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  1. Asmodee has sure helped the FFG supply chain.... Not!
  2. Asmodee is Evil Empire. The last 3 months in America shows us the crushing reality that the BAD guys do in fact win.
  3. Currently collecting Everything from X wing, Armada and Imperial Assault....
  4. I would venture that 9 out of 10 x wing players are CASUAL. The most vocal people on this website are tournament players but they are very very much the minority. I have 3 to 8 of everything, about $3500 invested and am a casual player and collector. Going to a tournament locally every few months does not make me a tournament player.
  5. I would like to see a widespread Princess Leia release with real photo and prefer decent pilot car. Doesn't have to be meta changing but something you might actually use.
  6. Using Epic ships as obstacles is GREAT! 3d obstacle that is so thematic. Smaller ships flying fighting and flying around big ships like a space battle. Very fun!!
  7. E wing will be in next rebel aces pack. Get your panties out of a wad.
  8. Epic ships make very fun obstacles for casual play. They are just fun toys and look great in my lighted cabinet!
  9. Chinese New year is going to put a damper on your dreams.
  10. Alt cards way to go . Tournament prizes, make them common and easy to get for folks.
  11. Captain Terro might be a 2 pack. That model is actually the coolest in the expansion and there are 2 distinct characters you could run with 2 attachable head figures for the rider. Other than that all singles here.
  12. Oh wait U wings are totally out of stock never mind.
  13. Op is working for FFG trying to get you to buy more U Wings!
  14. The Mysteries of the Universe seem to be so clear now!
  15. 2016 the worst year since 1942 for America. :(
  16. Rogue one was a good movie and I am glad I went to see it in the theater. The end.
  17. I found strikers with stealth device to be very fun.
  18. Tokyogriz

    Tie Striker 'fix'

    Ah.... Well if we are going down this rabbit trail what about the HWK-290? Pretty sure the HWK is supposed to be way way better than the X-wing developers gave it for stats.
  19. Tokyogriz

    Tie Striker 'fix'

    So far Striker seems like a fun and capable ship. What the hell are you talking about needing a fix?
  20. T-65 title refit minus 3 points lose your torpedo slot.
  21. I was thinking about buying a 2nd U-Wing actually.
  22. Giant ships might be fun to use as stationary or very slow moving objects in a battle. Give bonus or negatives to each side each and attacks. Increase game size perhaps to 6x6 size.
  23. Has anyone gotten their map finished in terms of modifying it to last? Pictures and curious how it turned out. Thanks.
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