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  1. Could you please paste here the text about miners in that quest? I don't have that expansion with me
  2. Thanks for all your answers. And good point @Lightningclaw I agree that it is a little ambiguous and that the quest was not written so we could get a 100% confirmed answer without the intervention of the game developers. Still, I see that in every quest that a token is a figure the quest say: "Treat XXX as a hero figure" or "Treat XXX as a monster figure". Again having this one not saying so clearly as it does with Tyrus makes me think that they are not. Also, do we have any other example in Descent of figures which are not monster or hero figures? Because I cannot think of anyone although I have not played every expansion... Because if we assume that a figure can only be hero or monster figure in the game then refugees nor infected refugees are for sure none as it is not said in the quest.
  3. Sorry Lightningclaw but from where do you understand that they are figures? Because for example for Tyrus the quest reads "Tyrus is treated as a hero figure". So the token of tyrus is clearly a figure but for the refugees they do not say so, they just say that it blocks movement and LoS and that heroes can treat them as friendly figures. I understand that last part like a way to explain how heroes interact with them but not a confirmation that those tokens are considered figures because in that case I wouldn't understand why they don't just say "Refugees are treated as hero figures"... All the complex explanation they do is for me a way to actually confirm that they are not figures. That's my opinion but I would like to hear others.
  4. Hi experts, Regarding the refugees the quest Dead or Drowning reads: ... "Place 8 villager tokens as inclicated. These are refugees." ... "Refugees block movement and line of sight. Heroes treat refugees as friendly figures, and at the end of each overlord turn, the heroes may move each refugee up to 3 spaces. However, a refugee on a tile with I or more monsters cannot move." ... "Each time a figure enters a space containing a shortcut char is faceup, the figure gains 6 movement points and char shortcut is flipped faced own. At the scare of each overlord turn, flip each shortcut faceup. " The question is: can the refugees use the shortcuts? Or they are not considered figures to all effects and only for the heroes and monsters movement? The same would apply to infected refugees. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi experts, I am thinking that in some cases, it could be desirable for the OL to use blood rage on a monster to sacrifice it. Do you know if this could be done even if the monster cannot attack in that turn (e.g. a melee monster with nobody adjacent to it). Blood rage reads: " Play this card at the end of your turn and choose a monster. That monster immediately performs 2 attack actions, and is then defeated. " so it seems that the triggering is just end of the turn and chosing a monster. What do you think?
  6. Wow, sorry to hear that. Thanks again for your help! Anyway the game was last night and I allowed them as OL to do the affliction on the overpower (it was 4 against 1 so obviously I lost the discussion 😛 ) so we are not going to change the outcome now anyway. But thought it could help others in the future. Let's hope FFG put more attention on the game again soon. Maybe if they launch a new expansion or sth like that...
  7. Thank you Sadgit for your reply. I agree it can be interpreted in either way and that the game developers should clarify it. And do you know if FFG still answer our questions? Do you know what is the most effective channel to ask them? Because I tried recently asking questions using this: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ But never got answer after over 1 month... Thanks again!
  8. Thanks Rugal for your answer but just to be clear, this is the text of Overpower: Ability text: Overpower: Sir Alric Farrow performs a move action. Each time he moves into a space adjacent to a hero, Alric may test . If he passes, he may trade spaces with that hero and the hero suffers 1 . So although Overpower might not be a move action (I mean it is an Overpower action, but this is actually the main point of the discussion) it includes a moves action in its text. So the case is not exactly the same as other actions that says "move X spaces the figure" for e.g. like the hero charge that you mentioned. Again, my doubt come from the "when a monster declares a move action" text in the Affliction ability, as my understanding is that in this case the OL does not declares a move action, although the action that it declares includes one...
  9. I have tried using this page to ask questions about the rules: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ But after over a month I have gotten any answer. I was wondering, have you tried it too and got any answer? If so, how long do the normally take to answer? Thanks!
  10. Hi experts, We were playing Saradyn in Flames last night and got into this situation: Alric was hexer and got only 2 lives remained I wanted to activate Alric with Overpower ability to get next to Widow Tarhar who had Tyrus and attack her But heroes said that if I did that they could activate hexer Affliction ability and Alric would get the last 2 damages after moving 1 space. Affliction reads: " Exhaust this card when a hexed monster declares a move action and discard 1 hex token from that monster. That monster immediately suffers 1 damage. In addition, that monster suffers 1 additional damage for each space it moves during its activation. " The discusion comes from the "when a hexed monster declares a move action..." because as OL I was declaring an Overpower action, not a move action, but Overpower action includes a move action,,. So for us is not clear if Affliction only affects standards move action or also affect special actions that includes move actions. Again the issue come from the "declares"part of the ability, if it would have said "during a move action" I would have less doubt that it would apply. What do you think? Do we have anything in the FAQs that could help with this action declaration doubt? I mean, is declaring a special action that includes a move action the same in all effect as declaring a move action? Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes, you were doing sth wrong. You could not used Ettin in the first encounter as they are not water, wilderness nor building monster trait
  12. Zaltyre, actually I saved my first 2px to get Holy Power in the 3rd quest so I had only the basic Prayer of Healing of my disciple. Also dividing the group in 2 and 2 heroes I don't think is wise as we could get separated between elementals and goblins and he could manage to knock-out the closest 2 having both to stand up by themselves and entering in an undesired loop. And about having 2 familiars to attack they were the wolf and the reanimate what can only move 4 and 3 spaces respectively per turn (they cannot run) and melee attack, against the goblins and elemental who move 5 (more if they run) and attack range. Also as you know they don't resist normally more than 1 attack (reanimate no defence dice, wolf 1-gray but health 3) so need to be invoked every turn. In summary attacking with these familiars against monster with range attack without involving the heroes is impossible. It would have been very different with a geomancer (thousand times better than the negromancer). About Splig, the last thing the OL should want in this quest is getting Splig with the 2nd piece close to the heroes, unless they are knock-out. We weren't so long standoff actually, here we are explaining the encounter as we see it but what happened that night is that the OL saw the encounter impossible and made the offer of 4 thread tokens vs gauntlet quite soon, then considering that gained we attacked with everything even without curing ourselves, and although we didn't continue much the OL managed to knock-out 3 of us (not the one with the piece) and we leave it there accepting the offer. But with no offer in the table I really see this encounter as a really really long one. Of course is much faster when one side get the 2 pieces from the search tokens directly (normally the heroes as they have better access to 4 against 2 the OL) but that night we were very unlucky in all senses.
  13. Hi All, Actually I was one of the heroes in this exact game with ekator (the creator of the post) as our OL and I am not sure you see exactly why both sides tend to wait for the other: The OL almost had already all the cards (I think he was missing 4) so it was better for us to cure totally ourselves (I was disciple) and let him have all the cards and wait for him. His reinforcement was 2 goblins (if they were dead) at the exit miles away from where we were (21 spaces: I have counted them) and 1 elemental (if it was dead) in one of the corner. As you know the elemental are good attacking but does not resist much. In our group we have beastmaster and necromancer so we could block the way of the elemental if we want and even if he could manage to kill any of us only with one elemental he would not get the piece of the relic since only one goblin or Splig itself could get it. Another option was to get to the east were no elemental is reinforced and goblins still are very far. So in summary even with all his deck it was really difficult for him to get the piece without involving Splig what would mean that we could get his piece. We ended the quest (4am and we all were quite tired) accepting the offer of the OL what was he getting the 4 thread tokens (he is playing Ariad thread deck) and we the gauntlet. I agree this deal favor the heroes but since we lost the first quest we are now 1-1 in Act I so I think is good for the balance of the campaign. Also he and I agree that to the infinite is more likely the heroes win the quest than the OL (60/40 we say). Otherwise we would have kept one hero with the piece far away from the monsters (basically very far from the exit) and the other 3 + familiars fighting for the other piece what I admit it would have been tough but more likely than he getting goblins pass us, reaching and killing the 4th hero, getting the piece and getting back pass us again. And as said if he uses Splig to attack easier for us to get the 2nd piece. Also we could rotate this 4th hero so have always one fresh of health far from the monsters. And of course we all agree that someone has to do a move, the problem is that both side want the other to be that one
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