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  1. Sorry for what feels clickbaity but just found a legion set with the release date of march 8th on Amazon.... https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Legion-Core-Set/dp/B076JNSDGL That feels about right. Has anyone else seen or heard about this being the date?
  2. I was thinking just this except with the comlink for the AT-ST and maybe just dropping one of the extra troopers from a squad
  3. This is my list would love to see how the match up would go Vader 200 force reflexes 15 saber throw 10 225 Stormtrooper 44 +1 trooper 11 + DLT trooper 24 79 x 4 316 Stormtrooper 44 44 AT-ST 195 195 Equals 780 In total trying to save some points for the AT-ST weapon (s) though I'll probably have to drop a trooper or something as well Quote Edit
  4. While vechilces are big and cool I'm much more looking forward to scout troopers with snipers, rebel commandos, death and shadow troopers. Alien specific units, Bothan infiltrators!?!
  5. I really hope that there will be. It won't be 40k hardback or anything but they should have a rule book like armada and x-wing do
  6. I would imagine so, at this point I'm not sure where those 44 points would be spent otherwise, and I figure they could just be on a random objective that will hopefully be tucked away safely
  7. But the speeders don't have the Armor keyword....
  8. Vader 200 force reflexes 15 saber throw 10 225 Stormtrooper 44 +1 trooper 11 + DLT trooper 24 79 x 4 316 Stormtrooper 44 44 AT-ST 195 195 Equals 780 In total trying to save some points for the AT-ST weapon (s) Would love any and all feedback.
  9. Yeah the empire has options for commanders, but they probably won't have the greatest damage output but will be great to deal out buffs or something.
  10. The upside is it has to stay mobile unlike 40k bikes but armor, Cover 1, and surge whites (2/6 chance?) seems like a lot espically with its big guns.
  11. I think Leia and Han will be commanders. Because Leia has already been confirmed and Han because of what you mentioned but I think characters like Chewy, R2, and Boba would fill in the specialist role or something. Granted with empires lack of noteable characters Boba may end up a commander.
  12. I was kind of hoping the T-47 wasn't going to get the armor keyword. That thing is going to be tough to bring down, white def with surge is ok. But it's the same def for the AT-ST which makes me feel like without more than one major impact weapon a list can very easily get over run with AtRT's and T-47's
  13. Now that we have a peak and a price point I ask the FFG age old questions 2 cores or a core and expansions? Are you going to be collecting both sides? Are the extra upgrade cards revealed worth it? I would love to see fresh discussion with this new light being shed, as well the 2 Heavys look amazing. For now I'm going to go the 2 core route because extra barricades rulers etc, as well grappling hooks and the jammer are cool and while both could be hand it also depends on builds per normal. My AT-RT is going to be more of the stand there and blow stuff up rather than trying to get in range 1 of something.
  14. I think they'll be able to avoid it because at this point only troopers (not sure if keyword or the unit type) can claim/hold objectives. At least i hope so, while id love to run a couple of at-st's with bikes on endor I'm hoping troops are too important for the objective stuff for them to be min maxed like 40k
  15. The minis are Knight Models and are 35 mm scale
  16. I would love any feedback and or thoughts. As of right now I am just planning on adding some rocks and flock for grass to the bases. I would like some better looking ladders going up, so if you have an example or thought please share.
  17. I'm going to be playing empire mostly because squashing rebels is too much fun to not, that being said. Vader will be a beast, I'm thinking saber throw and the exhaustible free dodge force powers. But in an 800 point game that is over 1/4 of your points. So yes you will have that one objective on lock down then that's kind of it, his double move puts him about where a single move for Luke would (from what people are guessing) I think an exhaustible force movement power that increases the models speed by 1 or to max for the turn is what he will need to be the death dealer we want. As for the rebel troopers getting focus fired. Yes the still can be espically if left out in the open. But the rewards for focus fire is usually being able to force an opponent to burn their tokens. While suppression will add up, morale is added up so five rebel troopers is 5 morale put them in light cover and that'll subtract 2 hits from say a five man squad of stormies that one a good day will hit 3 times maybe for with rerolls. And so on. Stormtroopers will be great when you can put them in cover and start aiming espically with their bigger gun, but I think the rebel troopers will be much more versitle in what they can do from turn to turn. Im excited to see how bikes will do. They have solid mobility and that front gun is great but I'm curious where they will land in their consistency of late game objective grabbing and their ability to get their front gun where it needs to be. The thing that makes me think rebels will really get away with core set victories espically at higher points is everything is cheaper, troopers and hq are both cheaper, the walker is cheaper than the bikes without equipment and I'll double check but I don't think even with the cannon that it goes over what the bikes cost.
  18. Here is my case for why rebels may/should dominate for at least when only the core is out. 1. Luke Has much more mobility over his Father and with it a built in light saber throw because his gun for some reason has pireceing. So he can go around picking off key units pretty well. And unless there is a mobility force cardVader just isn't scary enough for me. Luke can just get to where he needs to be easier. 2. Armor. The mini walkers have two ways of being brought down, Vader and rockets. Vader should be easy to avoid if the walker doesn't walk toward Vader and with its big blaster it seems like it'll be able to aim and shoot most of the game if you get it on a good vantage point which it can because it has the climbing ability. The rocket launcher is a weakness but the amount of shooting and having to take a reload action from the looks of it. Just doesn't seem worth damaging a walker. So maybe if there is a fast reload upgrade and the rocket launcher and regular troopers can shoot at different things, then maybe it's worth it but until armor gun platform is going to be hard to bring down. 3 Troopers? Too early to really say that rebels will outclass their stormtroopers counterparts. But I think they will have more versatility, there shooting has 1/8 more of a chance to hit than a trooper, but also 1/6 more of a chance at dying. Stormtroopers stay alive better by themselves, but almost have to aim to be able to be threatening. Rebels instead of relying on aim can dodge, over and over and over. So in addition to being naturally more punishing, they can also just dodge and be able to stay on an objective much more reliably because the might as well have cover 1 when they take a doge action so focus fire isn't nearly as effective.
  19. Hey if you are one of the lucky ones getting a demo of this game can you please take like a space marine or some of Knight models for side by side shots? As I'm beginning to make terrain I want to get to an appropriate scale. Or a ruler next to the models or barricades would be fantastic.
  20. Hey guys I have tried a couple of times to find a game on TTS with no luck. My steam user name is Nephlim817 if you are looking for a game leave your name so we can add each other and play!
  21. So, because there are not too many cards, and everyone only needs two max. I'm wondering how expensive the Iconic rares and legendarys will be and how cheap the commons will become. I'm hoping for a max around $5-$10 for dice cards and maybe a set of uncommons and commons costing around $20
  22. but those rares will be nice and cheap
  23. I think maybe right now its a bit too good without seeing any of the other cards because of the insane ramp potential in a deck with a lot of blue. However, a one or two cost event that destroys an equipment is sure to be coming because there are so many different equipment and it would never be a wasted spot in an event deck because if your opponent has a deck not too reliant on upgrades then you can just use it for reroll's.
  24. It's ok... I didn't want them all anyways
  25. So I'm starting to get worried how many legendaries will be in a booster box. Since the only have 36 boosters per box. 17 Legendaries in the first set and all sorts of different dice. You would need two boosters just to get a chance at having all of the dice. So where I was orginally going to just buy two boosters. might it be better to pick and choose singles..... It just isn't as much fun.
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