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  1. Appreciate the feedback, and actually this was one of my concerns that the game would get too easy towards the end. To try to combat that the added AO efects were desinged to not rely off of a skill check (except for yog but that is still early in the campaign, you can argue that shub is kinda skill based as well but my thought is that its ALOT of monsters and at some point rgn takes affect and you are gonna get hit.) Im still on leave so havent been able to play all the way through yet, Fenyx's next posts should be interesting as the dificulty curve takes a big uptick on the next 2 guys.
  2. The point of carrying over the monsters and gates from one game to the next is to prevent the investigstors from ignoring the monsters/gates towards the end of the game since they would just go away. In my mind i see it as "well i could go kill that dark young or since we have enough clues to finish the last mystery i can ignore it and try to increase my will for the next game" or "well i want to increase my will but since that dark young isnt gonna disappear i should go kill it since i will lose most of my power up by the next game." On the other hand by the time you get to the last few AOs you should be pretty powerful which is why i tried to make the last AOs harder.
  3. Omg you dont know how excited i am to see this. I am on vacation right now and before this my friends were out of town so we havent been able to play it all the way through yet, but I have not been able to think about anything else! Hope you guys enjoy it and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your next post as I am living vicariously through your games until then lol
  4. Any particular part that makes it too hard?
  5. So my buddies and I have gone through and beat all the Ancient Ones and we wanted to try to set up a campaign similar to the one that was done with Arkham Horror (use the same investigators as you play through all the Ancient Ones, and there is a slight twist for each Ancient One that makes it harder). We came up with some preliminary thoughts and are interested in anyone's thoughts. General Rules 1) Setup and game play are the same as normal, no rules are changed or modified unless specifically stated. 2) At the end of the game investigators remain where they are along with any improvement tokens, focus tokens, conditions (except for blessings), and rail/sea pass tokens. 3) Any remaining fallen investigators remain where they are at on the game board, when resolving setup for the next Ancient One advance doom by 1 for each fallen investigator on the board. 4) If an investigator is defeated they can not be used for the remainder of the campaign. 5) Clue tokens both on the board and in the possession of investigators are placed back into the cup. 6) Any Monsters and Gates in play at the end of the game remain at their current location. 7) Investigators may choose 1 item (spell, asset, unique asset, artifact etc.) to keep in addition to their normal starting items. 7a) To tweek difficulty the additional item can be added to the starting items, for example Silas Marsh starts with the Fishing Net, in the 1st game he gained a Lucky Cigarette Case and decided to keep it, so in the 2nd game he starts with the Fishing Net, and the Lucky Cigarette Case. In the 3rd game he starts with the Fishing Net, the Lucky Cigarette Case, and an item he gained during the 2nd game, since the Lucky Cigarette Case was added to his starting items. 7b) To tweek difficulty blessings can be used as a item (or not), however they cannot be made into a starting item. 7a and 7b are optional modifications to the rules, both can be used or neither depending on how difficult you want to make the campaign. Ancient One Order 1) Rise of the Elder Things 2) Yog-Sothoth 3) Ithaqua 4) Yig 5) Shub-Niggurath 6) Cthulhu 7) Azathoth Specific Ancient One rules Rise of the Elder Things When the Omen track advances to the red eclipse advance doom by 1 unless investigators as group spend clue tokens equal to half the amount of the investigators rounded down. Yog-Sothoth Investigators roll a minimum of 2 die when resolving spells. 2 successes are need to cast a spell. When resolving for additional effects 1 additional success is needed i.e. 2-3 successes turns into 3-4, 3+ successes turns into 4+ etc., 0s remain as 0s Ithaqua You must use the Doomsayer prelude card. At the end of the mythos phase any investigator on the following spaces rolls a die on a 1 or 2 they gain a hypothermia condition. 1, 4, 9, London, 13, 14, 16, Tunguska, 19, the Himalayas, 19, 3, Buenos Aries, 11, 12, 15, Antarctica, 18, Sydney, Miskatonic Outpost, Lake Camp, Frozen Wastes, City of the Elder Things, Snowy Mountains, and Plateau of Leng. Yig Investigators that travel along uncharted paths, or that travel to or pass through a wilderness space gain a poisoned condition. Shub-Niggurath When spawning a gate spawn 2 monsters instead of one. On a reckoning spawn 1 monster at 2 random spaces instead of one. Cthulhu At the end of the mythos phase any investigator on a sea space or an unnamed city with a sea route loses 1 sanity. Azathoth Doom starts at 20, the mythos deck is doubled (Stage 1 contains 2 green 4 yellow and 2 blue card, Stage 2 contains 4 green 6 yellow and 2 blue cards, Stage 3 contains 4 green, 8 yellow and 0 blue cards.) Investigators must solve 6 mysteries to win the game, after solving the 5th mystery select a random Ancient One, investigators must fight and defeat this ancient one in order to solve the 6th mystery. Edited to fix numbering and for clarity.
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