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  1. LegoMech

    Hondo Cards up

    Out of Time seems too powerful. It should cost an action to use, then it would be balanced.
  2. LegoMech

    Amazon Echo Skill

    Definitely was intrigued, but when I try to use it all I get is "Sorry, having trouble accessing your Imperial Assault Officer skill right now". I'll try again later.
  3. LegoMech

    Tyrants of Lothal

    While I am not particularly a Rebels fan, I like a lot of things about this box: I prefer the shorter campaigns - my group has no patience for the long ones I actually am happy with the simpler abilities on these cards. My work group are very experienced gamers but my home group are just Star Wars fans that want to play a game and freeze up when things get too complicated, and these choices will definitely help me with the home group's playstyle. The martial artist is actually quite interesting to me. I think the Style tokens had to be different than the damage tokens for two reasons: To limit her to only having 2 at a time To prevent weird interactions where she gets the damage tokens from another source and gets overpowered Now the only issue is how heavily the rebels appear in the campaign. If it's just a mission or two that's fine but if I wind up required to buy them all to play the campaign I'll probably push this off a bit.
  4. I really like this idea. Cool concept! I'm not sure mechanically what is best but I do like the negative points for killing them.
  5. Not the first instance. Aayla Secura was a comic character in the extended universe first, but Lucas liked her design so much he added her in the prequels.
  6. That was an interesting match to watch! We don't really min-max our forcelists and just go for fun, so we rarely have more than 10 models each, and often have only 4 to 7. I always wondered how it would play out with such a huge activation discrepancy. Oddly, I feel like the Wookie Avenger card hurts Chewie more than it helps. The free slam is great but my brother is an expert at rolling that X, so it's a really tough decision for him even with the point drop. That may just be from our skewed experience where he is always the last model standing though.
  7. Yes I agree, if I use my idea I'll go with tokens over cards. It seems that a lot of people are recommending using cards, so I think first I'll see how many generic cards I can find that would be usable by the majority of figure types and see if I can make 4 decks or 1 giant deck, then go with the generic token option if the decks don't seem to be working out. None of these players will be interested in deck-building. They just want to throw down with iconic characters and get to the action, so any prep-work will be my responsibility. The idea of the single deck is probably most appealing as it provides all players an equal chance to pull those clutch cards, and it will probably be the least work for me
  8. I had considered that, but it kind of takes the bite out of Strain inducing abilities. I have a lot of bounty hunter fans so I didn't want to neuter those too badly. Still, it would keep the variety of effects fresh, so I'll definitely keep that in mind as an option.
  9. Yeah, I almost added +1 VP to the list of uses but wasn't sure if that would be overpowered.
  10. Hi Everyone! A little background first - I own all of the IA stuff for our group, which is fine when we do camapign. It's also been fine for doing 2 player skirmish since I have enough cards to make 2 or 3 distinct decks without anyone feeling shafted by missing a key card or two. However, we are about to try 4 player skirmish, and I simply don't have a large enough card collection to support everyone having a competitive deck. In addition, this will be with new players who are just going to want to grab the cool characters they know and throw them into a list (and probably try new ones after each match), so flexibility is key and it's hard to prepare decks around that. I don't want to entirely negate abilities that revolve around cards, or make strain abilities too strong, so here was my idea: Players still draw cards as normal (or even tokens), but they don't play them as they read. So any 15 cards will do. Instead, at any time a card may be played to give a model one of the following: +1 block +1 evade +1 damage +1 surge +1 movement point (this one can only be done during the model's activation) Recover 1 damage (again, only during activation for this one as well) I am thinking that still makes collecting cards worthwhile, but cuts out a ton of list-building time and makes the board fairly equal. This would hurt abilities that let you draw/discard, but minimizes other disruptions. My only concern is the movement points. I am not sure if I should limit that to 1 per model per turn or just let players go crazy. Anyway, thoughts on this? Or other ideas to solve my multiplayer prep issue? Thanks!
  11. This is amazing! Thank you so much!
  12. I only play IA and not X-Wing but I have a couple ideas: 1) The Video Game Inspired Idea: Remember the ship battles in the original Star Wars Battlefront II? You could blow up the star destroyer's shields two different ways, by ship to ship combat targeting the external shield generators, or by having a boarding party blow up the internal controls. This would be more campaign mode than skirmish though. 2) The movie inspired idea: Instead of disabling a shield generator, take control of anti-ship planetary cannons like the ones that provided covering fire during the escape from Hoth. Basically, keep it simple as in "At the end of each round, for each terminal controlled, deal X damage to an enemy ship of your choice." Or make an attack roll - I'm not familiar with the X-Wing rules so whatever is best. This does kind of make the ship battle the main one and the IA battle secondary, but hopefully the damage is enough of a threat to make it an important secondary front and not one easily ignored.
  13. LegoMech

    Are Heavy Stormies Underrated?

    I used Heavy Stormtroopers extensively during my recent Twin Shadows game and even with Tech Superiority (+1 surge, take 1 damage), I was only able to get their blast off once the entire campaign. It may have just been that the Rebels had a particularly good source of Evades (armor, 3P0, White defense dice, etc.), but I think their dice just make surges unlikely. They do good damage though. I also had the Agenda card that lets you move three units spaces at the end of the turn, allowing me to reposition them to catch up and mitigate some of their speed issues.
  14. I'd love to hear how it goes. Infiltrated looked tougher on paper, but Boba Fett was pretty badass in Fire in the Sky so not having him may be a big difference.