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  1. So I was reading through the Force and Destiny core rulebook because I wanted to potentially start a Force-centric game and was instantly inspired by Weik's entry. I thought it would be cool to have a fantasy DnD-ish campaign with FaD rules set completely on Weik and a group of (possibly Force-sensitive) adventurers. There'd be Star Wars species, creatures, a few weapons and, of course, the Force, but all in the fantasy setting of Weik. I'm not sure how well it would work, or how much information Nexus of Power gives about Weik, which also happens to not be canon as far as I can tell, but I think it could be pretty cool, if not for a full campaign then a one-shot adventure with fresh, Weik-based characters. Of course, some skills, talents etc. would have to be changed or removed, and some things might have to be added (Medieval weapons, for instance) but that shouldn't be too hard. Any input of any kind would be welcome.
  2. This isn't actually something I need to do yet, but I'm assuming soon. You guys make good points, and I'm not really sure why the player seems unhappy, but I wanted to know how to handle it well. Thanks
  3. This is just for future help, but I want some tips for how to do it? If the player openly says so, should I just dramatically kill them off and let the player make a new character with all the old XP, or are there different methods to doing something like this?
  4. Thanks, you make really good points. I'm not really sure how the player got such a high encumbrance anyway...
  5. So one of my players wants to play an Astromech. I've read multiple threads but need advice on two things. 1) How do astromechs get up stairs without jet packs? Honestly, I don't want a player stuck because there are stairs between him and the exit while a group of bounty hunters is closing in. 2) The player has a Brawn of 1, and so a total Encumbrance Threshold of 6. Unfortunately, he wants an assortment of tools, add-ons (including a holdout blaster and flame projector) that his Enc value is 19. My question is, should backpack modifiers stack? I'm not sure if that really makes much sense but he needs inbuilt tools.
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