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  1. How about missing 12 heroes from 1ed and hybrid classes;) ?
  2. Maybe you mean a "Golden Child" movie with E.Murphy , there was a woman with snake body.
  3. I don't own my 1ed set any more so I cannot check out info from the core boxes, but I remember those minis as one of the ugliest sculpts for 1edition minis, really new edition form Stewards of secrets is so much better sculpted . Wikipedia says some story about those here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nāga
  4. Bonds of the Wild got delivered to my local stores two months ago(seller told me that those are recent orders from FFG, and they have that box in stock), but on the "upcoming" it is on the boat since june Keeping that in mind- I think this boat is kind of galley, not very fast unless the drummer or the whip operating guy is in proper mood:D
  5. So there is so movement visible in "Upcoming" section for Descent. Maybe not all is lost:D
  6. #MeToo;) Well I find this "upcoming" list to be very seldom updated with correct data of manufacture process in terms of Descent expansions. Bonds of the wild H&M pack is on the boat for half a year now- maybe there is some cruise around the globe planned for that ship, dunno. There was notice of reprinting whole line of small and big boxed expansions and core box out of the blue just before xmass also- straight to "shipping now" status.
  7. I find FFG choices for new stuff&reprint production communication, as their PR policy rather confusing and not very reliable. Still they seem to got whole Descent core+small&large box exp. line freshly reprinted at the moment, and sadly whole single plastic stuff being unavailable for quite some time. Two days ago, previously not listed Trollfens is now shown as "in stores" along with other expansions. I hope that is a sign of some new content coming for Xmas, but my hopes are not great here:D
  8. Problem with the Quest Vault is that is very clumsy web based creator. It seems to be not supported anymore and hanged in Open Beta status forever. Chains that rust are missing from tile base. By adding this function with some tweaks to Road to legend app would be great addition, ofc with possibility to for example make random dungeons then tweak it by myself, or campaign creation tool I would proffer that over the Trials of Frostgate to be honest if available.
  9. Mists of Bilehall, there was no production run from FFG to make localized edition so release was postponed till FFG make new batch. Chains got released first with previous reprint around a year ago.
  10. Of course:) There are some glitches when it comes to localized version, so maybe there is more in the pipe than just new translation.
  11. Polish FFG Descent distributor-Galakta, claimed that they are currently working on RTL patch right now for Polish localization. So probably there is something going on- at least at the localisation level. They said they got some files to work on recently. And this week last missing box- Mists of Bilehall hit the shops here:)
  12. Red Scorpion and Eliam are already remade for Runebound expansions, also I think Landrec The Wise is shown on yet unreleased Heroes of Terinoth card game. I hope they will get those heroes remade for current edition. It would be awesome to get 3 more hero and monsters packs to contain them and to be able to use them in Road to Legend. Tobin Farslayer was one of most played 1ed heroes in my group, same was Hugo- and those two ware one of very few minis that actualy had nice looking sculpts, but no one ever touched Kirga as far as i can remember
  13. If there is any new edition, I hope rather for something like 2,5ed. and possible upgrade of 2ed stuff. Seriously I don't want to see anything like 1 ed to 2ed. Remade of all the minis again etc even if not all was done. It took me a while to paint most of that stuff:D Well- yesterday there was announcement made that Mists of Bilehall for localized Polish edition will finally hit the shops by the end of month or so(it was postponed for almost a year because of no production run made by FFG), that will conclude the expansion boxes released in Poland. Also there was a hint by Poland FFG distributor-Galata Games(and they claim they share only "confirmed" information because of the deal they have with FFG), that there will be a very big update for app localization files. No info about last wave of lieutenants and 4 or 5 of H&M packs that remain to be translated. So something is going on, but nothing really new. So IMO if they ware to ditch the IIed. there would be probably no move at all in the matter(as it was for ex. with Mansions of Madness 1ed for about two years).
  14. I hope your copy will come with good quality miniatures:)
  15. Thats kinda weird. Maybe they are not aware that the reprint was made- it was quite long in "out of stock" status.
  16. This was almost a year before the reprinting took place(jan2017). Reprinted boxes shipped around November 2017 as I can remember. I just googled it out, and there seems to be in stock in Canada as well. Maybe that local shop just run dry of it.
  17. It was reprinted by the end of 2017 as I can remember. It should be plenty of brand new stock for it. FFG list it as available to purchase, dunno if they ship to Canada. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/descent-journeys-in-the-dark-second-edition/products/shadow-of-nerekhall/
  18. Yeah, modeling knife, files and green stuff are your best friends here. But those SoN minis are really cheap/lousy looking, when compared to other H&M and expansion boxes stuff. Even mantic "Kings of plastic garbage"armies are better casted. This is the only expansion I find just plain ugly in terms of miniatures. Unfortunately I don't think there is a chance to avoid that, maybe I will try to fix them somehow or get some proxys for those two.
  19. Well- first production run had those two almost faceless, kinda melted, no noses, disfigured eyes etc. Thats why I look forward to the last printing- last LotW print run is very nice, very sharp details. Definitely better quality. Scale is of course smaller than H&M latest boxes.
  20. Thx:) I dunno what that means, maybe the (20)16 July 10th. Still those minis look a bit better than the ones I've seen. And well, Tinashi and Orkell have really ugly sculpts.
  21. Thanks TryFal, can you please check print date on the box? There is a bar code on the box right bottom side. There should be a production date as marked here:)
  22. I've not seen any photo of recent reprint minis from that box either. Reprint of LotW made on the same production run as SoN have a bit better casted monster minis(less mold lines and overall smoothness), sculpts are unchanged, but details are more crisp, especially on the softer tan colored dragon hybrids. Still the original print run of LotW was of nice quality, and it was fun to paint that stuff. LotW re-release is on par with Chains that Rust or recent H&M packs quality.
  23. Hi there Anyone got a recently reprinted (end od 2017) copy of SoN expansion? Does the quality of hero and monster miniatures improved over the "melted zombie face" heroes from the ones that ware present in first production run?
  24. Well ok, I do understand that. Good point. I prefer IIed for faster pace actually. For the exploration -I liked first edition of Doom over first Descent for that mechanics etc. Can't wait to check the new one.
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