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  1. Hello: I have placed these questions on BGG, but maybe you could help me here. Here are my questions: 1) If I play the bluffing token during one of my turns, I do not play one of my Combat Tokens, do I keep that token to the next round? The rules say draw until each player has "a total of six tokens behind the screen." Therefore, does this unused Combat Token carry over to the next turn? Also, can one accumulate more than six Combat Tokens behind their screen? For instance the Lion player has a +2 on their bluff Combat Token. It is to their advantage to play the bluff Combat Token. Therefore, if they draw a 1 Combat Token and do not play it during the Placement Phase, are they allowed to draw a set of five Combat Tokens during the Draw Combat Token part of the Upkeep Phase? This would technically give them 6 tokens (and possibly more as the game progresses if they continually play their bluff token), plus their bluff Combat Token? 2) When one plays a Diplomacy token into a province being attacked by another player, does this the Diplomacy token negate all attacking Combat tokens including the Raid token? 3) How many Raid tokens does one get? In my copy of the game the Unicorn Clan has two. Thank you.
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