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  1. Interesting build, and probably good against swarmier lists. But at least Fire Control System is safe against bumping, Carnor, Teroch, Palob (next to being a lot cheaper)
  2. They never have been useless
  3. Thank you my friend for this kind reply. Sounds like at least I should make some planks and other core stabilizing exercises (I really could need a bit more core strength).
  4. GREAT Thanks to all the answers! This is by far an awesome community!!
  5. I exercise a lot (weight lifting for 4 years). But should possibly bring more variety into my movements, otherwise you even more disbalances. I have set my focus on training the lower back and back shoulders (and rhomboid muscles) (more pull than push exercises)
  6. Thank you for your answer. I know it has to do with fasciae too. Definetively influences the digestion/vegetative nervous system. How do you lose the gut?
  7. Thank you for your answer. I know, should definetively starting it. Real Yoga (Ashtanga) or some milder forms such as Vinyasa? Or with "hot yoga" do you mean bikram yoga (the one you do at 40°C?)?
  8. Thank you very much for your post. Indeed I think it has something to do with short harmstrings (or gluteus maximus and co-muscles). I have two spots of (dull) pain and I guess the posture affects several points on the spine (trying to counteract by reminding to stand and sit in a straight position). Movement ALWAYS makes it better or completely removes the symptoms. Pain radiates a bit into the neck area (or vice versa) and forward below the sternum/solar plexus. Severity around 3-4 (not soo bad I would say), but also a bit disturbing during breathing (fasciae?). Thank you very much flyboymb!
  9. The idea is to give opponents their range bonus back when defending against range 3 secondary weapon turrets (only existing one are Twin laser turrets so everything else remain unaffected). In order not to boost aces, the wording could be similar to Lightweight frame: If you have 2 or less agility (defense die) the range 3 bonus is given (also Talonbane would like that). This would be no card nerf, it would rather be an overall adaption of the rules without big disadvantages for anyone. Thoughts?
  10. Bring more ships into battle
  11. Atanni is ruining the scum faction a bit (diversity, playstyle, ...)
  12. TLTs miss more often than you might think
  13. I will never understand the EPT on the PS3 generic ship
  14. Thanks too all, very good advices. Will definetively check my shoes and the stretching and moving things. Interesting to see that I am not the only one having such problems
  15. Therefore it isngood to mix different ship types together. Having just B-wings will let you loose. But having one with e.g. an ion cannon (which shoots last) will let the enmy thing whether to spend the token before or not. Also mix will blockers or range 1 stuff.