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  1. A different way to proxy Rebel Captive....

    Seeing the Lego rebel pilot made me laugh well done on creativity haha.
  2. I really enjoyed the report I wish it wasn't quite so fast and had a few more pop ups but I can't complain because I can't do that kind of stuff. The imperial force was an interesting choice of ships I probably would have flown cheep ties with the decimator but it paid off in the end I was surprised because the rebels out numbered the imperials with ships. Hopefully you do more reports in the future

    The AT AT and ATST are bloody cool I so need some of them. The green squadron A wing looks great blend in well with the common paint scheme of the A wings which is great
  4. Z-95 repaints

    The yellow head hunter looks great I might try something like that in my head hunters
  5. Moving Ice Squadron to this forum

    Your imperial assault looks great I hope when I get the game mine will look as good. I love the idea of Ice squadron all the ships tied in with a common colour scheme they look great I wanted to do a similar thing with yellow.
  6. Vent's Stuff...

    Jyn looks good I was hoping to get imperial assault soon why are the game peices hard to paint? But on the topic of your A Wing looks good the weathering has worked well