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  1. Hi guys! Can you use the action on Hallowed Blaster without a creature in the board that ist actually damaged just for the sake of using an artifact? Thanks
  2. The part about the single creature is missing in the german glossary. Good to know!
  3. When I understand your question correctly you want to know if a creature is "on a flank" when it is the your only creature on the board. When I remember correctly, this term is not defined in the rules. From common sense I'd say that for something to be on a flank there has to be a flank which is not the case if there is only one creature.
  4. Card Text: While Titan Mechanic is on a flank, each key costs -1[Æ] The card text seems to be clear. EACH key costs -1. So the opponents key should be at -1 too. On the other hand, why would your Titan Mechanic help the opponent build a key? 🤔
  5. Text of Scout: For the remainder of the turn, up to 2 friendly creatures gain skirmish. Then, fight with those creatures one at a time. Hi guys. Do the creatures that gain skirmish have to be ready? Or is this rare card a way to fight with exhausted creatures again? Thanks
  6. We just played the mission and the rebel player doesn't stand much of a chance. With only 12 hitpoints, no possibility to heal, not being able to move the round he is freed and three elite stormtrooper blasting away on Solo he took 6-7 damage right away. IG88 was able to move and defeated Solo when he started to run the next round.
  7. Another follow-up question: If the attacker using Blast is adjacent to the target, does he suffer one damage as well? I guess the attacker could be considered a friendly figure to himself. ^^
  8. I think your explanation concerning the balancing is reasonable. But you could argue that the wording on armors is just the same as on the Legendary card. The armor simply stats +3 health. Legendary stats +10 health. Without your explanation in the back of your mind there really is no difference.
  9. I guess I have to line up with the other guys: After getting to know the game a little, it was your guide that finally made me buy Imperial Assault, because I saw how amazing the minis could look after painting and with a step-by-step guide in hand what could go wrong?
  10. Hey guys! Another question came up: Normally figures get focused due to their surge-ability. And use the extra die in their next attack or test. The card Show of Force reads as follows: "Exhaust this card when an Imperial figure declares an attach. That figure becomes Focused." So the figure becomes focused prior to rolling the dice. Therefore the extra green die should already be added to the current attack?!
  11. Of course the Legendary card is still in effect, but you could really see it either way. You can't compare it to the second activation token. The +10 health were there, but have been depleted. If you get another +10 health when the card is flipped it equals +20 health points in total. I guess this is really a question for the developers.
  12. @Aahzmandius_Karrde: I get what you mean. But the use of "until" implies that there is a point in time during the mission from which on the points are active. So you're with my interpretation?
  13. Do only read if you have already played the Aftermath mission!
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