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  1. Two friends made a ton of cards for clone wars, the thread is linked below, the ships you need are probably already in there.
  2. That was the case for the generic moncal titles as well. Or they just gave up on the silouette cause it looks like the hammerhead from any angle
  3. Where is that? I thought I saw all spoilers...
  4. For anyone else wondering what a unique ship is: It says ship or unique squadron, not unique ship. So all but generic squadrons.
  5. Nope, tie v1 contains hate. Here, I brought some pitchforks too Edit: whaaat? it is in the first order kit? Well I dont consider that a faction...
  6. Maybe a decimator card pack brings a 4th pilot and 2nd mine?
  7. Firespray had 2 mines. Ywing had 2 proton bombs and 2 seismic. Mines make sense since there could be 2 on the table with one firespray. Bombs dont make sense at all, but hey, free bomb tokens. And fusesssss soon
  8. Following the theme of the core set that comes with half a set of dice
  9. This thread got me to buy a decimator, and man was it fun to play! I'm a complete casual but the comments here got me to try it , and it really plays different from all the small ships. My opponent got to use all his bulls eye abilities and had fun, and the victory came down to 1 damage last turn to get vader under half points. Regretted taking inqui over seventh, since she would have moved a belbullab onto a stone or kept it from focusing, both would have been decisive. Once in a blue moon I guess Thanks for sharing all these insights!
  10. While I agree, finding that same guy in all threads commenting how missiles should be cheaper reminds me of jumper cables...
  11. You want to go home and rethink your post 👋 Kidding. But it should have a dual side with rethinking
  12. There was a recent talk or video by google where they do some live tracking of objects for fairs, and they retrain on location with the new lighting conditions, likely sending the data to their servers or bringing some expensive graphics card for that. Just to say that changing lighting conditions should not be underestimated! The dice recognition here had fixed lighting conditions with the ocational cat shadow maybe... if punkUser has one idk. Also, the raw data (individual rolls) would be cool to have, for critics like on that hacker article comment (so rude) and for myself so I can redo some of the analysis to finally understand chi-square Being xwing it gives me motivation to finally do that after work! If it's there already I totally missed it twice, would be classic me.
  13. Building contraptions like automatic cat feeders with face detection to not feed the wrong cat etc. is a hobby too The hobbies just came together here!
  14. Just because this reminds me of it, here's a great article on perception of randomness, it explains many fallacies like expecting some hits after a streak of blanks: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/c08a/b58e5cdeaa040ac209ac6d66cd802d9c7492.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjOgMS69fTiAhWT7KYKHQT7AwgQFjAAegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw3oNM3b5C91fmG5G8h7Aorn
  15. Oh midnight! Now I get it! I don't know the first order that well. I want a whole suit of those! Or at least little Ani spinning drawn with crayons.
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