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  1. Yes because otherwise you don't recognise the stuff in the lego star wars xmas calendar My first world problems...
  2. True. Many fleet builders probably still allow commanders on flotillas. Generally: don't fully trust fleetbuilders! Also, if a fleet builder doesn't let you put certain cards, it's not a bug, it's that you are putting 2 modification upgrades.
  3. You mean to use the extra yaw on click 1 instead of jerry? With double jerry i can use it on click 2? 3 double yaws. I think that's the point where many oponents flip the table. Will use with caution.
  4. Wait so you use nav to go from 1 to 2. Use jerry while on 1. Then on 2 you dont get jerry but you get him during engine techs since that is 1 again? Convoluted for just one more yaw option.
  5. Some stuff we didn't get right when we started: Max squadron value is 1/3 of the 400 points (134), so if you build to 390 to have a bid for first player, you dont reduce the squadron points to 130. It's in the faq, not in the rulebook. "Bid" refers to using less than 400 points to be the one who chooses first or second player. Using only 390 gives you a 10 point bid. Not in tge rules either, armada slang. The points in the objective card's corner dont mean that the objective costs points, but how many victory points each objective token is worth. Edit: I mean each VICTORY token not objective token
  6. An issue that doesnt need color code is as much as we can hope for in armada.
  7. I played the sato list the other day. Opening salvo and sato allowed lots of black dice at medium range. Got crits. Shot the Shields off am isd before it tore up an mc30 and the moved into double arc of the other. Toryn aa was out of place so i concentrated fire and got 4 black from a gr75 into the isd. 5 ships that profit from opening salvo, 2 with black crits, is strong. I am curios to play the other objectives. The list seems strongly based around them. In other games Sato seemed useful when lots of carriers concentrated fire. 8 black dice where there should be blue or red is like buying dtt for all those carriers. The long range black crits by contrast are hard to pull off since the squadrons have to move ahead and die, and then the crits get evaded mostly. Using the mc30 like in ginks list felt more reliable. The probability of crits goes from 58% to 76% (3 vs 5 dice) before rerolls. Damage average goes from 0.75 for a blue to 1.25 for a rerolled black. Similar statiscs will be true for the mc75s frontarc. If it can take apt and ordnance experts, sato giving it blacks on the side arcs will be really good.
  8. Since you need to discard it for chimera you cant discard it for the fleet command effect, right?
  9. The "replace" is a new term and maybe settles some questions. Needs a faq. If the replaced card is out of the game it can be reused by chimera (I read it like this). The card to be replaced has to be exhausted so it cant be exhausted instead of a token to get the fleet command effect. Similarly for scoring. Likely no adding up of cycled fleet commands, since they have been "replaced". So the first or last is counted. Differs by 1 point.
  10. It is thematic but has some inefficient choices. Phoenix home is useless without 2 officers. Exchange it for tantive or put cheap officers like skilled first and chart officer, or veteran officer to create the token for entrapment formation and engine techs. Sato works better with any mc30 (5+3 rerollable blacks with crit effects) but even with corvettes 3 black dice and a guranteed double are good. Objectives: opening salvo since 3 black and guranteed double from long range, 5 times in a row are scary. Still better with mc30 due to rerolls. If the enemy likes to play 6+ ships this is bad. Most wanted is also good. You keep the pelta safe anyway. Evereything else is a corvette. Capture the VIP, get the token with a corvette and run off. Beware strategic enemy craft. Or jamming barrier, lots of cover to evade strong arcs (2 dust fields +barrier), then jump to their weak arcs out of cover. Or ion cannon, no risk and free shots. Also some control over deployment. Navigational hazards since you maneuvre well. Or solar corona to deploy after the enemy, always good. Or dangerous territory since you have many ships to collect tokens, and strategic is not so useful here (see errata) Minefields is possible even against strategic since you are maneuverable. The other blue ones with tokens not in spite of your speed.
  11. Bwings, 2vcx, yavaris and 134 squad total. If the opponent didnt bring enough squadrons in round 1 he can as well hit the brakes and hyperspace out on turn 4. Leave the bwings for round 2. And even then I made people unhappy.
  12. Awesome report! The issue I found with so many phantoms is that for the initial squadron engagement they act like more expensive interceptors but dont have swarm or counter. On the other hand the extra point in hull might get them one more shot than interceptors get. More testing needed.
  13. Grav shift reroute let's you move within 2 of the obstacles old location. It looks like you moved within 2 of the markers location, which is a huge distance.
  14. Thanks for the response! We gave up too early then. Were any fleets scrapped?
  15. Gives me hope. Our 2 campaigns fell apart, and we kept adding rules instead of trying to change strategy. About the come backs: how far behind were the sides? Is loosing Corellia turn 1 impossible to come back from?