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  1. Not me, but one of my players, while doing a heist and getting chased by CorSec, the player who was playing a Gamorean, jumped from his moving speeder, to the hood of the CorSec officers speeder. Rolled so well that he landed, killed them both and stole their vehicle.
  2. Ignore and delete this post.
  3. I actually am enjoying the art style too. Not as much as Clone Wars, but at least it's a little less "plain" than Rebels. And I will say it looks far better in motion than it does in screen shots. As most things that use cell shading do. Like look at Wind Waker as an example.
  4. I didn't think it was totally terrible. It has a lot of cringing moments, like Lando thinking about how his bulge is looking and so on. Personally, nothing has topped the absolutely horribad of Dark Disciple.
  5. I know it's been discussed that the vehicle rules presented in the Genesys core rulebook makes vehicle combat a bit more dynamic. This is mostly because of the rules of Acceleration/Deceleration and being able to get to max speed in a single turn while still "moving", making "Fly" irrelevant. I know there's also discussion on how this makes certain Talents irrelevant too. In the campaign I run, we don't have really any pilot focused characters, but I was wondering if anyone perhaps had taken note of what Talents lose their usefulness when switching to these rules?
  6. So, I've found a wonderful batch of form-fillable printer friendly character sheets. But I was just wondering if anyone has Group or Ship sheets as well? For the life of me, I've searched the forum and I can't something that's Form-Fillable AND Printer friendly, and was hoping one of you lovely people may have some stashed away on a drive somewhere. Edit: And before anyone asks, yes I use OggDudes CC.
  7. Quick question. I'd already put in a large portion of what was new in Forged in Battle. But say, I had made a mistake in setting up the talent tree for a class, and then I install this. Would the update "fix" or overwrite any mistakes I made? Or will the data I put in stay the default? Or better way to say it: Should I do a fresh install or will the update do fine?
  8. This x100. I use them, and it seems to work even better than actual Star Wars music, especially when you're using the Edge setting over the other two.
  9. Weeee! Excited to see this. I've sent you some PM's (mostly on bigtent) if you needed any help. @OggDude
  10. I think I'd just like to see more era books that add more Universal Specs. I like that careers specs would be those initial 6 for each class, just so players can hunker down on an idea. And then you can slap on a Universal Spec to add flavor. Although at what point would Universal Specs give you options that you'd normally have to pay 30xp to go into another career? It's an interesting balancing routine. But yeah! More Era and Region books. After Dawn of Rebellion I'm hyped for something Clone Wars related. *crosses fingers*
  11. Hey guys, So we've been running the first bit of our first campaign and it's actually going quite well. I told everyone they could create the characters however they wanted, but once we got a couple sessions in, and everyone understood the system better, we would do a re-work of all the characters to really let the players better form them to what their ideals are. My question to you guys, is as GM's, do you have certain rules that you follow when letting players make characters? Do you go by the book? Extra equipment, XP, credits? What do you find gives the players the most agency to form a concept?
  12. Funny enough what I thought was going to happen did not happen. Something even more kind of crazy did. So what I figured would happen, was the Hired Gun would try to convince the two Jedi to come with them to jack an even bigger stash of contraband off-world. Simple enough, keeps the group together for the time being. What ended up happening, was through normal conversation, one of the Jedi let it slip that he was in fact a Jedi. Everyone at the table was in stunned silence, (while the other Jedi rolled a successful Deception and said "YOU'RE A JEDI!?") and the Hired Gun pulled out their gun, and basically blackmailed him into helping do their heist, or being given to the Separatists. Later the two Jedi decided that it'd probably be in their best interest to help with the Heist, and the session ended with them trying to find a ship to steal and take off into Hutt Space.
  13. The only books since Disciples of Harmony have been Ghosts of Dathomir and Dawn of Rebellion, yes? I don't believe either of those added any new mechanics? So the rush to get a patch out is probably minimal? It isn't that hard to add the new material in ourselves.
  14. It's so funny, I had a similar literal "shower thought" this morning, regarding the Hired Gun, that yes, he has information that's more valuable to the Jedi than him being taken in. Your story actually makes a lot of sense with where I was going because the first encounter was going to deal with a rival NPC Bounty Hunter swooping in and trying to get them. If Jedi and the PC Bounty Hunter are already working together, this makes more sense. As for the Clone Wars, I've had a Clone Trooper with the Jedi during the one-shots who's been their sort of "Big Brother" who's been finding them jobs, feeding them information, and piloting the ship they all live on. The Jedi in this campaign are Padawans who've had to forgo their official Jedi Trials because of the War, and their Masters being off in the fight. Instead of bringing them along they sent them off with this Clone Trooper to keep up their work in the Outer Rim. So the idea is that when the appropriate time comes, that knife is going to sink in. Masters dead, Jedi fallen, No ship, their "best friend" turns on them, and the only people they have left are the outlaws and scoundrels.
  15. Wasn't sure how to word this title. So I've been running a game with a couple of characters playing as undercover Jedi in the Outer Rim. Basically infiltrating organizations, arresting fugitives of the Republic, etc. We're introducing new characters to the mix, and want to go from one shots to a more campaign like story. One is playing as Hired Gun, but she wants her character introduced as someone on the run for stealing from the Hutts. The other character is playing a Bounty Hunter who is on the trail of the Hired Gun. Meanwhile the two Jedi characters are also on the trail of the Hired Gun, because they had stolen spice from the Hutts, and the Jedi want him arrested and the spice confiscated. All this basically will lead to a stand-off on Rishi where the plots will meet. And that's when I realized, I have to get these characters to work together... and I have no idea how. The era is just before the end of the Clone Wars, but that's still a few weeks off. Any hook ideas?
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