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  1. TLT should be small ship only and allow range 3 defense bonus for all secondary weapons.
  2. Nope. Rochester was won by Zerotc - Alan Fung running QD, Inq, OL.
  3. Ynot

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Thanks. I'm trying to see if I can implement some of the new stuff in my version but I'm limited in time right now. It has been a crappy year. My wife just lost her mother in September too so we are busy with getting things settled there too. Can't believe we both lost our mothers in the same year within 4 months.
  4. My son loves running PTL Pattern Analyzer Poe(ps9) with Black one, Autothrusters and R2D2 - expensive but effective. This made me immediately think of it for Kylo as soon as I saw the 2 turn being green which makes him even better. I'm going to like him a lot.
  5. Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer 35 Push the Limit 3 Fire-Control System 2 Pattern Analyzer 2 Autothrusters 2 Ship Total: 44 PTL Pattern Analyzer Kylo will be using PTL all the time without stress. Especially good since they showed the 2 turn is green in the preview article. The new Soontir.
  6. As you've been informed already you can just sign up and go to a regionals or Nationals,etc. The only reason I said I was going is because it gives you a first round bye and not going would waste the bye card. If I didn't plan on going I would have given the bye card to the #2 player at the tournament. My son also won an SC again this year so both of us get the first round bye at regionals.
  7. Denis goes in spurts when it comes to developing this thing. I haven't really done anything with it since my mother passed away in May. I've just been spending more time with family. Haven't been playing a lot of Xwing either but managed to squeeze time in to win an SC so I guess I'll be going to regionals. I will try to get in touch with Denis and see what his plans are.
  8. Dash Norra won an 80+ regional just this past regionals season against pre-nerf Defenders and Palp builds along with Pre-nerf Parattanni. Dash Miranda just finished 2nd at the 300+ person European Championships. BTW, Leebo Miranda won that tournament. I'd say that speaks for itself.
  9. Dash has never been under-rated. He has always been one of the strongest Rebel ships since the 2400 was released. Dash/Corran was strong for a long time. Dash/Norra is strong now. Dash/Miranda is strong now. Dash/Lothal is still pretty strong now. A pilot can't be under-rated when it is the main pilot/ship in so many meta builds.
  10. I thought the second icon was showing double crew - sorry - my bad. You would be correct that it would need an FAQ as folks will challenge it.
  11. Mentioning type would be redundant if there were no difference since Azmorigan is only for crew cards. Emperor Palpatine is a double crew card. The picture is what shows this.
  12. Answer is in your picture - "Upgrade card of the same type" - type is either single crew slot or double crew slot.
  13. Stress from Debris happens after Check Pilot Stress so you cannot avoid it even with a green maneuver. You'll get your K4 TL but Expertise will be blocked. Kanan crew is the only way to avoid that stress.
  14. Ynot

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    I haven't had much time to do anything with either but the plan is to work on the new one together as a single team. Some of you may remember that my mother was ill and in the hospital. Unfortunately she passed away on Mother's day so I haven't been feeling a whole lot like developing at the moment but plan to return to it soon.
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