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  1. I assume we will have at least the gold/silver worlds dice like the last two years.
  2. This. Plus Black One title on Poe
  3. Wes (with Veteran Instintcs) is still good. And Tarn Mison with R7 droid
  4. This. An ace swarm is hery viable. I play it all the time with good results
  5. Because people are always optimistic when building squads. The don't think you could possibly miss with 3 dice TLTs
  6. Poe with Pattern Analyzer > Luke
  7. It does not need a nerf, it is not so powerful. But one sad thing is that nowadays you only see scum lists in combination with mindlink. It seems that variation has dramatically decreased in this fraction
  8. Love the idea
  9. Summary: We have survived bump and stress-resistent Defenders, endless Zuckuss, astral-Manaroo-Atanni madness and Dengaroo. Now things are coming back to normal again. Good time to re-join. Welcome back
  10. Pics please
  11. I am missing Sabine's seismic charge
  12. Maybe some feedback loops with dead mans switch?
  13. No, never drop Jakes Protons! 1. He needs this one-trick strike 2. He needs to ne over 32 points to compete with other aces point-wise
  14. If you do not respond to threads like that than they will go down in 1-2 days. Just don't feed them.
  15. Buy the card online. Because if you take another pilot here the squad makes no sense. You want to have the "non-modifier pilots" here for maximal troll effect