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  1. Can the five ships combine somehow to form a super ship? ?
  2. In 1stEd we found the best balanced way to run three player games was a team of 2 with 75pts each and the third with 150pts.
  3. Yes! I had Vader wiff with three blank {fickle} green dice. I had no shields left and Vader was destroyed with a full suite of force tokens unused! Still, it’s argubably Fluffy given what happened in ANH.
  4. What about something that explores the myriad of alien races a little more? I’m picturing something a little out there, kind of like a Cohen brothers’ movie. Several eccentric alien races representing archetypes/tropes, plenty of black humour, a little bit of action and gore thrown in too.
  5. Well there you go! It looks quite pale.
  6. Is your HWK-290 repainted? A closer shot would be interesting.
  7. More to the point why did they use such outdated 1.0 content! Talk about misleading and confusing for any new or aspiring players a few weeks out from release of 2.0. It even features a triple Attanni Mindlink, how long ago was that erratted?
  8. I note he’s wearing an FFG shirt. What’s the story there?
  9. Intriguing, I like it. ? Ionised ships should make lining up the HLC bullseye a little easier.
  10. If they'd made the lanyard longer and the medal bigger they could have covered Chewie's modesty! ?
  11. Anyone else catch the wry humour with the final sub-heading “Medal Worthy” Hehehe ?
  12. Wow, that’s pretty crooked. Hopefully not an omen on quality control of the new batch. ?
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