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  1. Xeletor

    Card sorting

  2. Xeletor

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    Oh that's a place to put new a&b-bwing pilots then: Epic 2.0
  3. Xeletor

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    Is squad leader a good option after the point increase?
  4. Xeletor

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    I meant the rebel one but I was mistaken, the cards were all in the conversion kit!
  5. Xeletor

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    But they broke that for the falcon no? Or was all that in the conversion kit too?
  6. Xeletor

    Fugly, the New Templates Are.

    I'll paint a set with star trek symbols and wait for the first oponent that jumps over the table to beat me with them.
  7. Xeletor

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Is there even any other rebel ship with the cannon slot to bring the new cannon the bwing didnt get now?
  8. True, it is too complicated. I only thought as far as “I want to take all these weapons without auto-losing for it” Maybe for 2+ special weapons get 1 point off of each so jamming beam stays 0. Na that would mean 11 point torps for bwings
  9. Since we're at complex pricing: Multiple Special weapons on the same ship should get a discount, I want a bwing with torps and 2 cannons for the options but I will only use 1 per round, so second and third weapon can be discounted.
  10. The no doubling up with same upgrade is in the FAQ, but apparently also in newer versions of the rules since people here stated that they found it there? Another thing only in the FAQ is the squadron limit, it's always 400/3 even if you only bring 395 points of ships. Many gotcha's there.
  11. What, rune wars dieded? I bought in big time when monsterpocalypse seemed to get a revival and then was ditched. There were spoilers for its "isd" too (next wave), never came out. To be fair armada is reasonably priced so if it goes it goes. Hope it gets a 2.0
  12. Xeletor

    A few questions from a x-wing player

    The dice rerolls are a double gotcha in xwing: If the defender forces a reroll of the attack dice, the attacker cannot reroll them. There was one card that could do this. I wish they had replaced the green dice by defense tokens as well.
  13. Xeletor

    A few questions from a x-wing player

    1. As annoyingly similar as learning italian when you know spanish already. Just switch some "e"s for "o"s and some other letters, but you keep forgetting wich ones and fall back to spanish accidentally and give up alltogether For example: Armada: all you can reroll Xwing: 1 reroll per dice max
  14. Xeletor

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    There is a drop in ywing turret quality, it looks like they stole the mold from playmobil. The rest is amazing
  15. Xeletor

    Any success with Wide Area Barrage?

    I had them in a sato list on an mc75 with bombers. WAB helps clear the sky from scatter aces and can one shot flotillas. Didnt test it often enough but it gets more use if your squadrons contribute.