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  1. During my tri-weekly browse of all my LGS websites, Amazon, Ebay, Flea Markets, Pawn Shops, Antique Dealerships and Sewer System Black Market Fences in an attempt to find some Phase II Clones, I saw that Amazon.ca is taking pre-orders for them to be released on August 17th. They're going for ~$46CAD compared to ~$35CAD where they’re listed on my LGS sites. Whether or not this is old news, it's good to see that there is a reprint coming and hopefully this means some other scarce units will become available. I know people have been struggling to find Phase IIs, B2s, CW Core Sets and others. I'm glad to see that despite some major interruptions due to COVID that FFG seem to be rolling things out, the past month or so of releases and new news has reinvigorated my unhealthy addiction for FFG's Star Wars games.
  2. And they will come with 2 sets of models (one in flight mode, one in walker mode) like Droidekas. That way FFG can charge over a hundred bucks for it. The problem is that suckers like me will still buy it.
  3. For a CIS emplacement, if we do end up seeing Geonosians/Poggle this is an option. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/LR1K_sonic_cannon/Legends
  4. These are also good tools but legion HQ doesn't account for collection. https://legionhq.thefifthtrooper.com https://tabletopadmiral.com
  5. Well that's 2:52 I'll never get back. But I am glad I watched it all.
  6. Is there any reason to get the dial pack other than the pass tokens? I have a bucket full of command pucks and speed dials that I already don't need as well as turn tokens from the GCW core set.
  7. I'm super confused. Seeing as how this has gone to an Armada thread I'll bite. It just seems that you're all impatient to get a wave post core box. What was the first wave of Armada ships released? Oh that's right, literally the ships that were in the core box (Victory, CR-90, Nebulon-B) plus some (Assault Frigate Mk II, Gladiator) and squadrons (Squadrons I). What was the first wave of Legion boxes released? Oh that's right literally the models that were in the core box, omitting commanders (Rebel Troopers, AT-RT, Stormtroopers, 74-Z Speederbikes) plus some (AT-ST, T-47 Airspeeder) and squadrons... Wait no, no squadrons. But still. Hold the front door folks. They're gonna show up. If you feel the need to buy 3 core boxes to max out in the early going then that's fine, but don't start dumping on FFG because they can't format releases. You just need to be like 3 months of patient. It's not like there are any real tournaments to play in anyway.
  8. Wouldn't it be kind of cool if they perhaps release a Super Tactical box that has cards for different named characters that have slightly different quirks? You could do the same for clones commanders: Rex, Bly, Locke, Wolfee, Gree, etc...
  9. I mentioned this in another thread regarding Geonosians and Poggle the Lesser. Going further perhaps Wat Tambor and B2s. I think though that FFG would have to seriously consider giving entourage: corp units to the cheapest corp army in the game. Entourage shouldn't be handed out lightly. Can you imagine Darth Vader with Entourage: Stormtroopers, or Veers with Entourage: Snowtroopers, etc... It has a couple integral game mechanics tied to it that make it super powerful. The free orders are definitely one thing but ignoring force organization and getting extra squads is the breaker, ESPECIALLY if they are CIS corp units.
  10. Not so mush wish list as expectation but Geonosian's for CIS with perhaps Poggle the Lesser as a commander. He could have Entourage: Geonosians. They could have jump and maybe their base weapon could have blast. White defence with surges maybe, because they flit and dart around with wings.
  11. So, some may think this is crazy but if you go to a pet store or look on Amazon, I recommend aquarium/fish tank decorations. I bought a bunch of rocks and logs for a forest scheme. They were like $5-$10 CAD each, pre painted and looked the part. One of the better hacks I’ve found for wargame terrain.
  12. Now we just have to wait for more Phase IIs. 😓
  13. Ah yea, fair point, that probably settles it then. But even still, those six wounds are going to be a lot to chew through.
  14. At the very least, red defence die with surge defence and impervious is going to be a huge pain to bring down. Add to that two-wound models in Clan Wren that can potentially have 3 or 5 models; 6 or 10 wounds in it (Still not sure how that looks with the base guy, Ursa, Tristan and the two heavy slots? Or do Ursa and Tristan occupy those slots...) and you've got a seriously well defended unit. Given they can cap objectives and tie up units in melee you won't be able to ignore them like you may ignore a heavy/vehicle. Oh what's that? They're speed 3 as well? Guess I'll just go lose my flank to Tauns and Mandalorians.
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