see that there are a significant amount of dislikes on the video. However, if you watch the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer, there is an overwhelming amount of positivity. Now, I know this is complete OCD, but does this have some implications? Since there is quite a bit of negativity on the trailer, does that mean it will make less money than Age of Ultron? If it makes less money than expected then it may lead to the franchise as a whole being discontinued. I know this is probably not going to happen, but as there isn't much to talk about, do you think The Force Awakens will make more money than Age of Ultron, even with more dislikes? Thanks for putting up with me!
  12. I actually emailed FFG about this exact same thing concerning AoR. I can't put screenshots in a post, but here's what they said: "Thank you for contacting Fantasy Flight Games. We have no plans at this time to cease creating things, but at the same time, we have no announcements about upcoming product. I apologize that that's both sort of encouraging and discouraging. But I wouldn't worry. :)"
  13. Hi all, I have two questions concerning encounter 3 in the adventure book: 1.) What happens if you don't convince Toor to not give away your position? I mean, what if the PC's fail to stop it from triggering the alarm? Does it even trigger the alarm? Also, can the PC's try to convince it over and over and over again without getting setback dice because it's getting tired of them trying to convince it? 2.) In the despair sidebar, it says that if the PC's roll a despair, they accidentally trigger an alarm to alert the base to their presence. What happens then? There are no encounters for that situation. Thanks a ton!
  14. Hi all, I have two questions concerning despair and triumph: 1.) Why don't despair and triumph cancel each other? What cancels a despair? What cancels a triumph? If I role a triumph and a despair in the same dice pool, does one very good thing happen and one very bad thing happen, or does nothing happen at all? 2.) In the rules, it says that triumph can (instead of doing something very good) do anything advantages can. Does that mean it counts as one advantage or does that mean it can do one thing that advantages could do, regardless of how many advantages it would take?
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