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  1. Gives me more time to catch up on painting too!
  2. Better than nothing. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING, so I'm not gonna lament the loss of a boxed expansion that was never suggested to exist. Would have been cool to get some additional heroes, though. Especially the ones missing from 1st Edition. Wouldn't necessarily assume all is lost.
  3. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hi folks! Back again, this time with some pictures of Skarn. This was a really fun miniature to paint, but some of the bits and pieces were incredibly confusing in form. I did my best to figure out what each component was intended to represent. As always, more pictures and details at my blog: https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com Please let me know what you think, always appreciate some constructive criticism.
  4. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hello! Back with another update to my Descent collection. This time, the Barghests. Please check them out more fully on my blog, https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/barghests-from-descent-2e/
  5. So revealing the card is a slight disadvantage suffered in order to benefit from the skill?
  6. Sure. But where's the fun in not speculating on what may be. Do we know what the basic card for the new class is? With the two class cards that have been revealed, can we guess as to what the basic card would be? Have we ever seen power tokens apply to an entire deployment group rather than an individual figure? That would kind of make sense with the wording on Limitless Arsenal, but Redouble Our Efforts still refers to a "figure's" power tokens. It also seems odd to be able to use the attack pool of a deployment group that has yet to be revealed.
  7. "During a campaign, when the last Imperial figure in a non- unique group is defeated, the Deployment card is returned to the Imperial player’s hand and can be optionally deployed later in the mission. " "When the Imperial player resolves an optional deployment, for example during the Status Phase, the Imperial player can deploy any Deployment cards from his hand. " Re initial groups: "These cards are not part of his hand and are placed faceup at the start of the mission. " Re open groups: "These Deployment cards are kept secret in the Imperial player’s hand until deployed. " Reserve groups are specified groups that have triggers, like mission specific villains. According to the rules, the Imperial's "hand" is non-deployed cards. So you have cards which are facedown, not deployed, and yet you're putting power tokens on them?
  8. Maybe you can explain it for me then... How do you put power tokens on undeployed units? It specifically says "in your hand", which I take to mean units that have not been deployed, and the article makes a big deal out of getting benefits from not-yet-deployed reinforcements. How would they ever have power tokens?
  9. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hello again! Today I present my painted Mirklace Lieutenant. A bit of a rough sculpt, in my opinion, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. As always, more pictures and info at my blog, www.darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com Please leave comments and critiques.
  10. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Back again, this time with some pictures of my merriods. As always, more pictures and details can be found at my blog, https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/merriods-from-descent-2e/ Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
  11. This seems OP, so I imagine it doesn't happen. However, when the Bard is knocked out his song tokens remain on his song cards. Concentration states "At the start of your turn, if both of your song tokens are on different Class cards, you recover 1 damage and 1 fatigue." This would be a passive ability, but the trigger is satisfied whether he is knocked out or not. So does he get to heal automatically (auto-reviving)? Or does this only trigger when he is not Knocked Out?
  12. tomkat364

    Quest Guides

    Yep. You already have the campaign that was originally sold as a hard-cover book, no need to purchase it again.
  13. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hi everyone, Back with yet another Lieutenant miniature. This time it's Verminous, from Shadow of Nerekhall. Quite a fun miniature to paint, with surprisingly good detail and molding. Very pleased with this guy. As always, more details can be found on my blog: https://wordpress.com/post/darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/738 Please leave comments and critiques!
  14. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hello all, Today I bring you my take on Bol'Goreth, the character exuding troll Lieutenant from the Trollfens expansion. I think I did rather well with the non-metallic metal on the shields, and I really like the skin-tone I created for him. As always, more pictures and a more detailed explanation of the project can be found at my blog, https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com In the meantime, enjoy the pics, and please leave feedback!
  15. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    I have a blog at https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com