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  1. To clarify further: Backdraft does not (only) add a crit when firing from his rear arc. He can also add the crit when firing from the front arc, when the defender is in his rear arc (large base parallel to him).
  2. Thanks for the answers!
  3. I know there are one or two threads over a year ago, but since the ruling was changed I wanted to ask again: Is he allowed to make a free action after the first salvo of TLT? And then again after the second? I know that it doesn't matter when Valen would boost out of weapon range.
  4. Ah yes right I forgot. Thx!
  5. Can I use 2 guidance chips modifications e.g. on a kihraxz?
  6. Youngster-Expose and Hux and Crackshot TIEs are not a bad option
  7. I love Omega Leader. I am just afraid using him when running into Thweek
  8. Is Jarjar a Sith Lord?
  9. So in theory I could make a 4 straight, 4-k-turn SLAM and drop mines with advanced SLAM either with R4E1 or with adrenaline rush? Sounds crazy good I guess
  10. He is good when he looses his shields slowly. C3PO and Rey crew are fantastic on him. Lone wolf too when you have the points
  11. Nym will be even better with his autoblasters and bombs against Starvipers
  12. Are there some videos of the games anywhere?
  13. Is there another title or why are the two cannon slots not directly printed on the ship card? Edit: Nevermind, there is really another title available
  14. Reload action: Flip back one used torp or missile upgrade card. Then you may perform a free action
  15. Would be interested in that information too