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  1. Dark Gray and red trim. Just like the 3D printed ones I already have and painted
  2. I ordered mine from Amazon and it got delivered to my door yesterday (6/26). The whole thing is just wacky. My friend ordered his from Miniatures Market (which in the past got stuff to us faster) and he hasnt even gotten a shipping confirmation yet. Hah.
  3. Black Sun Ace - 23 -Marksmanship - 3 -Inertial Dampeners - 1 -Experimental Interface - 3
  4. Okay so here is my thoughts on "Lady Tano" as Maul called her. While I understand why people think she is dead, or in some cases WANT her to be dead, and why people think she's alive and well (or, again WANT her to be) there is one line that she says that keeps sticking out to me.
  5. Raynuk

    Defeat IG-2000

    Last night while introducing someone to the game, my buddy used A and C Brobots, while the new guy literally picked the models he liked and I built him a list of a TLT+Proxy Mine K-wing, two Blue Squad B-wings, and a Generic T70. Admittedly, my buddy made some critical mistakes with his Brobots and got juked by the B-wings since the new guy didnt really know how to fly them too well (One Bwing spent 3 turns bumping into the same asteroid) which threw him off, but I was impressed by the simple list in the hands of a new player.
  6. Yeah I know about the bar lock thing, thats what I was referring to. What I meant by 'super easy' is that it would be an easy piece to trade out (since its removable) vs the Winglets on the Raider are NOT super easy to replace. Just need to find a 3D printer to make one! (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE MEL)
  7. So, here's an idea... Since the docking clamps just kinda click into the Gozanti, I would imagine it would be super easy to replace the FFG ones with customized 3D printed ones that would fit specific ships that you wanted them to, or maybe find a generic design that would fit multiple of the ships.
  8. "Leebo" - YT-2400 -Lando Calrissian -Proton Rockets -Heavy Laser Cannon -Lone Wolf -Outrider -Counter Measures Luke Skywalker - X-Wing -RD-D2 -Proton Torpedoes -Experimental Interface -Marksmanship I... dont know what to say to that list.
  9. To be fair, it looks like the trees are shooting back. Don't know about everyone else but I'm always getting shot at by trees. Especially bad as I live near some woods I live in the northeast USA, and squirrels have pelted with acorns as I walked through the woods. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the squirrels had access to much heavier ordnance (evidence: Return of the Jedi). Yeah, I've had that problem here in New England as well! (acorns, not lasers) Ditto. Theres a giant oak tree over my driveway that the squirrels love. At times I can stand out there and it sounds like a machine gun being fired at my driveway (and subsequently my cars)
  10. we will need at least six wolves for this one Moon Moon, Insanity Wolf, Courage Wolf, Star Wolf, and the two babies? (Baby Courage Wolf and Baby Insanity Wolf) Or maybe some Teen Wolf...
  11. I agree. At least that is how it looks. I blame the Star Wars CCG from the late 90s early 2000s for screwing me up all the time with that ship. the CCG had an IG-2000 card that was looking at the back of the ship, which I always assumed was the front. So now? anytime I fly against it, at least once I will think the **** thing is pointed the other way and pay a heavy price for it.
  12. Assigned a red K-turn to an un touched Xwing as it skirted the edge of the board, which had a stress token I just didnt see from where I was because of it being behind his Raider... my friend made it do a bank turn off the board HE however, in our first time playing with the Corvette, mis-assigned his Decimator dial and parked it in front of the Corvette... Then I smashed it. He forfeited after that
  13. Yep, that was going to be my suggestion/example. However for that scenario you also need a Slave I and Falcon expansion if my memory serves me correctly. Another option is simply for you to go 2v1 against your kids; give them each a ship or two and have them play as a team. make it thematic; one can be Luke, one can be Wedge and they're a team against the 'evil' TIE Fighters. In the end though; yeah you're gonna need more ships. But that has nothing to do with wanting to do a 3 person game
  14. Fly Palpatine! By the power of the dark side he makes mines hurt less. Not when my friend catches a trio of ships in tight formation with a single proxy mine or set of cluster mines.
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