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  1. Hello everyone! My brother and I have a disagreement. He prefers to play the game the way it was designed (no variants), however I like to tinker with the rules (many variants). This got me curious about the community. How do you like to play Talisman? Please answer the poll below: http://www.strawpoll.me/12122639
  2. I guess I shouldn't be greedy then. Is there a good place to purchase used expansions other than ebay or amazon.com? I'm not seeing any used city expansions available for purchase at the moment.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm not interested in buying the full city expansion. I prefer the small box expansions instead because I prefer a smaller board where characters are more likely to interact. I currently have the bloodmoon and sacred pool expansions. However, I would like to have the city expansion's shops/shop items (e.g. pets) and wanted poster cards. Since I don't want to pay $50 to purchase an entire board and city cards that I won't use, I thought it'd be better to simply print out the cards I want. Then I could mail FFG something like $10 in compensation. Is this idea evil? What does FFG think about people printing their games? Some people print variants, and FFG seems to be okay with that, but is printing 2/5th of the cards to an expansion okay?
  4. Kinda expect it to be the former, though I think the latter is more fun. I couldn't figure it out so I'm asking youz
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