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  1. Hi, It appears that with Supreme Scathing Tirade (which allows you to use scathing tirade as a maneuver for 1 strain) a player would be able to use it three times in a round. It would cost a lot of strain but it still seems zany? I have found that when things in this system seem out of whack, I am often missing something. Thanks.
  2. Exactly, and some of us really want to try to emulate Jedi ideals, even in an imperfect galaxy.
  3. This stubborn misconception goes all the way back to WEG, and I'm now going to call it, "Devon's Lightsaber": "If you ignite a lightsaber in scene one, Darth Vader shows up and kills you in scene two." (posthumous apologies to Anton Chekhov). 1. As Kaosoe notes above, being "visited by the inquisitors" is the default foundation for a whole campaign in F&D, and paced appropriately. Even those who lack sabers may still die upon them (posthumous apologies to Prof. Tolkien). 2. The galaxy is an enormous place, and while the arms of the Empire may be long, they're also spread thin. One guy with a saber isn't going to bring Vader down upon him -- only existential threats (or opportunities) to Vader are going to bring Vader. 3. Even outside an F&D campaign, the system has a method of dealing with this -- it's called Obligation. It starts small and slowly ramps up. If a character really starts to make a name for himself, he should start accumulating Obligation (at least, in a EotE or AoR game) if this is a fairly unique situation (in a F&D game, probably already being pursued by Darth Javet (apologies to Victor Hugo), so not likely needed). Thank you for adding literary merit along with interesting points .
  4. Much like using a lightsaber it would seem that using the Move force power offensively would mean you either kill all witnesses or expect a visit from the folks who hunt down force users. Has anyone allowed the use of "thrown" weapons (throwing knives etc.) to be used as a way of allowing a player to use the force offensively without the knock on the door from Darth Vader etc. I was thinking something like Base 5 damage for 0 silhouette +1 damage (for being meant as a weapon as opposed to using Move to hit someone with a stapler +1 damage (maybe +1 pierce) for level of strength (Still need force points to activate and since if you weren't having to hide each level of strength adds 10 damage this doesn't seem out of line) +1 range (if I can use Move to hit you with a silhouette one stapler then it seems not out of line to think I could hit you at longer range with an aerodynamic weapon) Maybe linked at force level (this represents the ability of the user to move it around some once a person is hit and stabbed, since all weapons can now pretty easily get the linked attribute from Fly Casual this doesn't seem that out of line. so at early levels we are looking at a damage 6 medium range weapon with linked (which costs a lot of talent points to be able to use) at higher levels it could go up to a 9 damage pierce 4 linked (This would cost at least 70 talent points which could take you from 0 skill in rifle to close to 5 in rifle At this level of talent points spent you could throw a silhouette 4 (light freighter)that would do 40 points of damage to them if you weren't having to hide what you are doing so 9 points with some pierce doesn't seem that over done. The blades would have no hard points to modify and look like weapons so carrying them can still be an issue (just like a pistol) It seems like this isn't overbalancing and has a nice flavor to it. As I said in my other post, I am also aware that after listening to folks here I often realize I was wrong. Thanks.
  5. The standard campaign is set during the Rebellion Era. This is an era when drawing a lightsaber will get you a visit from the Inquisitors and Mr. Vader. Thus making 6 careers very problematic and potentially pretty useless. Are you allowed to use an Ancient Sword with some/any talents that require a lightsaber? What about a cortosis weapon? Would it be unbalancing to allow some Lightsaber talents to be used with brawl? (not reflecting shots back at someone etc, but some) Flavor wise this would give a character a nice Martial Arts feel and considering how powerful other melee weapons are not that unbalancing compared to a Maurader with a vibroaxe. it just seems like in most campaigns lightsabers are mostly useless because of the amount of Imperial Entanglements using one anywhere where you might be seen will bring down upon you. Is this part of the balance of the game "sure its a cool weapon and you can do cool things with it, but don't use it since it will get you seriously hunted down" This also seems problematic with balance for non Rebellion era games where having a lightsaber wasn't so obviously illegal. I have however learned that after reading the answers to questions like these I often change my mind about whether or not something is unbalancing.
  6. By that reasoning Coruscant itself would be plausible. Someone down in 1919 who keeps to himself could probably hide out for decades. There's actually some neat options here. Imagine a Jedi in a deep cover law enforcement assignment to break up an organized crime family when O66 went down. Instead of trying to run the risk trying to get offworld, he just keeps rolling with his cover, and eventually becomes the shadowy Kingpin of the 12th Ward. That was my background in a recent game. I liked the hiding among the shadows of the underworld idea.
  7. Overwhelm Emotion (from the Force Exile Tree) says that you can add force dice to rolls on certain social roles. Influence uses a different mechanic and says to make a Force Use Roll. Do they stack? If not it seems strange to have it on the tree and the power. Thoughts?
  8. I am realizing more and more that this dramatically increases the chances of a successful campaign. In my history of gaming this isn't something that we ever did, with the possible exception of "what are you running" and "who's running the healler.
  9. Not lessening it, it is still a great game with a great table of players. I was just not running a thug and it is much easier for the murderous types to turn most encounters into violence than for any other type to stop the violence from starting. Now that I have rewritten the character for combat I can participate. I think the problem is often players not knowing what to bring, in my case I was bringing a smile, plan and chat character to a gunfight, once I went back with a gun it all works.
  10. I think a lot has to do with expectations. For me Star Wars takes place in a setting that has some aspects of a civil society. I'm in a game now with 3 other players that has become a murder hobo game because of two players.I have edited this because my tone was sounding complainny and I really am enjoying the game and the table. The challenge was knowing to create a strongly combat oriented character. So I reworked my character to match their game and made him a thug, since that what they wanted to play and we are having fun. The part I may be a bit complainy about is how easy it is for combat oriented characters to make the game pretty much about combat.
  11. There seems to be something good about every 30. Staggered, 2nd attack, Upgrade to alls dice rolls.
  12. Thanks, I figured that was how it was, but there are so many many crits that have no value or effect against most NPC's. Sure Mongo the Axe's Gamorean mate may be upset that his Presence was destroyed during our fight when I rolled well over 100 on a crit, but it really won't effect the scene that I have with him.
  13. Hi everyone, I am writing up a character for a friend. She likes the idea of an artisan but has absolutely no interest in repairing starships. The GM has indicated that we will not be exploring starship combat and basically we will be flying at the speed of plot in the SS Maguffin. I am planning on substituting the two starship oriented talents that come up a could of times on the Artisan tree. One I am replacing with Utinni and the other with Gearhead, both of which seem basically useful and not overpowering. I don't want this to "break things" so I am posting this to ask two things. 1. Does this seem like an unfair trade? (Why I am not putting in Jury Rig or Tool Belt) 2. Do people have other suggestions for flavorful substitutions? Thanks
  14. Hello, I have two questions about criticals. 1. If soak is not penetrated and the person attacked does not take damage from the attack, can that person still suffer a critical? 2. How does your table work lethal blows? . If I have a talent that allows me to add 30 percentage roll of a critical hit, am I able to choose how to use it? a. Do I have to use the full 30 each time? b. Can I choose to add 15 points and not the full 30? I have a concept of a knife fighter that uses a very small knife like an artist. Thanks for any answers and opinions.
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