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  1. Speed control +raid nav should be fun. Isard and raid too. 2 gauntlets and jendon are probably enough. Strike when it matters.
  2. Happy Friday

    If they can scale up isds and mc80s by factor 1000(?) I want a scaled up xwing, on a large base. Call it the Ackbar.
  3. You can often recover lists by looking for them in the recent public lists and forking. Even if it is lost in your personal lists it might show up there.
  4. I like the idea with the scatter token. To simplify it: as long as this squadron is not activated it is obstructed. Either against attacks only or generally. The latter allows them to fly out of distance one after an alpha strike. Might be too powerful.
  5. Should all Small Ships come in 2-packs?

    As long as they don't release two repainted nebulons in one pack with taskforce titles I will buy. If they do, I will buy reluctantly. "Taskforce shoot us from the front please"
  6. Looking for Correllian Conflict Tips

    Take lots of aces that can become veteran. Ships can have more upgrades (xmas trees) since more ships with less upgrades means more refit to repair them. Isds or bwings in round 1 are mean. Campaign endingly so. Disengage those in round 1 if you didnt deploy really well. Once you have veteran ships take into consideration token eaters like engine techs or liaisons or liberty title. They shine with 2 free tokes from veterans. Pelta veteran fleet commands are fun. Different builds become possible. Intel officer is not bad with sloane. Her effect is only really strong against aces, which is great in CC. Against ships I saw it strip maybe 1 orr 2 tokens, often from a corvette or something useless. If you're lucky it's from a big ship then go all in with intel amd strip another. In short, there will still be enough tokens to strip in my experience.
  7. Stay On Target: A Reflection On Master of the Fleet

    Just read it. Thanks for this, it's like the Simarillion to your awesome channel!
  8. Stay On Target: A Reflection On Master of the Fleet

    Best seen in the episode where he plays the very mannerly british gentleman
  9. You got it right. Independence has been fully replaced by fct+flight commander or "all fighters follow my lame pelta!". Keyan chasing 4 after a corvette and then unactivating then double tapping is still fun though. Fct+fc+affm! can do it too though. Phoenix home can even add talar.
  10. Adar on independence is cool to sling keyan at speed 4 and still double tap him with yavaris. With a hawk it can be done in engagement, which fct cannot.
  11. Regionals data, March 3, 2018

    Hahaha I got sick wich kept me from showing up at the german regional with tons of wave7 stuff in my list (the english versions).
  12. Cannot Get Your Ship Out March 2018

    Wasnt that reroll crits and blacks have a hit on the crit? Quasar2 makes me rethink it actually, with the red die. If it wasnt close range.
  13. Redirect Defense Token Timing!

    I made this timing reference once, maybe it is useful for you:
  14. Also when you say "buy" let me mention the points in the corner of an objective are not fleet build points to pay, all objectives are free. The corner tells you how much victory points each voctory token generates. I played like 5 games never using outpost before i noticed...
  15. I like both lists. The only thing I would scrap is flight commander on the gozantis, boosted coms is enough. Rather put more squadron activations in. Ext. hangars for quasar and the new officer that gives a token every round for 5 points. A shuttle might be good against ion cannon base defense. Then you can scrap boosted coms too. You even have escorts for it. But redundancy is always good, decide based on enemy squadron strength. Random thoughts about both lists: Jonus with the raider synergises to block a brace on the ext racks attack. Better use of jonus. More squadrons are always good on the other hand. Might totally crush the other players if they have few squadrons so keep their motivation in mind.