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  1. I like that idea very much!
  2. Slowly this topics/threads really become boring.
  3. They could call it "TIE advanced Gunboat". So we can use Advanced Targeting Computer on it.
  4. I see what you mean. But is it not the definition of prize? To earn it somehow? Ok you can make prizes for example for best newcomer, but it is hard to define who is a beginner and who is a pro.
  5. We have acrylic stuff in all forms. Action tokens, range rulers, bombs, maneuver templates etc. We have coins, medal, dicebags, ... Then we have a lot of different dice, which I guess are the most prefered prizes Some ideas for good prizes? I would like to see following prizes: *** Ship model with different paint scheme (maybe Top 4 Nationals or Regionals winner). Could also be for example a semi-destroyed TIE-Fighter or other ship *** A collection of alternatively designed damage cards for collecting purposes. You get one on each opportunity and you can aim to fill complete collection. Would be nice to "collect" something to have it full after a time. *** New colored pegs (small or large). Very short one, so you can pile them under a ship. The more wins, the higher the ship and the effect *** Laser with logo to measure firing arcs (maybe only Top 4 Nationals or Worlds) *** Special plastic maneuver dials *** Acryl token to label ship position (corner) *** Special maneuver template for moving ships differently (putting on the side of the ship if neccessary) *** Dice shaker/box *** Metal ship base (one of my personal favourites) *** Badges! Nice gimmick to handle like promotions Ideas? Thoughts? 3...2...1...gooo
  6. Sometimes it is really worth it clicking on "fix threads". I like the idea
  7. Here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/244950-tie-aggressor-with-ig2000-title/
  8. Any news after the article?
  9. After a bit of time, how good are they in the current meta? I have seen a lot of good games with Duchess, Pure Sabacc and Countdown. All of them had a lot of great (and not so great) moments. I just want to ask experienced player what they think. Experience regarding playing with and against them. Thank you
  10. You and your friends just suck
  11. Losing? Save points, improve your MoV!
  12. No good maneuvering needed with turrets
  13. Hahaha best comment since decades!!
  14. Thank you thespaceinvader!