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  1. List building: So now I not only have to counter the meta lists, I also need my ships to counter each other
  2. Maybe someone here knows the problem and can help: So it happens that my name freezes (no reaction) when I am in the main room looking for a game. Then I can re-enter the room, but my name is still there, so I am doubled then. Is this a known problem? What can I do? Thx
  3. How good is the Inquisitor in the current meta? Guess his autothrusters will shine a bit more once Imp-TLTs are dropped. Main enemies will be PS9 aces and Asajj and other stress mechanics. Any experiences (with and against him)?
  4. I have seen something weird yesterday: TIE aggressor dial with a 5 straight?
  5. I have seen something weird yesterday: TIE aggressor dial with a 5 straight?
  6. Its rather when you face beginners during a tournament for example, there is no choice. Then you come up with your strongest list. As I started to play, there were only a couple of ships and just the classic actions. No auto-actions. Try to explain someone why e.g. Kylo Ren is bypassing shields and now he is not allowed to shoot and next turn he has to remove his full shielded Ethan Abaht because of got "kylo'ed" 2 times. Scum is even more difficult, so much mechanincs and free actions there
  7. I feel bad then: Everytime when I have to play against complete beginners it is really hard, I really feel like I am a bad guy. Last weekend during tournament I played with Whisper and Quickdraw against someone who didn't now the ships. I had a bad conscience because of all the shenanigans such as Fire control system, cloak, free focus, Quickdraw ability. I felt poorly, it was not fun to explain everything and see him loosing that way. Nowadays there are so many new mechanics, it must be difficult for new players not to be negatively surprised and blown of by some strong lists. How do you handle situations like that? I am always trying to explain a lot of things (its not always easy and fun to explain all the shenanigens several times), but I always want tontry to keep a positive impression pf the game. So how do you handle such situation?
  8. Thx for keeping up the awesome work!
  9. A bit less punctuation marks will also do it
  10. For a flight ticket (without accomodation) I could get more than one complete X-Wing collections Worlds are therefore unofrtunately a no go for me
  11. Omg I removed my post lol. I feel dumb^^
  12. Omg
  13. Nice write up and win! Congrats! Bit it is called a 'Scyk', not 'Syck'
  14. Very nice thank you! One remark: I always have to load stress token manually. Can it automatically start one per ship like the focus token?