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  1. #freePGS But seriously ficklegreendice and hobojesus are great. My first experience on this forum was arguing with hobo about if the rebels were like ISIS or not.
  2. He's more like rebel autothrusters or x7. A blanket fix for the general averageness of rebel ships.
  3. 24, which seems to be a bit young for an x wing player. Most people my age play warmachine around here.
  4. First and foremost I'm a wargamer, around the end of 2014 I was looking for something new, not liking the direction 40k was going and needing something else other than dystopian wars to play. It was either going to be x wing or bolt action. I'm more into historical games than Sci fi but the historical community here in nz is like three times my age and then some. I like joking and having a good time while playing but most ww2 gamers are so **** serious. So I got x wing because I could close my eyes and pretend it was mustangs and 109s. Turns out most x wing players are old dudes as well but they're a pretty cool bunch. Star wars is pretty cool too, but I prefer the old Republic era to the gcw.
  5. The admiral we can see in the interdictor picture (who is probably an officer upgrade) is quite possibly Bron Titus from Star Wars rebels, the guy was commanding an interdictor after all.
  6. I'd love to see a rebel soontir fel, if only to watch the collective aneurysm the imperial fanboys here would inevitably have.
  7. SirEmilCrane


    8pm here in NZ So if we're all here, does anyone else have the worst luck with Poe? Every time I use him he goes down in around.
  8. In the world of ps11 vaders and ps9 soontirs and whispers flying dash well can be a real challenge. It's literally all about predicting where your opponent will end up so you can avoid an imperial ace getting in your donut hole or deliberately going slow and trying for the block. There's a lot more to dash than "1 bank, barrel roll, boost" and you need to get creative if you want to hang with palp aces and the like.
  9. Well the first step is strictly enforcing the convoy system and using escorts equipped with sonar to track and destroy u boats, against "wolfpacks" however generally you want aerial cover to spot them forming up, radar helps here. Once spotted escort carriers and destroyers with hedgehog depth charge mortars did a number on the u boats. Oh you mean in x wing? Well they're large base ships with arcs so good asteroid placement can make their life difficult. Arc dodging is harder than it looks, anyone who has fought bro bots knows how big that arc actually is. I wonder if b wings will come back in vogue as it might require all three to bring down a single b wing in the initial joust depending on dice.
  10. You know who is going to be food for boba? Y wings. Nice nerf to the stress bot, also rebel players are going to have to be careful not to let your shields drop to zero or you might have your regen shot off. Imps don't mind as much because they focus on not getting hit in the first place, however the decimatior is looking like a much less safe place to hide important crew
  11. Yeah you can only PTL actions in your bar, but your first action can be anything so feel free to drop a mine first then ptl for whatever.
  12. Pssh... Richtofen is a chump, only 80 kills? 352 is the current record Actually Richtofen is pretty **** awesome considering he got those in a ww1 plane.
  13. Is that a hammerhead cruiser? From KOTOR? Holy **** that's awesome, the more kotor we get the better.
  14. Systems represents advanced technology not normally seen in line fighters, theres nothing particularly advanced about the t70 or tie/fo in their own time, they're just newer compared to other ships in the game so they have tech to represent the changes in tech over 30 years. Advanced ships from their own time would have tech and systems.
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