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  1. Trevor Goodchild

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    Can the five ships combine somehow to form a super ship? ?
  2. Trevor Goodchild

    Player Order - Just Noticed Something Cool

    In 1stEd we found the best balanced way to run three player games was a team of 2 with 75pts each and the third with 150pts.
  3. Trevor Goodchild

    The force!!

    Yes! I had Vader wiff with three blank {fickle} green dice. I had no shields left and Vader was destroyed with a full suite of force tokens unused! Still, it’s argubably Fluffy given what happened in ANH.
  4. What about something that explores the myriad of alien races a little more? I’m picturing something a little out there, kind of like a Cohen brothers’ movie. Several eccentric alien races representing archetypes/tropes, plenty of black humour, a little bit of action and gore thrown in too.
  5. Trevor Goodchild

    v2 Dial Storage Ideas?

    Well there you go! It looks quite pale.
  6. Trevor Goodchild

    v2 Dial Storage Ideas?

    Is your HWK-290 repainted? A closer shot would be interesting.
  7. Trevor Goodchild

    Flight Academy article

    More to the point why did they use such outdated 1.0 content! Talk about misleading and confusing for any new or aspiring players a few weeks out from release of 2.0. It even features a triple Attanni Mindlink, how long ago was that erratted?
  8. Trevor Goodchild

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

    Cataclysmic Arsenal?
  9. Trevor Goodchild

    Death Star speculation thread

    I note he’s wearing an FFG shirt. What’s the story there?
  10. Trevor Goodchild

    5 Y wings with Ion Cannon Turrets & Bombs

    Intriguing, I like it. ? Ionised ships should make lining up the HLC bullseye a little easier.
  11. Trevor Goodchild

    Let the Wookie Win — Chewie’s official rollout

    If they'd made the lanyard longer and the medal bigger they could have covered Chewie's modesty! ?
  12. Trevor Goodchild

    Let the Wookie Win — Chewie’s official rollout

    Anyone else catch the wry humour with the final sub-heading “Medal Worthy” Hehehe ?
  13. Trevor Goodchild

    BoLS Tie Advanced Unboxing

    Wow, that’s pretty crooked. Hopefully not an omen on quality control of the new batch. ?
  14. Trevor Goodchild

    Three Word Story

    Fake News," declared
  15. Trevor Goodchild

    Three Word Story

    procrastinate", proffered the