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  1. Somewhat disappointing in this regard that a Corp unit Officer upgrade doesn't get to use it's RK-3/A-180 pistols. Especially for a closer range uint like Fleets or Flamer-Snows. Unless it does and I'm mistaken.
  2. You need any type of "non-acetone" spray paint. It's the Acetone that melts it. Home Depot or a similar type of large scale hardware store should have it.
  3. I've been building my own terrain for years for the likes of 40k, Fantasy, LOTR, D&D, etc... While being a decent builder, I've never been the best painter. As such I always find that my terrain lacks a certain authenticity on the battlefield. So I've been looking at some alternatives to try to add a positive layer to my gaming experience. So imagine, earlier today while out shopping with my girlfriend we passed the Petsmart (big box pet store in Canada, likely elsewhere too) and she wants to go see the cats, guinea pigs, etc... and I just stop in the aquarium decorations aisle. Full of rocks, cliffs, hills and buildings of all sorts. Painted and at a reasonable price. Don't tell me I won't be buying the half foot tall Buddha and using it as an "ancient Jedi monument". If you're stuck on terrain because you can't or don't want to build it and have a bit of discretionary cash, go to your local pet store or look online.
  4. Yes, he is definitely included in "the likes of".
  5. I like the idea of more Light Sabre wielding commander or operative units - Kanan, Ezra and Inquisitors - but I'd much rather see the likes of Ben Kenobi first.
  6. I picture him being more of an area denial unit and less of an "I'm Boba Fett, I just flew halfway across the board and flamered a whole unit of fleet troopers and now I'm out" type unit. That big gun with suppressive, next to say an E-Web will really lock down segments of a board.
  7. I think - and the feeling of the community seems to reflect this - that snipers are better suited to the strike teams and demo troopers are better in the squads. To get the most utility out of the charges you need to advance. If the demo trooper is in the strike team they will die very quickly, not good for moving forward as they most certainly will be targeted. On the reverse side, your sniper wants to sit at the back of the board plinking away at targets of opportunity and will likely spend most of the game out of range of likely everything but other snipers.
  8. Ah well, its a good thing that it is evident enough in the films that it didn't need a bonus features commentary... Oh wait.
  9. Yea. If you have no commanders on your list you can only select generic cards. So I tried adding the commanders (all of them individually) to see if their inclusion (and in turn the inclusion of their specific command cards) would alter the generic cards to include ambush and it did not. It did however lead me the double implacable glitch which is nice. But you've fixed the issue so no worries. Cheers.
  10. I'll have to take your word for the first bit. On the second, I was more referring to the seemingly disproportionate number of Ewok casualties in relation to the Imperial losses due to perceived Stormtrooper accuracy and efficiency. Although they did shoot Leia.
  11. In the Command Cards section when you go to Add Command, Ambush is unavailable in both the Rebel and Imperial factions. The only 1 pip card that you can select is 1 pip from the specialist boxes. I tried adding Commanders, then adding commands to no avail. Also when Darth Vader is selected Implacable shows up twice.
  12. As far as A New Hope goes, they were missing on purpose. They were allowed to escape as Leia so aptly points out so the Empire could track the Falcon back to Yavin. In The Empire Strikes Back we don't see too much of them fighting. On Bespin in Cloud City they're mostly trying to lure Luke into the carbonite chamber to be froze by daddy (This does not include the Snowtroopers that theoretically waste Echo Base on Hoth). In Return Of The Jedi however, I make no excuses for "A legion of [the Emperor's] finest troops," getting dusted by by a tribe of what I imagine Beanie Babies look like on LSD. In Rogue One they are pretty decent. Not monsters but not completely useless, but I think that is a technique used to outline how badass Death Troopers are (and Chirrut and Baze on Jhedda). In Rebels they make them look cartoonishly silly because its a kid's show I guess?. In more serious settings and situations where they're not "intending" to be useless, they are pretty good shots and I probably "trust" Obi-Wan Kenobi more than any character in the Star Wars universe. I'm also 100% positive FFG's design team did that as a little joke or easter egg, and they nailed it. In the more technical sense of game design it really helps with their shooting because white dice are junk.
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