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  1. Trajectory simulator does not work on front guides, right?
  2. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Maybe just time to introduce half-point-prizes for small ships too
  3. Nerf Harpoons

    Because it is MUCH (!) better
  4. As far as I know the rules say you can choose side after asteroid placement. I know that nobody is doing it. But are there any tricks to "exploit" this rule in regard of the new meta? Tips? Experiences?
  5. Regional Results thread.

    Does anyone know what the regional prize kit contains? Link?
  6. Nerf Harpoons

    Yes and everything got nerfed in a distinct way after waves of complainings. If the board would only consists of guys thinking like you then we would still be in the pre-phantom-nerf-meta. Seriously these "stop complaining" attitude is not a good way of thinking
  7. Nerf Harpoons

    Harpoons dominating majority of regionals..how boring
  8. Regional Results thread.

    What is included in the prize pool of the regionals? Does anyone has a link? Thanks
  9. Krakow Regionals 2018 stream

    What is "Timewalk" Assaj?
  10. Krakow Regionals 2018 stream

    I am not wondering that he is runner up, with this methods...
  11. Krakow Regionals 2018 stream

    He also reposition by hand opponent ship after they have moved (!) Und revealing opponents dial. Don't touch opponent's things!!
  12. Krakow Regionals 2018 stream

    Sorry, but disqualify Ken. That is unbelievable
  13. Regional Results thread.

    Please discuss this elsewhere. This should stay the regionals thread Thx
  14. Can you use the reload action and turn back an ordnance card previously "removed" by Boba Fett?
  15. Nerf Harpoons

    Sure. But if you have 10 different missiles to choose and you always take the same one, then game design is bad or unbalanced. There is no need to take other missiles anymore. Overpowered/underpriced joke