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  1. Ah, ok then ! I didn't receive my Runebound edition yet. Just start reading the rules to share with my friends. So I couldn't the inner fire card skill.. On a first glance, trigger Master Thorn hero's ability twice did looks like a break-game option to me. But if is legal, so... I will be aware to not let my friends do this combo ! Again, thanks for the clarification !
  2. "That new version of Descent was the worst game that I ever played. " The new version of Descent is the best game I ever played. Opinions are opinions. There's a lot of them on internet nowadays. The fact is, it will vary according the ones that are playing. Me and my friends like Descent 2nd very much. We play almost every saturday. We did'nt play the first edition. However, the changes on mechanics are really welcome to us. We don't have 8+ hours to spend on a single quest. What I do, every time, is read the rules before go buying any board game. If I like the mechanics, I buy it. From what I've read till now, I believe Runebound 3rd is a great game. We are waiting till my order arrive (and the hype is really high). "What silly post." Yep. Just planting the discord's seeds to cultivate flame wars...
  3. Hi guys ! I'm new on the Runebound board game, but since I've bought it, I was reading the rules lately. That said, I must disagree with the possibility of trigger the ability twice. The rules reference guide says: "Each surge ability cannot be triggered more than once per combat round." (p. 13, "surge abilities"). So,if you trigger the ability "mind meld" using surges, you can't trigger it again using "inner fire" skill. The purpose of "inner fire" (I believe) is allow you trigger a hero's surge ability without spend the surges you get on your roll (faceup surge tokens), saving the surges on the tokens to trigger the surge's ability from other cards. Also, you can use "inner fire" to trigger the hero's ability if you don't have enough surges on your roll to do it. Example 1: You roll your combat tokens and get no surges on results (faceup tokens). So, you use "inner fire" to trigger your hero's surge ability (mind meld). Example 2: You roll your combat tokens and get 1 surge on results (faceup tokens). So, you use "inner fire" to trigger your hero's surge ability (mind meld) and save the surge token. In your next action, you spend that surge token to trigger an ability from your equipment card (as Staff of Light, for example). (sorry for my english, but I hope you understand my point )
  4. Lyssa will make a great runemaster, since she can turn the iron claws into a rune. I agree. And the Ghost Armor skill will compensate her low hp. Yet, I believe Lyssa would make a great Conjurer too. She has a good stamina value, so she can summon mirror images without problems. With 'Many Friends" skill she will gain a green dice, so she will have at least a blue, red and green dice on her attack pool. Combine this with that staff (forgot the name) that restore 1 fatigue each time you defeat a monster and you will get enough fatigue to keepe using "Focus Fire" to gain bonus damage against your targets (+2 damage at least). So you easily can get a blue, red and green dice with a +2 (or more) bonus damage. Pretty good on the act 1. On the act 2, give her the right weapon (like the winged blade) and she will spread terror on the OL monster's hearts ! Her only fault, in my opinion, is the low knowledge. She wil not gain the black dice from rune plate. Well, no one is perfect.
  5. Yay, the bone horror ! Besides what you said, remember it can "place a hero 2 spaces" away... so it can simply throw a hero in a pit, harzard, etc. Just get a monster immobilize a hero then make the bone horror throw him in a harzard... It will be a pain in the @$$. Let's hope the shop item cards bring us (heroes) something usefull.
  6. Oh, I didn't note the Blade of Brivalia on the pic. My bad. Yet, a powerfull relic for the OL. I hope the heroes version is equally useful. Well, the yellow lines terrains are used to identify harzard terrains. I believe they will keep that way. The orange probably is the "crumbling terrain". They say that "the crumbling terrain gives way and plunges the hero into water, sludge, or something far deadlier". These last words worries me... And the bone horror ? A true horror indeed ! It occupies 1 square, has a speed of 5 and has a super reach ! Geez !!!
  7. Also, remember that only lieutenants can equip relics. And only one per lieutenant per encounter/quest. So the OL got the relics, but maybe cant use them often in the following quests. Is just an opinion, I didn't play heirs yet. I hope in a couple of weeks my group starts this campaign. As an advice, since this campaign uses the core relics, I truly believe that your party must focus on get the "Staff of Light" and then "the shadow rune", because they are the best relics to heroes on the core set (my opinion). Isn't a 'heroic' stuff, but my group chooses the next quest according to the rewards we can get...
  8. By the way, since this is an expasion focused on the OL, it leaves me a question: Are they thinking the OL is underpowered? Because my party(4 heroes) got crushed on the last 'Shadows of Nerekhall' campaign. It could call, definitely, "The massacre of Nerekahll"...
  9. I'm ok with no new heroes. But classes ? I'm disappointed in getting no new classes. I mean, it is an awesone theme, with the undead, tainted lands, mists, etc . It would be great get some new classes that fit on this theme, like a Vampire Hunter (there is a vampire lieutenant, so...). Also, no items or relics ? Well, I will wait and see, so I can't judge it wrongly. But until now, looks like it will be an expansion pretty "less expansive" than others we have. I think this is an awesome background to a full campaign, but I'm feeling that they're wasting the good stuff, with this single-act campaign. But, yet, I truly hopes that I change my mind and the tainted mechanics make the day. Ps.: When I saw this announcement and scenario, I remembered Ravenloft (D&D). It would be epic an expansion with Ravenloft theme on Descent... (dream mode off)
  10. "(...) Have you tried the game with 2, 3, and 4 heroes. Is it better balanced for a certain number of heroes?" I did play about 6 times, beating the game 3 times and losing other 3. I think is easier with more heroes. All the times I beat the game I was playing with 4 heroes. On Forgotten Souls, what I think unbalanced is the main encounters. The #1 encounter, "Room of Souls" is annoying; the #2 "Lava Tomb" is easier and the 3# "Throne of Fallen" is moderate. I believe the most important is the sinergy among the heroes and their classes and skills. Last time I beat it, I was playing with: 1) Tahlia, as Skirmisher; 2) Andira Runehand, as Bard; 3) Tinashi, as Shadow Walker; 4) Highmage Quellen, as Conjurer. It was my easiest playthrough. Of course, its all luck-dependant, but some combinations get best results. Often I did use Tinashi first, to use its basic ability and put the shadow familiar on a strategic position to increase the damage of other party members.. At last, Andira, putting her on the best place to enjoy the bard ability "dissonance" and her hero ability. So, if some monster activates near the group and within the range, he got 1 damage from the "dissonance", if he causes damage to a hero, he will suffer 1 damage from Andira 's hero ability. Thalia get 2 movement points after each killing, so she can move around without spending fatigue. Quellen often recover fatigue from his hero ability, making easy to conjure MIrror Images and use Channeling and Refraction. Well, its not a --- "Wow, what a perfect combinantion !" --- but... it worked fine.
  11. Thanks Omnislash and Zaltyre ! "Correct. He will recover just 1 heart, no fatigue( unless the other token is on song of mending as well) but he will not count as being revived- such as for rendiels abilities" Well said. So the phoenix pendant won't work too. Sad, indeed .
  12. Hi guys. Nice post. The "revive" action did bring several doubts during gameplay on our Descent nights. However, I fully agree with you both. But my friend, that plays as the Overlord, don't agree with me that the bard's ability "song of mending" works to revive a knockedout hero. Te ability restore 1 health to heroes within 3 spaces in the end of bard's turn, so if the knockedout hero is within this range, he heals too. So he will revive with 1 health and will get his two actions on his turn. Am I correct ? What do you guys think about ? I'm kind a newbie in Descent, so I would like to hear veterans opinions !
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