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  1. I forgot about this. I am planning on having the rest of squad slowly killed off as the ork forces on the planet begin to crush the Imperial defenses. Thanks to those that responded though. I love how friendly and helpful it is here.
  2. Since I only have 3 players, I added another 3 squad mates with character sheets, personality to flesh out the squad and fill in certain roles that the other players are missing. I did tell the Sergeant player that he can tell them what to do in and outside of combat otherwise I am in control, but made sure to keep it very simple in combat. However they are starting to steal the light from the players. Both in combat and in skill tests. I see where I went wrong with them. Because of this, I am planning on having them slowly killed off. One of them has already had his guts spilled open and is on the verge of death, so I guess he can be the first to die. This could also be a good experience for them. For me as well, as a GM. Now my question is, have you had GM controlled PCs before? Does it work for you? Is it something that requires a lot of attention so it doesn't get out of control? Any tips for using them?
  3. I shall. May be a while. Was planning on doing it this weekend, but I ended up doing beta testing for a mod. Oh well.
  4. I think I have just about everything I need and honestly dont know what else I could ask. Anyway, thank you all for the help.
  5. @SgtLazarus I do want to make them very paranoid, especially towards any "friendlies". As mentioned before, having genestealers hide among a crowd of survivors and then pop out and surprise them, birthday cake style, would make them poop their pants and question who they can trust. I want them to feel like they are never safe. @Lynata I like the idea of a gun servitor of sorts. Im sure they still have some guts that aren't metal and will make for a nice and juicy kill.
  6. @Lynata I guess I need to figure out what would be more intense for the players. Using the brood lord like that would be pretty fun. My players would try to attack it head on, so I would probably need to have it carve up some NPCs or something so they understand what they are dealing with. I did add the Tarantula Sentry Gun to the regiment for use on later missions, but I was wondering what you think about using it on this one? I know they are REALLY heavy and would be a pain to carry, but I could make a smaller, less potent version, armed with a heavy stubber or twin autoguns? They would only have one and could be a one use distraction to slow an enemy down, but I feel like that might remove some of the tension. Edit: I absolutely need to watch that movie. Looks like something right up my alley.
  7. After actually reading their stats and not skimming them, I agree with you. It would be too much. I will just make it a group of 4 or 5 should they take that path. Though, that path leads to the exit, so at that point they decided to bug out and run for their lives. I just want to give them a little incentive to run faster or maybe even sacrifice a team mate to slow them down. Yeah, it was an idea, but when I saw it, I just about had a heart attack. Was not expecting it to be so strong.
  8. So an important question. Which genestealer stats should I use? I have both the ones from Salvaging Solace and the Deathwatch one from The Emperor Protects. Its clear that the Auran Genestealer is a LOT stronger than the regular one, but having them be a challenge would be nice. However, I want to have an encounter, where if they take a wrong path, they get swarmed up the wazoo and I dont know how many of those the guardsmen could actually take simultaneously. Are there any other genestealer stats that I could use or would be better? I thought about adding a Broodlord as a boss, but holy molly, that would be one hell of a fight.
  9. Paranoia and hallucinations ahoy! And those notes are indeed a great idea. Coincidentally, I've just begun watching "School Live" -- an anime that starts out completely harmless about the average day of four schoolgirls. Twist: it's actually during a zombie apocalypse and the show is presented from the perspective of the most psychologically broken girl who acts as if nothing ever happened, including talking to classmates and teachers who are no longer there. That's a new level of creepy right there, especially given the stark contrast provided by the cute art style. I could see a similar approach working nicely for any horror-based RPG campaign. Well that is messed up... I think I need to watch this now. It certainly would make for an interesting campaign.
  10. Those cards sound like a lot of fun. Since I am starting a new Regiment and the players will be starting with 2d10+1d5 insanity points, I might get to use those even if they dont have those talents. Never really got into of the Lovecraft stuff. No time like the present I guess.
  11. Shotguns could be work and I like the idea of a flamer. My players like to stay as far away from any enemy as possible (except for the one time a sergeant was immediately gutted by an ork nob after stepping off a drop ship), so making them get closer to the scary things should make it more interesting. Having he sarge restrict heavy ammo would also add to the tension, at the very least for that player.
  12. @Lynata I hadn't even considered Genestealer cultist. It could be a good way to cause some moral dilemmas. Are all the survivors infected? Can they be trusted? Do we burn them all with the purifying flames of the Emperor. Maybe the objective is to find a scientist and bring him back, but how can they trust him and know that he isn't about to go crazy and tear them. Maybe they might even start thinking that another is infected and turn on each other. Thankfully, my players don't know all that much about tyranids other than "They nom nom nom planets dead". So it should be a very nice surprise. @ExoSaeptus Exactly what I had in mind. Question though, obviously, I intend for it to be dark and spooky for the most part, but how do I convey light and darkness rule wise? Do i limit there vision? Give them lanterns or torches? Since I do play things in a narrative style, this seems challenging to me. Maybe its time to get a board or something with grid to play on, because it wouldn't be a problem then. @Adeptus-B That was my first idea and I still want to do something like that as well. For the players to reach the city, they will be dropped off at an abandoned outpost, where they will have to find a boat/ferry and travel to an above water structure that will take them down via elevator. However, during the boat ride, some very angry crab-like humanoids would attack them, jumping onto the boat and what not. Regarding classes and equipment, is there anything I should restrict? I am not going to allow special classes and was only planning on giving them auto guns or lascarbines and maybe one heavy stubber if someone wanted to play a heavy.
  13. As the title says, I am looking to create a campaign set on an agri water world which has an underwater city. However, I am not sure on what the goal and who the antagonist should be. I do want to make it somewhat scary and tense (think of the first Bioshock's introduction) at the same time, but have not written anything like that before. At first I was thinking of making it like a Space Hulk, Alien isolation combination. Players would have to survive against jacked up genestealers (or whatever else is more appropriate) whether it be straight up brute force, tricking it into being flushed into the ocean and even hiding from it. So, has anyone done something like this before and are there any tips and ideas on what campaign should entail?
  14. Thank you! Didn't realize those were in there.
  15. I agree with that cpteveros. I never though of Gue'vesa though. I feel like that one could do enough to not feel too much like regular guard.
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