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  1. Xeletor

    Blaw blaw blaw Friday ,,,,,, or something

    And guaranteed to fly off the table at ludicrous speed
  2. Xeletor

    Blaw blaw blaw Friday ,,,,,, or something

    A Space Balls faction
  3. Preach! Yesterday Iran beat Marocco 1:0 because Marocco accidentally put the ball in their own goal. I watch about 1 game a year when somebody drags me there and I live in germany.
  4. Xeletor

    Latest Fling?

    Tried exidus fleet. Underwhelming. It is useless on the second ship. First ship gets focused, gets to use it once, explodes, second ship now has a useless title. Tried to fix it using riekan. Then vader boards and removes exodus. Both ships effectively got boarded. Maybe if I master keeping the right distance and a cloud of bombers between the exodus ships and enemy fleet. Could deal with demo or an exrax raider by repairing, while keeping distance to isds.
  5. Soccer is indeed slow scoring and many games 0:0. Cant watch it myself. I remember when monsterpocalypse was silently discontinued alegedly because they signed off movie rights. At least that cant happen!
  6. Learn to play is official but overruled by rules reference. Reference is overruled by cards. See "golden rule" (90% sure)
  7. Xeletor

    Two Fish Dish with a side of Flotilla

    Two ways to use him on mc75: double arc and dodge enemy arc , so around turn 2 or 3 get a beating and shoot one more time before mc75 goes down, so around turn 3-4 Depends on skill and deployment. or use him to get the squadron alpha strike
  8. Xeletor

    U-Wings confirmed? :|

    Maybe it means the hammerhead is coming to xwing epic? And they pre-re-used the art for armada
  9. Xeletor

    Can we call the mc75 a...

    One legged shrimp
  10. Xeletor

    What is the one ship you hate playing against?

    Screed kuat isd with fire control team, heavy ions, concussion missiles *god rolls included. Even the side arc does 5 damage extra. One shotted a Liberty.
  11. Xeletor

    New ship, new objective?

    They should errata/fix the objectives and put them in the tournament regulations. Could even add or cycle objectives every season. Casual players then can still just use the objective cards and 8 flotillas
  12. Card texts from wiki: Gunnery Porgs: You can attack from the same hull zonemore than once per activation. That hull zone cannot target the same ship or squadron more than once during that activation Ordnance Porgs: Medium or large ship only. At the end of your Attack Step, you may exhaust this card and choose 1 of your hull zones. Then perform an attack from that hull zone with an anti-squadron armament of 1 black die, even if you have already attacked from that zone this zone this round. I think there is a golden Rule that says cannot from gunnery trumps the exception from ordnance pods?
  13. Xeletor

    Yes. I’m new. Tempest/Soontir Fel

    Ciena and valen are a good combo. Can't shoot valen, ciena is obstructed. Soontir mauler dengar: want to shoot mauler or dengar, but then soontir auto damages. Shoot soontir and mauler is around longer auto damaging.
  14. Xeletor

    Let's play a game; Squadron Edition

    1) intel because it dumbs down squadron play. Some more elegant and thematic alternative would be nice. 2) cloak doesnt feel thematic, seems to be copy pasted from xwing. 3) xwings with foldable wings. Speed 4 and 3 blue when folded. But bring 3 stands and it takes an hours to fold 9 tiny xwing sfoils. Somebody built a lambda with folding wings so why not?
  15. Xeletor

    Card duplicates

    Cut out the letters and put together the erratad texts, glue to erratad cards. Perfect match!