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  1. Who can remember. Fun seeing the videos again. How to beat double Falcon
  2. Just take 3 Defender instead
  3. The alternative art cards look REALLY fantastic!
  4. Its best against hogh agility ships with tokens when you literally remove 1 agility fromnthe enemy ship
  5. Thanks for the answers. So still not clear I guess
  6. Palpatine crew
  7. 3 agility ship with boost of course
  8. Still i would never replace an autothruster on a 3 agility ship. But I think it will be really useful on a Kihraxz
  9. List?
  10. Love to see a Misthunter! Go 4-LOM!
  11. Can Thweek mimick a docked ship, e.g Zeb on a Ghost?
  12. I would propose here: Intensity and Recon Specialist for the same points. Reload your Intensity whenever you want and barrel roll for evade token.
  13. This. Adv. Sensors is a bit overdose here
  14. True, but my experience told me that I urgently need modifiers after the barrel roll. So he is best for me with FCS
  15. Someone has experiences with Thweek? I have played him a lot in the last two weeks. He is good and fun at once, although interestingly most of the time I choose the PS skill ability. My favourite build is with FCS and Autothrusters (30 points). Other opinions? I am very curious how he is doing