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  1. Ahhh...I see. Yes, yes. Thank you @TallGiraffe 😅 Ach mien got! It VAS YOU @Dark Stoke!!!! 😭😭😭 That explains the current/ongoing worldwide shortage of Armada goodies!!! 😂😂😂 Hrm...I'm not sure about Playtesters but...whatever did happen to our most excellent informant the great @Enquiringnewt??? 😉
  2. @Darth Bane's Wrath Ahh yeah, old artwork - but I thought it looked more like a Nebulon B2 Modified Frigate - aren't Assault Friggate MKIs bigger? Yeah! Would be sooo cool! Imagine game a game mode (Save the Interdictor(s)) where, the Imperial players need to keep their Interdictors 'operational' so that by a certain turn, the rest of the Imperial Fleet jumps in to 'game-over' the Rebels. 😄😄😄 Also, just wanted to take the time to say thanks to FFG, for finally getting us some gameplay news. One good turn deserves another! 😊
  3. @Cavkov Awesome stuff! I'm not usually interested in comics at all but, THIS does look rather interesting! Say, do you think our Assault Gunboat will make her appearance here??? I pray she does! TIE FIGHTER. OMG getting quite hyped. Haha.
  4. Yeah...honestly. All this talk about 2.0. Two point ohh! That's the number of games I've been able to play since Armada 1.0 came out!!!! ...a whole two games, counting the Learn To Play scenario. 😭😭😭 Hehhee.
  5. Hehe. Cubanboy (formerly Angry Penguin), I've got one on order - I've always been dubious about pushing something the size of a toaster around on the table but...if this beauty can be included in a campaign of some sort, YES. 😀😀😀
  6. Hi all! In other news! https://www.starwars.com/news/announcing-marvel-alphabet-squadron-crossover Shadow Wing! OMG...will our beloved Five Winged Angel make its canon appearance??? Ohh and...Gunboats for Armada!!!!! 😀😀😀
  7. Hey all! I just thought I'd stop by to approve of all these recent posts and wish each and every one of you all a Safe and Happy 2019! Here's waiting for GUNBOAT 2.0. Here's also waiting for GUNBOAT SQUADRONS in Armada! Glory to Our Five Winged Saviour! 😀😀😀
  8. Haha! OMG! Someone help the man!! PLEASE! This is a great initiative! I can see it coming in handy for newcomers and folks such as myself...who have bought in big time for BOTH factions but have only played a total of...2 games. One of which being the Learn to Play. 😀😀😀
  9. Holy moly!!! My arm's about to fall off from all the pinching I've done - I'm not dreaming am I? But really! Before I forget, no one's asked! Just HOW many Bothans died to bring us this awesome information???? 😄😄😄
  10. Awesome stuff, Triangular! Thanks for the play-by-play! And thanks for bringing up those questions! I really want to try these amazing scenarios myself!! Hehe. AHH...Life.
  11. Ohh man, @DScipio this is awesome my man, just awesome! Even though these initial missions are for Rebel Scum!!! When can we see some missions for the Empire? "Battle 5: Attack Rebel Light Cruiser" Anyone? Wait! We STILL need Gunboats in Armada!! Please, please FFG! We beg you!
  12. By the Prophet! ... We still love you FTS Gecko!!!
  13. Yeah! This would be awesome! Uhhh...I see you're missing something here!!! Assault Gunboat!!!!! Shift + S Spacebar!!!! "2 Assault Gunboats from FG Rho entering area at 2KM!" First Dual Faction Ship? Ok! Let's do it!!! Can the Empire have a Modified (B2) Frigate??? Thanks!
  14. I like the way you think! Please make that ^ happen FFG! Nah - @>kkj Just think about how many awesome scenarios this could open up! Especially if they released some sort of campaign that involved transports etc. Interdiction missions, customs patrol, - more space station scenarios! Raids!! Too excited about this! Hehe.
  15. @FTS Gecko @Celestial Lizards @DOMSWAT911 Someone has slandered! Hear - hear!! Please include the Gunboat my god!! We must have our Five-Winged Saviour!
  16. Haha..Crabbok. Somehow, I get the feeling that this is going to become a new Meme: "That's what she said..."? I think for me it would be: "Nah, this is just a loaner!"
  17. Holy moly... What's going on here...? I'm out of it for a bit - talk of doom and gloom and RIP Armada and all. Nek minnut - KABOOOM! SSD! This is incredible!! Although - reality has sunk in and...well. $199 USD!??? What should I do, pick one up for a fleeting moment of bliss and then insta-death-by-Mrs. shortly thereafter? Or completely delude myself and pretend it hasn't actually happened??? It never ceases to amaze me how well FFG has treated us addicts fans. Interdictor - checked! Winged Liberty - checked! Assault Gunboat - checked! Grand Admiral Thrawn - checked! SSD! - CHECKED! How about Gunboat Squadrons for Armada?? Pretty please FFG! Dreadnaughts anyone? Hehe!
  18. ^This. Sir Dras has got it right! Absolutely love the Interdictor. Just the whole concept of it, sitting unassumingly off to the side but definitely putting a stranglehold on the Rebellion! Ever since I saw one in TIE Fighter, it's been my favourite ship. I've always likened it to the Queen piece in Chess - board control in all directions!!! Confession: I have NOT even been able to play a game with the Interdictor yet. Even though I pre-ordered it when it was released! It just sits there looking menacing/pretty on the shelf. ??? Someday...just someday...
  19. OMG what - by the Saviour! Gunboat 2.0??? ^Dusts off placard^ Where do you need me guys??? ??? ...man...but our Beloved Gunboat has not manifested its Glorious Self in Armada yet!
  20. Whoa! My first double-post in history! Sorry everyone! ?
  21. Ahh yesss...that's it. Although the reel I watched didn't contain everything else - only the deleted scenes involving JerJerrod. Those Imperial Naval Trooopers. So Oarsum! Thanks man!
  22. Hehe, @ovinomanc3r man...can't like this post enough!!! Jerjerrod IS the man! How many folks can stand up to the Dark Lord and yet still LIVE!? Well...there was Motti but... Yeah, nah! See, we only knew half the story! Only because the Emperor demanded it: "YOU WILL DESTROY IT!" (Endor) did Jerjerrod comply. Thanks to the recovered deleted scene, we have a totally different view of Jerjerrod. OMG those Naval Troopers - so OARSUM! Hehe. Whoa @Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun What happened to the full reel? Hehe.
  23. To some degree, probably planned. But can I tell you? I doubt the Assault Gunboat was planned. Unless they planned to release it 4 years in advanced...
  24. ROFL... @beefcake400 has beef with this whole idea!
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