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  1. Look into the conversion kits coming out when 2.0 drops - first Rebel, Empire, and Scum, and in wave 2 of 2.0 Reaistance and First Order.
  2. Of course they will replace them! When the new ship comes out, just go to a store, give the store money for the ships, and PRESTO! The ships are replaced.
  3. Ships have always supposed to have been assigned an ID - it’s the number tag that lets you keep track of TIE Fighter 1 vs TIE Fighter 2, 3, etc. Now the “lock” token has one less piece in using the ID number instead of a pair of letters. Makes sense to me. After market tokens? Not really for 2.0, but I bet no one will care in casual play if you use them. No line templates — from watching that designers play a few games, they seem “mostly” for convenience when bumping, although barrel rolling will need a marked one speed. Vader and X-1 - you are correct. I like the changes overall.
  4. Actually the bulk of the cost is not the physical printing of the man hours spent in design, both graphic and game.
  5. I need to see it again (and I’m going to), but I’m pretty sure the FO says his payment is at least partly for revealing how to find the cloaked Resistance ships. But it even if the cloaking wasn’t involved, how would he know the Resistance plan? He’s a random guy from another planet; even Poe didn't know the plan. And it seems like cloaking is just hitting a few buttons on a keypad. If I have a problem with anything, it’s that. I know technology advances, but it seems like something that should be addressed (my opinion).
  6. Ok, one thing I forgot until just now. How did the random "code breaker" (slicer) know to tell the First Order to look for cloaked ships? Also, "no ship that small has a cloaking device", right?
  7. Some thoughts on some of these points. I'm not arguing, just providing some thoughts: Again, just my thoughts on some of the points you bring up.
  8. Because they seem closer than friends but not romantic. In other words, like siblings.
  9. They are definitely setting up Finn and Rose while establishing Fin and Rey as more of a sibling relationship.
  10. Although, when did Luke put the Jedi books into the Falcon?
  11. The kid at the end does force pull the broom into his hand, sweeps a bit, then clearly holds the broom like a saber.
  12. I got out a bit ago, and while it’s not perfect story-wise, I thought it was great! Just below Empire, which is still my favorite. It’s rare that I cheer at movies, and I did a few times in TLJ. My positives: Kylo’s method of killing Snoke was amazing! Luke was funny. Yoda, and well used! Rey and Kylo’s interactions were very good. I think my favorite new Star Wars moment - the lightspeed ramming by the Raddus - that was breathtakingly done. Poe’s mutiny actually shows that the Resistance/Rebels are not completely unified all the time (and Leia stuns Poe - it’s fantastic). Luke’s force illusion! Poe “holding” for Hux was hilarious - caught him monologing, if you’re a fan of the Incredibles. Negatives: Snoke had almost no development, and is criminally underused. Phasma is underused - again. Finn and Rose’s mission could be cut and not change the movie at all. Leia in space - it’s ok. Shows her force power. Overall I liked it a lot, and I’m lookig forward to seeing it again.
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