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  1. yeah pics or it didnt happen lol. jk jk
  2. +1! Lots of people are still coming across the app! I for one just found it on the app store after browsing one day and decided to buy it to try it out. Been hooked and waiting for more. Hopefully they won't abbadon us!
  3. I was struggling to beat the Ithaqua campagin with over 50 attemps and still failing, and was just about to give up. I finally googled to find some strategies and came across this page! To date, I have been able to complete the campaign twice out of about 20 attempts! Like one member "Lugofather" posted and I quote, "Is it much rewarding feeling than beating Yig 1000's of times, isn't it?" - SO TRUE!!! I just thought I'd share back with the community what a summary of what helped me and hopefully it'll help those who are still struggling with this campagin too. To give credit where it's due, none of this I came up on my own, and all of it was from contributions from those who posted before me. I merely took the best tips from each post that I found and am consolidating it here. 1. I used a duo team of Jenny and Mcglen ONLY. (It blew my mind to find out throught he forum that I didn't need to use a whole team of 4 investigators!) a. Jenny is important because besides her overpowered skill for red and yellow dice, she has a high sanity of 6. Hence for missions that required sanity sacrifices, I used her. McGlen with his pathetic 3 sanity has caused me to fail a few playthroughs because I sometimes miscaluclated the sanity losses for the investigation. b. McGlen is important to roll skulls (which is extremely important to fight Ithaqua since you only need to roll skulls). But I also found him very useful to send on "terror" missions since he can easily change a single terror result rolled into a skull to negate the terror effect. 2. Cut your losses early. Although it took 20 attempts to win the Ithaqua campaign twice, majority of the attemps never lasted more than 4 or 5 turns each. I found that to beat the campagin, you need to have a perfect formula going for you from the start: a. Collecting lots of gear (duh). This would mean using as little of your inventory as possible at the start of the game until you accumulate at least 4-5 items per person. In other words, unless I get perfect rolls without using more than 1 inventory item for the first few turns, I immediately restart the campagin. Otherwise you'd find yourself surviving from one investigation loot to another, and eventually only being able to leave the museum with like a handfull of items. b. Having little no no doom counters. Those counters can add and stack up fast even at the museum, so if you find yourself at 4-5 doom counters at the 8th or 9th turn, with less than 10 supply, it's probably time to restart. c. Manageable monsters and investigations. Sometimes the game just f***s you up the a** and you start the game with 2 locked glyphs, 2 midnight terrors, and crappy loot rewards for the other investigations. Usually this would always mean a restart because you'd probably need to burn through your inventory items to move forward, and this would contradict with point (a.) above. 3. Let the museum burn to the ground. Eventually the museum will get overun, and if you've enough supplies (my benchmark is at least 13 supplies minimum), it's good to just stop investigating and spend your hard earned trophies at the giftshop purchasing more items - especially re-rolls and spells. Common items are great for Jenny too of course. Just make sure your doom counters permit you to shop leisurely otherwise you'd end up striking too many doom counters by the time you leave the museum and fail after 2-3 midnights out in the cold. Some tips: a. There's a game loophole that you can exploit. Leave the museum on last turn before the clock strikes midnight and you'll skip the midnight effect when you start! The clock will always start after midnight when you leave the museum. Hence those extra 3 turns you can spend investigating for more loot and supplies, or if it's overrun with monsters and insane investigations, just use the turns to spend trophies and heal up/gear up. b. Make sure you heal up before leaving. 4 trophies is nothing if you've been succesfully completing quests and collecting gear. You won't have time to heal up once you're out in the cold and rushing to collect elder signs. c. 15 supplies and 5 doom counters is the sweet spot. While I've managed to complete the campaign the second time with only 12 supplies when I left the museum, I got unlucky and lost my last 5 supplies at the last cabin, which subsequently killed Jenny. I got lucky and managed to gamble with McGlen and rolled a +5 supply afterward which was just barely enough to get me to Ithaqua's cave just before midnight and solo'd him down to win the close game (I was at 10 doom counters). It wouldn't be advisable to leave the museum with more than 5 doom counters as they stack up really fast when you're out in the cold. Might be better to cut losses and restart the game if you're too loaded on doom counters and have insufficient supplies. 4. Once you leave the museum, the priority on missions are: locked glyphs > midnight effects > Elder Signs > Kill monsters > loot. a. Locked Glyphs would stack against you very quickly, especially on missions that require terror to complete as only the green glyphs can roll terrors, while red glyphs would have to rely on the wild card roll. Hence always unlock glyphs first. b. Midnight effects in this campaign are ruthless, so take them out quickly otherwise you'll find yourself being unable to complete investigations and doom counters stacking at a rate of 2-3 per midnight making you lose the campaign in an instant. c. Sprint for Elder Signs. You shouln't even be looking at loot once your out of the museum. Focus must be on Elder Signs, and any loot that comes with it is a bonus. d. Kill monsters. Many monsters lock glyphs, and some add terrible midnight effects, so make sure to take them out quickly, EVEN if it means failing the investigation and taking some losses in stamina and health. 5. Other obsevation and tips: a. Re-rolls and magic glyph locks are a godsend to beat the Ithaqua campagin. Since Jenny especially benefits from this since she can convert one of them into red and yellow glyphs anytime means she doesn't need to really accumulate unique items and common items. b. Send McGlen for missions that have lots of skull requirements or terror missions with good payouts. This is because His skill provides some insurance to reduce the chance of getting a terror effect. He also can easily acquire peril glyphs so this means you can reroll glyphs to lock in other needs like lore's, terrors and high investigation numbers because there are higher chances to roll peril glyphs. Like Jenny, he benefits a lot from re-roll items, but he does need a good supply of red and yellow glyphs before leaving the museum. Do hope this will help others who are struggling! Sorry for the long post guys! Here's a potato (.
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