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  1. WANT armada rebel ships (complete) HAVE imperial assault scum faction ( all to date) imperial assault rebel faction ( all to date) Tiles from first starter, Hoth , and bespin. want to trade for a rebel armada fleet ( ships + squadrons) all cards must be with ship . because all cards that are with imperial assault figures will have their cards included. if interested message me and we can exchange lists come to agreement, and then trade
  2. looking to trade my scum faction Imperial assault lot for star wars armada rebel faction if interested let me know what you have, and i'll do the same
  3. chewie /w - recon spec, title, push the limits , jan ors- will give you 1 focus and 2 evades always nice to make chewie live longer
  4. the to messed up any ffg function must have correct items
  5. and I agree with you , but would you not say that 5 min is excessive for vader , fel , and shuttle?
  6. I think some of you guys are losing site of the issue three ships should not take over five min the first turn hence why I started timing him. a tie swarm should take some time to move since you are flying 5 to 7 ships NOT 3 and as for a lot of options its boost barrel , focus or evade not rocket science depending on situation you find your self in
  7. I like this I use expose on ps8 decimator , with palpatine onboard, and vader flying shotgun. but back to your build I do like it going to use it in my league game just cause biggs is cool
  8. I do not wish to be rude , and I do like the list for causal play I would not take it to regionals. TLT's will eat it alive the only ship they will have trouble with is kir kanos. it might do ok verse master commander lists (vader, palpatine) tie swarms should kill it also because you are only putting out 10 attack dice . these are just my humble opinions take them or leave them your flying the list.
  9. thank god I'm not the only one I played against a guy at a store championship his list was vader , fel , shuttle with palpatine THREE ships it took him 5min and 48 sec I know this because after the second dial phase I started timing him. after killing the shuttle it took him 5 min and 20 some seconds for TWO ships it was ridicules. I asked the T/O what constituted slow playing and I stated my case he said he was fine . over 5 min seems a bit much to me though.
  10. honestly bbbbz or a tie swarm should be able to take a twin laser turret list . sure your going to lose a ship before you get into range one, but once you do the b's are very maneuverable and can throw out some great damage. while the tie swarm should be able to green dice enough to live long enough to drop the y wings
  11. just for clarification I am not accusing anyone of cheating, but I did find something's odd. that's why I started the topic for guidance in the future . in the future if something like this happens again ill request one set of dice. thank you all for input , and please don't call people names for their opinions this is a community that needs to be helpful and respectful of others in said community.
  12. I guess that is the answer I was looking for I should have requested a single set of dice be used during that game. I thank you all for your input.
  13. I don't know. If someone's dice are fair and it's just superstition, fine. If they have a specific set of lucky dice that they use on critical rolls, I have no way of knowing that those dice are actually fair dice they just trust more, or whether they've weighted them somehow. I'm not sure why anyone would bother weighting a die in a game where the only thing you stand to win is like... range rulers and stuff... but I'd care about it and do something about it if I thought they had, because I'm here to test my skill against their skil at x-wing, not my skill against their skill with a drill and a tiny amount of metal or whatever. and I agree I am not saying anyone was cheating per say (to late to say anything if he was), but it was for the plaque and a first round bye. I am wondering if I should have pushed the issue then due to the T/O feeling the need to picture the dice for I assume for future events.
  14. I agree with what your saying , but have you salt water tested your dice as this person i,m asking about has done? or joked about having done.
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