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  1. The art work in the book shows Fenrir to be the size of a multi story building.
  2. The most sessions I've done is 3, though the plan was to go longer, the game ended up being a miss with one of the players so we decided to move on to something else. I think the games have great potential for longer campaigns, especially if you are trying to make it into the post apocalypse sections. You can have the players see the various changes that take place that lead up to the post apocalypse and have them take their places in that new society.
  3. Just wondering, after having read through the scenarios, in what order would you put them from most interesting to least. My list is as follows. Rising Tides, Skitter, War Between Worlds, Brotherhood of Babylon, Visages. Rising Tides seems like it would put players in a much more conventional war setting, with human and alien troop movements and the possibility of the players maybe being conscripted to fight on the front lines. Skitter seems like it would be a blast, having the players running from overgrown ants. It is almost like the zombie scenario of the book as the ants aren't malicious, they just are out looking for food. War Between Worlds was my number one before i read any of the scenarios, but dropped back because I was expecting the scenario to be more like what the Rising Tides scenario ended up being. Still has some potential for fun with the players running from flying saucers and little grey men with heat rays. Brotherhood and Visages both would be fun, though as a GM, I think I would have a harder time running these as I'm not as good at the almost subtle apocalypse scenarios. I have a hard time pulling off the suspense of hidden threats. I think in the right hands both would make for some very excellent game play though.
  4. I think it depends entirely on your group. You'll have to determine if they can handle such a scenario or not. If they can then great, if they can't then that's just as fine. But, without knowing your friends it is impossible for anyone here to give you an opinion on your situation.
  5. See, with Revelation there is still hope. The angels eventually come down and you have the huge battle, and the players can side with the angels to do their part against the spawn of hell. So, yes, you will probably die in Revelation but there is a chance. Against Cthulhu there is no hope. There is nothing coming to save the day. There is no chance to hold out. Eventually you will die, and you will probably die completely insane. That doesn't sound like a good way to go.
  6. My list would go Ragnarok, Revelation, Gaia's Revenge, That Is Not Dead, and Return of Quetzalcouatl. Ragnarok, Revelation, and Gaia all seem to have great potential for action. That Is Not Dead seemed too overwhelming to me. Like there is nothing that the PCs can do. And the Mayans just seemed to be too slow for an apocalypse.
  7. I noticed this too. I would guess it means to add more dice to the roll if the feature is connected to the roll. Perhaps there is a specific rule regarding this?
  8. Perhaps part of the problem is that Wrath of the Gods is the most meh theme of the four, at least it is for me. So they start off strong with the Zombies release first. Then slip in the one they think most people won't want right after that, then catch the rest with aliens and robots, which more people would be interested in, so more willing to fork over the cash for. I think if Wrath of Gods was released last I would have skipped it entirely.
  9. At first I wasn't planning on getting them all, just those I was most interested in. But they are coming out with enough time between them that I'm okay just picking them up as they release. If I had discovered this game after all the books had been released, I would probably just have bought the one or two I wanted most. I guess I feel that the artwork and the scenarios are worth the price.
  10. I was under the impression that FF is simply take a game made in Spain, and producing it in English. Perhaps they couldn't make it one book? I figured it would be like this, but got it anyway. I also intend to get the other 2 when they release. I find the scenarios are worth it. But, that is my opinion.
  11. Would you have it so the dinosaurs are rapidly evolved from other animals? Or, perhaps some dinosaurs were kept by the earth deep inside it's self for just this kind of situation.
  12. Sounds great, glad your group likes it. Hope to see some updates on their progress!
  13. I don't see why nature would need to bring back dinosaurs to retake the earth. Simply have all the insect life on earth start attacking people and I think a good chunk of the human population is gone. But, if you want to run dinosaurs there is nothing stopping you from doing so.
  14. Well there is an example with how they have handled magic previously in the voodoo scenario with EotW:ZA. So I would imagine there will be magic. But, I doubt there will be rules in the book on PCs obtaining the ability to do magic. As far as relics, there may end up being some small items that help the PCs survive but nothing that would allow them to destroy gods. Sort of like the gris-gris in the voodoo scenario.
  15. So, were you able to get another session together? Would love to see what happened next.
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