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  1. I won a Store Championship with this: Contracted Scout Deadeye, Proton Torp, EM, Chips, Agro, Bobba Contracted Scout Deadeye, Proton Torp, EM, Chips, Agro 4-Lom FCS, Zuckuss, Mist Title, TB 3-1 Swiss, one loss was to a triple UBoat list that ended with 2 hull Uboat v. 1 hull Uboat. After cut to top 8 had to go through (2) triple Uboats to win. Helped having more than just one trick after alpha strike.
  2. I too was at Hard Knox for that tournament, I was one that traveled 1 hour with my 12 year old son who loves playing. I keep trying to get Silver Creek Game Shop to hold some tournaments, but they keep telling me, "there just isn't enough interest in our area." So all of you Louisville and Southern Indiana players, knock down their doors and tell them we want somewhere to play!
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