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  1. I am going to copy the following anecdote that my brother posted earlier today: 'A few years back, I took my son to a run down comic convention, to meet one of my favorite actors of all time- Peter Mayhew, the Mighty Chewbacca! When we finally got to meet him, my son said “What happened to your fur?” Without missing a beat, Peter said “Why I had to shave little boy!” We got a few autographs, and he even let us take a picture free of charge- What a great guy...sad to hear he just passed away...RIP Chewbacca - you will always be revered in our household! May the Force Be With You on your journey to the other side!'
  2. I actually had this conversation with my friend yesterday. He was discussing how his local Warmachine scene has dried up and he feels the game is close to dying and that makes him no longer excited to play. That led to us talking about Imperial Assault, and how I didn't have the same concerns. I explained that I had had a mindset shift now that I've backed a couple of kickstarter games like Conan where there will be no ongoing retail releases but the community continues to crank out new scenarios for play. I play the **** out of that game and it doesn't bother me that I won't have more figures - I already have plenty. The same goes for Imperial Assault - there will be fan created content like new campaigns and skirmish maps, and some will no doubt be excellent. I look forward to playing them all.
  3. Ah yes, he was the closest. He was performing rear guard action. The Hired Guns were placed at the top right green deployment point in an attempt to herd them away from the red terminal as they stormed the bunker to destroy the grey terminals. He activated first after I deployed them and fired at them before they activated so they never got the chance to advance and block the way back as I had initially intended. Great thing to point out though!
  4. Okay, I am back with a new single mission run-through. I had three new players (well, two completely new and one who only knows skirmish) want to try campaign style play, so today I ran them through Brute Force (my new go-to favorite for this) at 0XP/2 Threat. The players chose heroes while I set up the map. I sorted the heroes by role (support, Jedi, sniper, etc.) so they would have some idea of what they were about. They chose Gaarkhan, Loku, and Diala, and then picked MHD-19 as a hero for them all to share. The person who picked Loku said he was excited to play a sniper until he came over and saw how small the map was... I gave them the mission details and they balked at hearing they only had 5 turns and asked for a bonus turn since they were new, which I agreed to. As it turns out, they were super close to winning on turn five but a bad damage roll on the last grey terminal by the second-to-last hero to activate meant the last hero to activate moved away from the red terminal to shoot the grey one and finish it off. When they learned that now they had to head back to and interact with the red terminal, they realized how close they had been to winning that turn. It was seriously down to one die roll that they lost. Then they reminded me about that bonus turn I promised them... So, yeah, they activated the beacon and survived the extra turn, allowing a Rebel victory. All the players were happy and excited, so it's a win for me because they all want to play again. Rebel Highlights: 1) Gaarkhan was wounded for 4 damage by a focused elite Stormtrooper. He then used his own focused attack to smash that trooper into paste in one hit. 2) MHD healed allies for something like 15 damage over the course of the game. He also picked up a stun grenade from a crate that he was able to catch 4 Imperials in the blast due to the small map. 3) Loku gets a bad rep, but he may be MVP this game. With zero XP and only starting weapons, the Recon Token was such an important factor in helping the Rebels kill Imperials, not just the tougher ones like the Elite Stormtroopers, Elite Probe Droid, and Nexu, but even lesser enemies. Picking a sniper seemed like a mistake when he saw the board but wound up working out really well when he kept killing Hired Guns at crazy range and their parting shots missed because they couldn't reach him back. 4) Diala was a Dodging machine. She only had one wound left for the last two rounds and I threw everything I could at her, but SHE JUST KEPT DODGING! It was actually pretty amazing and produced several chains of cheers and high-fives around the table. 5) Everyone was sad when I killed one of the Wookie Warriors, but when I dropped the elite card on the table and they realized all it did was make the other one angrier, they thought that was awesome. Imperial Highlights: 1) I finally remembered to focus my elite Stormtroopers when one dies! 2) I forgot to use my Imperial Class card all game! (Not that it mattered, it was Precision Training, I remembered to use the rerolls on the troopers and elite droid, and my dice were hot anyway.) 3) The Hired Guns were hilarious. Missing at range 3, channeling their best Greedo impersonations! 4) The heroes all moved away from the first probe droid when it went so they would be out of Self-Destruct range. But then the Imperial Officer, activating near the end of the turn, ordered the probe droid to fly up and behind the heroes, allowing me to sacrifice the droid to hit multiple heroes for 2 damage. This was a sneaky but effective move and I'm shocked I've never done it before. It was nice to learn a new trick! 5) The look on their faces when I dropped the E-Web, and when I dropped the additional forces when the door opened... priceless! So yeah, this went well, and we may start Twin Shadows now using the same heroes!
  5. This is exactly why I am worried about Monolith's new Batman iteration of the Conan game Mechanics - they added two new dice with incredibly swingy results. It seems to be going from more of a resource-management American-European game hybrid to more of an American-style purely swingy-dice based mechanic. Which doesn't mean I didn't throw my money at them - it just means I will try the new version of the rules out before investing in any new versions. This house-rule seems way too close to a mechanic I am already skeptical of...
  6. I have always wanted Scout Troopers and Speeder Bikes, and have accepted that whenever they come, Ewoks will probably join them. I am ready for this.
  7. Ultimate spoiling is a clever idea, but incredibly game changing. It may not be a balanced way of dealing with an unbalanced card.
  8. Just downloaded this to my phone. This looks amazing and I can't wait to try it!
  9. Thanks doktor grym! That's a heck of a comprehensive write-up! Since this campaign is with new players who either don't know the game at all or have only played skirmish, I luckily won't need to worry about things like them anticipating my picks and working to offset them. You make a great point about sacrificing units if it will allow a needed card to trigger in order to force the opportunity to use it - I'm going to keep that in mind.
  10. That's a great idea for a teaching mission! I like running Twin Shadows for that reason - that moment Boba Fett shows up for Han gets such a great reaction from the players. I never thought of suddenly having an ally show up to help them out, but I'm going to remember that for my next game with new players.
  11. I came home from work with a craving for Imperial Assault, so I played solo, right hand vs. left hand style, and had a blast. The Imperial Entanglements mission is a keeper! It's essentially just capture the flag, campaign style. Basically, there are terminals at both ends of a long narrow map, and each side needs to retrieve something from the opposite terminal and bring it back to their terminal. I didn't bother with the 0 XP level and went right ahead with the same heroes and purchases I had done for the IG-88 mission (Twin Shadows setup, Biv, Davith, Mak, and Murne with the same gear and class card purchases as last time). The only change-up was Lando instead of the Alliance Smuggler to make it a legal list. What a close game! In the end, both Han and Lando were killed and every hero except Biv was wounded. At the top of turn 9 Biv sprinted the token to the terminal for the win. The token kept changing hands as the Imperials wounded whoever held it. It was really a fun and perfectly balanced game. I won't even try at 0XP as the 3-xp 1600 credits Twin Shadows setup worked so well that I wouldn't even bother trying at another level. I have to say that I thought that the lack of a turn limit would favor the Rebels, but that wasn't the case at all. This is probably my last game session post for a while. My friend is visiting from out of state in April and if we get a chance I hope to run him through Brute Force as a learning mission. I am going to pack up my travel box to prep for running that, and a second box for running a skirmish map, and put the other boxes away for now. I wish everyone well in their one-off campaign play experiments and look forward to hearing how it goes for you!
  12. Ha! That's what I get for choosing to do this at 1:30 in the morning. I was done with the Precious Cargo/Alliance Smuggler map so I just grabbed my pile of mission sheets and skimmed through the bottoms looking for maps that mostly used the same tiles, and this one did. It never occurred to me it was an agenda mission, but if I was more awake I probably would have realized it. Thanks for pointing that out. I also didn't read the Company of Heroes card carefully and forgot it only applied to unique heroes. Truthfully I was also just lazy and didn't want to go dig out another figure when I already had the smuggler sitting right there from his own mission, so I didn't look very hard. I've noticed that the tiles used in Binary Revolution are almost exactly the same as those used for Imperial Entanglements, so I set that map up and hope to try that one if I get the chance. If I try it solo again I'll just use the same heroes, but this time I'll dig out Lando to make it legal. Lando and Han, side by side, sounds like a fun time to me!
  13. Man, I am a glutton for punishment. I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and set up the board to play by myself, left hand vs. right hand style. I used Binary Revolution, from the IG-88 pack. It is a simple map and a simple mission. Destroy IG-88 and his two copies before the end of turn 6. The randomly drawn heroes were Biv, Davith, Mak, and Murne. Wow, what a difference some XP and gear makes. At 0 XP and credits, the heroes were slaughtered by turn 4. They simply had no way to mitigate the black die plus 1 block defense on three IG-88s and no way to handle point blank 2-red die attacks. They only managed to take out one copy before they went down. I actually forgot to use the Imperial class card the entire game, but I didn't need it. With the Twin Shadows setup, the slaughter went the other way, and the heroes decimated the board by the middle of turn 4. This time, Davith had Pierce 3 and reach on his lightsaber, Biv had +1 damage and pierce 1 on Up Close and Personal from his Vibrobayonet and a modded DL-44, Mak was consistently focused and moving 4 spaces away for an easy Pierce 2 with improved damage (even with his starting weapon), and Murne basically shot enemies into better positions and took strain off allies. She also brought along the Elite Alliance Smuggler for free, and he kept stunning IG-88 to stop assault. One highlight was positioning. Murne would push a stunned IG-88 so he wasn't adjacent to anyone and the closest target was Davith at 2 spaces away, who was always hidden. This meant no two red dice attacks because they would auto-miss, which resulted in a lot less damage being dealt to the heroes. Plus by staying more than 3 spaces away, it meant relentless wasn't triggering, and that was a source of a lot of the pain in the first attempt. It's possible that this slaughter was only possible due to a lucky draw of the right heroes and gear for the job, but I'm not sure. Diala would have been removing defense dice, and even Loku would have been useful since there are three high-health priority targets and his tokens would have offset their auto +1 block, and that's at 0 XP for those heroes. At 3 XP, Saska could have gotten her +2 damage vs. Droids card and Jyn would be stunning him as he activates. So I think other heroes would have been just as effective in this mission. I also don't think scaling up would have made a difference. You win once those three targets are dead, so you are going to focus fire on them, and IG-88's health the the only thing that scales at higher threat. If anything, they would only be easier to take out as you leveled up. I'm not sure what the most balanced XP level would be for this mission.
  14. Okay, to round out this experiment, I ran the Brute Force mission twice with the second group of heroes (Diala, Mak, Jyn, and MHD-19). At 0 XP, the heroes crushed it. They won in turn 4, and even had time to grab two crates as extra booty. Mak and Jyn where wounded and one of the Wookies was close to death, but it wasn't a close game. The Wookies themselves did most of the work. The heroes were too weak to deal with the Elite Stormtroopers and failed to one-shot terminals, but the Wookies were cleaving damage around like crazy and the Imperials had no figures left to activate. It was, however, a lot of fun. It also was an incredibly fast game. It only took an hour, probably due to a combination of mission familiarity and already having the tiles connected from earlier. Using the Twin Shadows setup (3xp, etc.), this was a much closer mission, and took about the same amount of time to play. The heroes won, but they needed every single activation in turn 5 to go perfectly in order to do so. In fact, early on it didn't look good for them at all, and I thought for sure they would lose early, but they rallied and came back. Abilities and gear were key here, and the extra point of threat made a huge difference as well. In the end, 3 of the 4 heroes were wounded, but MHD had healed up a near-death Wookie warrior so the alternate win condition wasn't really feasible anymore. A really enjoyable down-to-the-wire game. My winter break is over, and I am back to work tomorrow, so my days of prolific gaming are done and I won't be able to continue this experiment for a while. For now, my verdict is to use the Twin Shadows setup to run these one-off side missions as that seems to result in the best balance without it being overwhelming for the players to remember which abilities they currently have access to. I also really liked the random drawing of heroes, and I left the heroes from the first games out of the drawing for the second so they wouldn't be re-used. I think it is okay to pick hero abilities and gear after mission setup so they aren't going in blind. It's not fun to waste XP on something like abilities that affect attribute tests when there are no attribute tests in the mission. Regarding the missions, I highly recommend Brute Force as a simple mission for a one-off session where you don't want to think too hard and there are no consequences when you lose. Set out the beer and pretzels and just have fun!
  15. Just finished two one-off games playing Precious Cargo, the Alliance Smuggler campaign mission. This time the Imperial class deck was Military Might, and the Rebel heroes were Diala, Mak, Jyn, and MHD-19. Unlike the games playing the Brute Force mission that had stayed competitive and close at both the 0 XP and 3 XP levels, the games playing Precious Cargo swung wildly. At 0 XP, the heroes weren't even close to winning. Having played it out to see, even if they had an extra turn, it wouldn't have been enough. On the other hand, playing again with 3 XP with 1600 credits of gear, they won at the very beginning of the final turn, and would have easily won a turn earlier except that a wounded Diala was a couple squares short and maxed on strain (everyone else was already there and just waiting for her). The Imperials did almost win by wounding everyone, though. Mak was the only one unwounded, and he was down 5 of his 10 health. The Alliance Smuggler was still alive, but only barely, and unlike the Wookie Warriors mission, his death isn't required for an Imperial victory. So overall, playing at 3 XP felt far more balanced. Some highlights and observations: This time it was Diala instead of Davith dodging everything. Literally dodged four attacks in a row. It's like the white die knows when a Jedi is rolling. In the 0 XP game no one failed a Might test to pick up any caches. In the 3 XP game Diala did fail one, even with the extra blue die from Force Adept, but had the strain available to re-roll it (also granted by Force Adept). I really thought requiring Might attribute tests would have had a greater impact, considering how bad most of these particular heroes are at them. The hero skills made a huge difference due to action economy. There are 5 doors to open and a minimum of 4 attribute test interactions, plus you need to be constantly moving as well as whittling down enemy forces, and you are losing actions to Bleed from the Trandoshans and Stun from the Officer. With 0 XP this is unlikely to happen. At 3 XP, Mak had Expertise to basically open doors and grab caches for free, MHD and Jyn had Fuel Injection and Quick as a Whip for free movement each turn, and MHD's Bacta Injector removed negative conditions without eating up actions. They effectively completed the mission two and a half turns earlier thanks to these abilities. Overall, I thought this mission would be like a dungeon crawl, where you kick open the door to the next room and see what orcs and bugbears (or in this case scum and Imperials) are waiting for you. Instead, it felt like a fetch quest with a frantic sprint to the end, running past enemies instead of fighting them. The Wookie mission was a lot more fun. I want to run this team through that mission and see what happens. Luckily, the two missions don't require overlapping tiles, and I still have the other map set up...
  16. So I played Brute Force (the Wookie Warriors mission) twice yesterday as a single mission. I wanted to see how it balanced at different escalation levels. If you don't have it, this is a very straightforward mission where you and the Wookie Warriors assault an Imperial base, smash 5 terminals, and then the mission progresses and (I don't know how to hide spoilers, so I'll just say you have one extra condition added to win). You have 5 turns and the Imperial player can win by wounding everyone and taking out both Wookie Warriors. It's actually very similar to Aftermath, and is also on a very small map. It's a nice straightforward mission for a standalone night where you don't want to think too hard. For heroes, I randomly shuffled the cards without looking and picked Gaarkhan, Davith, Saska, and Biv. Probably not considered to be the strongest group, but two melee and two ranged was a good draw. The Imperial class deck was Precision training. The first play-through was at 2 Threat with 0 XP and Influence. It was basically as if you were playing this instead of Aftermath to start the campaign (which you totally could do if you are bored with Aftermath). The heroes won on turn 5 in the nick of time. Only Saska was wounded and one Wookie killed, but the imperial made it a close game by blocking LOS to target terminals and forcing figure removal. It was fun and I think well balanced, although I could see how a different hero like Fenn being there may have made it less balanced due to LOS being easy to draw to most of the spawn points. With only 2 threat a turn, it was a bit tough to bring in more troops. Also, the Nexu was killed twice before it got to do anything. The second play-through used the Twin Shadows setup rules (3 Threat, 3 XP, 400 credits per hero, no Influence). The purchases were: Imperial: Assassins (3XP, ignore figures when drawing LOS and exhaust to reroll any/all attack dice) Gaarkhan: Rampage, Extended Haft to give his starting weapon reach Davith: Shrouded Lightsaber (3XP) with Balanced Hilt, Combat Coat Saska: DL-44, Tool Kit (1XP), Strutural Weakness (2XP) Biv: Vibrobayonet (3XP) This was a much closer game. Although the Rebels once again won on Turn 5, this time Davith, Saska, and Biv were wounded, 1 Wookie Warrior was killed, the other had 7 damage (of 13 health) and Gaarkhan has 5 damage and full strain (out of 14 health). So the Imperial almost won by wounding and killing the rebels. Here are some highlights: Saska buying Structural Weakness was very meta given the goal of destroying 5 terminals. She was supposed to be the group's terminal assassin while others worried about Imperial troops. However, her dice were terrible and she consistently rolled the worst result of 2 damage. With +2 damage from Structural Weakness and -1 from the Terminal's armor this meant that we wound up with 3 terminals with 1 health left. In the first game, there was only 1 terminal that wasn't one-shot. This game only 1 terminal was one-shot and the rest took two attacks to take out. That simple +1 health from the Threat increase made a huge difference. Gaarkhan with reach and Rampage is great. At first I thought it was counter-intuitive to have reach when Ramage only damages adjacent targets, but the 2 Cleave from the Wookie Warriors left so many stormtroopers and officers on 1 health that Gaarkhan could hit his true target while also positioning himself to finish off some wounded enemies as well. It also worked well on this small map as the Imperial forces really couldn't spread out that much. Davith was insanely survivable. Hidden was far more effective than I could ever have imagined. He was surrounded by 5 enemies and three missed from 1 or 2 spaces away due to bad accuracy rolls, and the shots that did reach him were often dodged. He avoided at least 7 attacks that could have killed him off, and just kept resting to offset those that did. The extra health from the Combat Coat saved him a few times too. He drew way more fire than should have been allocated to him, but at that point Saska and Biv were already wounded and the two remaining wookies were too far for these enemies to chase after. Davith did finally get wounded from concentrated fire on the last round, but it was more of a "I'll wound this SOB even if it's the last thing I do!" type of moment because the Rebels just had to survive the round at that point. Biv's Vibrobayonet was the right first purchase. However, once he got wounded he is just so dang slow and has no strain to both move and use it. There was, however, a great moment where it seemed he wouldn't be able to do much, so he shot a damaged terminal and killed it while also rolling two surges which allowed him to remove his remaining strain to move to an enemy figure and gut him with Close and Personal. It was a surprisingly effective activation that I didn't see coming. Probe Droids and E-Webs with Assassin are very good, and make for priority targets. The E-web dealt 10 points of damage to a Wookie Warrior in a single activation. Remembering to focus an elite Stormtrooper when one dies is a real pain. It kept getting figured out retroactively. I've seen Hired Guns be useful in the past, but in this mission they must have been dropouts from the Greedo school of shooting. I don't think they hit a single thing all game, and Davith was basically laughing at them. Apparently there were two things that I think are supposed to be surprises but never impacted us. There is an event that only occurs if you do something by a certain turn and that never happened (and seems unlikely to), and when the terminals are destroyed and the final objective revealed I think it was supposed to be a bigger deal than it was, but in both games we had characters bogged down from combat who were in position to fulfill that objective immediately without needing to adjust for it. This is more a comment on the scenario design, which I think overall is very solid and a lot of fun. So the original plan was to keep going with the same heroes and mission to test the viability of one-off missions at each tier. However, I need a change of pace. I think I am going to switch to the Alliance Smuggler mission with new heroes but run that through the first two tiers again and see how that goes. So far, I have to say both tiers I tried felt balanced and fun, so I'll see if I have a preference after the next round.
  17. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely use the idea of keeping cards with the deployment cards I want to use them on. In the last campaign I wasn't hoarding cards on purpose, I just kept forgetting the timing on them or the timing triggers never happened, so they stuck around. The only card I purposefully held back using was Tactical Maneuvering because I knew that in the last mission I would want to be able to have my Heavy Stormtroopers be able to chase after the retreating Rebels or get in their escape path. I think the real problem was the way I tried to organize them mixed in with my class cards (attachments, action effects, exhaust effects, deplete effects) wound up confusing me more because I didn't organize them by when they happened. A better way for me would probably be a pile that is used when deploying cards, a pile that is used during attacks, a pile that has end of round effects, and a pile with special timing triggers like a wounded hero.
  18. After playing a Twin Shadows Campaign as the Imperial Player last year, I found that by the last mission I was flooded with too many cards in front of me and it actually cost me the campaign because I overlooked a card that would have let me win. I'm not good at remembering rare timing triggers, and I wound up with a lot of missed opportunities. I have a new Twin Shadows campaign coming up with new players who have never played before, so this time I want to be smarter about card choice. I may do a separate post about my class deck decision-making, but for this edition of "Thinking Out Loud", I'm going to go through my thought process on selecting Agenda sets for this campaign. I have two primary goals for my Agenda deck: I want to choose Agenda cards that I'm not going to forget to use and that have simple timing requirements. I want to avoid card clutter in front of me. I don't want to ruin the experience of new players, so I am looking for fun or interesting cards, not "gotcha sucker!" cards that will frustrate them. First, I wanted to know how many Agenda cards I'll even wind up buying. I feel like last time I had several cards in front of me, but I think that was because I saved all the Agenda cards for the last mission and bought a ton of low-XP class cards. So I listed out the possible Influence earnings: Twin Shadows Agenda Earnings: Lose/Win Pre-Campaign Steps: No starting Influence After Mission 1: Hunted Down: 1/1 After Mission 2: Past Life Enemies/Shady Dealings: 1/3 After Mission 3: Canyon Run: 1/3 That's not much, just 3 to 7 points total over the course of the entire campaign. Which also means card cost can become an issue. After selecting my six agenda sets, I wound up with the following: A 15 card Agenda Deck (after the mission cards are removed) 9 cards that cost 2 Influence 6 cards that cost 1 Influence, but 4 of them can be shuffled back into the Agenda deck when used That means it is entirely possible that I could draw 4 cards after Hunted Down that cost 2 Influence and be unable to buy any of them. However, cost and card draw were not my primary concerns, so I have to just accept that as a possible risk and move on. Here are the six Agenda Sets I choose for this campaign: IMPERIAL SECURITY BUREAU: (Core Set) Internal Affairs: 1 Inf, Play in play area, Add 1 Regular Imperial Officer to my hand after setup. This is a nice card because it gives me more options but doesn't directly impact play, and I don't have to pay attention to it after the game starts. ISB Enforcers: 2 Inf, Secret, Attach to a Stormtrooper group you deploy to allow them to make multiple attacks. Discard at the end of the mission or when that group is defeated. This is a perfect card for me because it acts like a a one-time attachment. I am used to attachments from playing skirmish, and I can easily keep track of those. Imperial Operative: 1 Inf, Secret, Attach to an Imperial Officer you deploy to grant +1 speed, +3 health, and auto-Focus. Discard at the end of the mission or when that figure is defeated. Just like the previous card, this is a one-off attachment card that will be easy for me to use. Also, I can't wait to drop an Officer and be like, "This is no ordinary officer. This is Grand Moff Tarkin's nephew, Bob. You must be doing something right if the Empire sent Bob after you!" Overall: A+! This is exactly the type of Agenda I was looking for. No mission cards makes it perfect for a Twin Shadows campaign (since those cards get tossed anyway). These are nice cards that provide some variety for play but give players time to react to them when used. IMPERIAL DISCIPLINE: (Core Set) Impending Doom: 1 Inf, Secret, Discard or Shuffle when used. When a hero is wounded, use this card to Focus 2 Imperial figures. This is one of those cards where I probably will forget to trigger it. On the other hand, it isn't two harsh for new players because likely the heroes are activating next and will be able to kill the focused figures before they can act. This is the least valuable of the three cards in this set. Tactical Maneuvering: 1 Inf, Secret, Discard or Shuffle when used. At the end of any round, perform a move with 3 Imperial Figures. Twin Shadows uses Heavy Stormtroopers a lot. They are slow and often get left behind the action. This helps them catch up. Fire at Will: 2 Inf, Play in play area. Deplete at the end of an activation to have an Imperial Trooper attack at +1 surge. There are a lot of Troopers in Twin Shadows. Kayn Somos is a Trooper. This is a good card. As a Deplete card, the Rebels will know I have it available so it won't be a surprise. Overall: I used this Agenda the last time I ran Twin Shadows, and I loved it. I was trying to avoid using it again but it's just a solid fit for that campaign. The cards give neat effects but aren't overly strong. I just need to remember to use them! NEFARIOUS DEALINGS: (Hired Guns Pack) Final Blast: 2 Inf, Play in play area, Deplete when a non-unique figure is defeated to get off one last shot. This is the type of card I usually avoid, since I always forget to use it, but since the trigger condition is so common I'll just use it first chance I get so I can ignore it after that. Since it is a non-unique figure it probably won't be overpowered, plus the rebels will know I have the option on the table. Trade Routes Disrupted: 2 Inf, Secret, Discard when a hero grabs a crate to prevent them drawing a card (they still get the 50 credits for the crate itself though). This falls in the annoying "gotcha" category, but doesn't really hurt the rebels much for the price. For 2 Influence, you'd kind of expect the crate to explode or something instead. Overall: These cards are good for me to use against new players. They are pricey, but don't hurt the rebels much. SOLDIERS FOR HIRE: (Boba Fett Pack) By Any Means Necessary: 1 Inf, Secret, Discard or shuffle into Agenda deck when used. After a Scum figure attacks, it gets to attack again, but then suffers 4 damage. While this is a Gotcha card, the downside is pretty fair. No Disintegrations: 2 Inf, Play in play area. Deplete to do -2 damage on an attack that doesn't miss to add 2 to threat. Another card with a fair trade-off that I can just use the first chance I get and then ignore. Overall: These cards aren't too harsh in the scheme of things. They won't be my first picks though. PURSUIT OF THE ENEMY: (Twin Shadows Set) Strike and Subdue: 1 Inf, Secret, Discard or Shuffle when used. As an action, cause an adjacent hero with 2 or more strain to test Insight or suffer 2 strain and test Might or be Weakened. Although this is a "Gotcha" card, the hero does have a chance to negate both effects, and it costs the Imperial figure an action, so it is more than fair. Death Mark: 2 Influence, Place in a Hero's area. All Scum attacking the hero gain +1 damage. This card is only discarded once that hero is defeated. Honestly, this card could be kind of brutal, but that depends on when it is purchased and used. On the last mission, when Boba Fett is likely the only scum you'll face, it wouldn't hurt the hero as much. Overall: Strike and Subdue's trigger conditions are trickier than the other Agenda cards which means more for me to remember, and Death Mark isn't even in my play area. I can see forgetting about these a lot if I buy them. They won't be my first picks, but if I am low on options they aren't the worst buy in the world. DEFENSIVE TACTICS: (Return to Hoth Set) Enhanced Armor: 1 Inf, Secret, Attach to a non-Creature/non-Vehicle group you deploy - while defending, they ignore 1 point of Pierce. Discard at the end of the mission or when that group is defeated. I love these attachment-type agenda cards; they are so easy to keep track of. Counter-Strike: 1 Inf, Secret, Discard or Shuffle when used. Play AND SPEND 1 INFLUENCE while an Imperial figure is Defending to apply +1 Block and Evade. If no damage is suffered, the attacker takes 3 damage. This is kind of a terrible card, and I'll probably never pick it. That weird double Influence spend is confusing. It should just be a 2-Point card, and I counted it as such in my earlier breakdown. Personal Shield Generators: 2 Inf, Place in play area. Deplete when an Imperial figure is defending for +3 block. This is a handy card for making the big bad like Kayn Somos or Boba Fett more intimidating. Overall: This would be an A+ set if Counter-Strike was replaced with a better card. Closing Thoughts: If you read this wall of text, thanks! Really I was just jotting down notes as I tried to think through the six Agenda sets I wanted to use for this campaign, and when I realized that my notes had turned into an almost formal analysis, I figured I'd share it.
  19. These are amazing! It would be kind of fun to have some non-combatant figures in the game that can be interacted with in some way for some benefit. I like the idea that a distracting figure can also keep you from becoming focused.
  20. Here's my story: I became aware of Imperial Assault a couple months before it released and got very excited, so I bought it right away. My brother and I played skirmish and really enjoyed it. It became a regular thing. When Twin Shadows was announced, he offered to pay half just to add more figure options to skirmish. We stuck with that for a while, just my brother and I playing skirmish, and I bought the occasional expansion. I also played skirmish a couple times with other friends and my gaming club at work, so other people got introduced to it. Then an online game site had a massive discount sale and I dropped something like $200 getting Hoth, Bespin, and every wave up to wave 6. There were 2 or 3 figures out of stock so I don't have a complete collection up to Bespin/Wave 6 but it's dang close. I then ran a Twin Shadows campaign for my gaming club at work, which was lots of fun. After that it's been back to only skirmish, mostly with my brother but a couple more with work and other friends. Very casual, no tournaments. I am now prepping for another campaign with new players, which will be Twin Shadows with Aftermath as an intro/learning adventure. I don't really follow Rebels so a lot of the new stuff isn't too exciting for me, but I am certainly happy the game is still being supported. I do still have other expansions and figure packs to get eventually, but I'm putting a pause on it until I run through more side missions I haven't tried and try out more skirmish missions and figure combos. So the slow flow of new stuff is perfectly good with me right now.
  21. This is a timely thread. I was thinking of doing some one-offs over Winter Break to try out some of the maps, missions, and figures we never get to see in campaign (since I prefer running the mini-campaigns).
  22. This is a case where the mechanics of a card match the concept, but that alone doesn't make it a well-balanced card. Conceptually, when you pin someone down with suppressing fire, you are trying to keep them from pursuing you or from popping their heads out from cover. So yeah you can fill an empty corridor with machine gun fire to keep a guy (who you can't see) who is hiding in a doorway from sticking his head out. Thus, no LOS to the affected models and not needing to hit anyone makes perfect sense for this ability. The stun represents them either not moving into the hallway towards you or not risking leaning out to take a shot, while the weakened represents that if they do take a shot it will be hurried and less effective and that when defending they will be more susceptible to cross-fire. That's what I think they were going for anyway, but as we all know, the execution is flawed. A lot of the suggestions here lean towards requiring damage to be dealt, but I feel that this really takes away the entire concept of "pinning them down". I would prefer a fix that keeps the concept of the action intact. Something like: "1 Strain, Exhaust this card: Choose an unoccupied target space within 6 squares of you. Hostile figures that move onto the target space or a space adjacent to it suffer 1 damage. Hostile figures that are within two spaces of the target space while attacking suffer -2 Range." Now that isn't perfect by any stretch, and I'm sure that someone here will come up with a more mechanically sound version, but the core idea is that you are denying an area to the enemy and are making the attacks of enemies in that area more likely to miss. An alternative version would be something like: "Exhaust this card: Choose a hostile figure within 6 spaces that is not in your line of sight. If at any point this turn you gain LOS to that figure, it suffers 2 damage." Again, others can do it better but the idea here is that pinning someone down means if they stick their necks out they get shot, and this represents that.
  23. I used Twin Shadows as my intro campaign, and looking back I wish I had used Aftermath first (with no Influence/XP gain) as a primer because starting new players with a bunch of XP and a bunch of equipment to buy is super tough when they don't even know the rules yet. I have a new campaign impending with all new players and plan to do Aftermath and the Twin Shadows campaign as normal.
  24. I think Tuskens are great, especially elite Tuskans. They hit very hard in melee. Remember that they are melee units - the ranged attack special ability is a nice way to make them useful if they are stunned at a distance and out of melee range, but otherwise should be ignored. Heavy Stormtroopers have been very disappointing for me, although I'm not sure how much of that is my dice. I choose them as an open group if I want to go easy on my players, so that should tell you something.
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