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  1. Thank you guys for all replies, I'm gonna definitely consider that. Now i'll take some time to think about it and probably buy something next week. Right now I'm a bit towards Blood Moon (but it's constantly changing) as it adds some more cards and horror theme is at least "ok", but from the other side I dislike the werewolf character and his mechanic. Firelands and all that tokens, ifrits and terrain cards sounds pretty nice for me, but I'm a bit afraid that it can ruin the game, when it comes to play just on main board and everyone won't find a place to regenerate and simply rush CoC at all cost or die trying (but yeah it's sounds like a challenge ). That can be a really good thing as burn effect increases chance of draw a new cards, but it not happens so often like in just core deck + Firelands. It's nice idea too, but Nether Realm expansion offers too litle for me. Anyway, thanks for help!
  2. Hi, I'm new Talisman player. I've played a couple of games with Reaper and Dungeon expansions with group of 4-6 people and really enjoyed that ( I'm planning to buy also City and Woodlands when it'll come out in my country), but in addition to such a 'big board' and long games I want to try something for smaller group of players (2-3) with only main board (no corners) + one nice themed expansion which adds some new mechanics to the game (but doesn't make it too complicated), is challenging for players (but not frustrating) and provides compatibility with future additions (especially City and Woodlands). So here is the question: what's in your opinion the best expansion for that: The Dragon, Firelands or Blood Moon? Regards
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