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  1. I think Its better to cut them shorter even, the cut hairs behave differently even if they’re same length. For fine work with thinned colors anyway.
  2. If it’s just some strands you trim, it should work. Pull with tweezers cut with modelling knife or nail scissors? trimming all Hairs ruins natural hair brushes. Synthetics too but they tend to curl up anyway and ruin themselves quickly. Always depends how you paint though, maybe fully trimmed works for you.
  3. From a marketing point of view, it gets new players into the game (me) and keeps them playing long enough to realize bombs suck in tournaments, but by then it is too late and they bought 4 factions...
  4. But adding a die set to a focus is a modification. For example finn’s ability.
  5. One thing that in this visualization is hard to see is that double mods with n dice are more likely to yield n-1 hits. Look at 3 dice for example, highest value is the yellow line which is 2 hits. Similarly for all other dice numbers. Makes double mod fen less scary?
  6. Lock focus should be 1-1/16=93% no? Chance to roll a blank on reroll as well as first roll is 1/4 sqared. Everything else is a hit.
  7. They could still add something to the rules like no more than 1 force per attack. Would incentivice taking the force powers. Regarding double mods I agree, I would even say target lock should habe been toned down to reroll 1 dice. Reroll 2 with fcs or with ordnance so ordnance is not so boring. Feels wrong that it adds so little value except for a few like proton torps.
  8. Either, just speculate away!
  9. Should he have 2 force power slots? 4 force points? Both?
  10. The question is also relevant for delayed fuses. Do i put 3 fuse markers or 1 ?
  11. So if anakin in the ywing performs the precog barrel roll it is white, but no white br on his action bar, so he gets a strain?
  12. Two friends made a ton of cards for clone wars, the thread is linked below, the ships you need are probably already in there.
  13. That was the case for the generic moncal titles as well. Or they just gave up on the silouette cause it looks like the hammerhead from any angle
  14. Where is that? I thought I saw all spoilers...
  15. For anyone else wondering what a unique ship is: It says ship or unique squadron, not unique ship. So all but generic squadrons.
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