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  1. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hello again! Today I present my painted Mirklace Lieutenant. A bit of a rough sculpt, in my opinion, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. As always, more pictures and info at my blog, www.darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com Please leave comments and critiques.
  2. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Back again, this time with some pictures of my merriods. As always, more pictures and details can be found at my blog, https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/merriods-from-descent-2e/ Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
  3. This seems OP, so I imagine it doesn't happen. However, when the Bard is knocked out his song tokens remain on his song cards. Concentration states "At the start of your turn, if both of your song tokens are on different Class cards, you recover 1 damage and 1 fatigue." This would be a passive ability, but the trigger is satisfied whether he is knocked out or not. So does he get to heal automatically (auto-reviving)? Or does this only trigger when he is not Knocked Out?
  4. tomkat364

    Quest Guides

    Yep. You already have the campaign that was originally sold as a hard-cover book, no need to purchase it again.
  5. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hi everyone, Back with yet another Lieutenant miniature. This time it's Verminous, from Shadow of Nerekhall. Quite a fun miniature to paint, with surprisingly good detail and molding. Very pleased with this guy. As always, more details can be found on my blog: https://wordpress.com/post/darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/738 Please leave comments and critiques!
  6. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Hello all, Today I bring you my take on Bol'Goreth, the character exuding troll Lieutenant from the Trollfens expansion. I think I did rather well with the non-metallic metal on the shields, and I really like the skin-tone I created for him. As always, more pictures and a more detailed explanation of the project can be found at my blog, https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com In the meantime, enjoy the pics, and please leave feedback!
  7. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    I have a blog at https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com
  8. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Thanks for the comments. I think the lack of contact with Ariad is more a photography issue than anything else. In real life the wrinkles pop a little more. I think the combination of the red and teal screwed with the camera's saturation a bit, and I could only get a semi-accurate read on one area for the shot.
  9. tomkat364

    Painting Darth Maul

    I would actually advise one thing differently... I would save the back/neck "cowl" for last. This way you have a little more flexibility in making the shaped facial tattoos the right size/shape without having to worry as much about where the edges of the face lay. Then you can do the cowl last to frame the face appropriately. I think it would just make it a little bit easier to do the important parts first.
  10. tomkat364

    Who's missing from IA

    I want Mercenary Gran Grenadiers. The three eyed aliens are so classic to Star Wars, especially EU, and I loved their role in the old games like Dark Forces where they just stand back lobbing thermal detonators. They would be awesome. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/575650375520218360/4AACCCFB069CF32A42EFF5481CE58ABD3563C26D/
  11. Excellent minis. You are the first person I have seen who correctly picked out Jabba's tattoo in a brownish color. I love it.
  12. tomkat364

    DarthTom's Painting

    Finished the Shadow Dragons and posted them to my blog! Here's the Master and Minion together. Plenty of other pictures at https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com Let me know what you think of them.
  13. tomkat364

    Excited by the new article!

    Question about Clawdite Shift ability... Assuming that the Form cards really are unique, and that deploying two Clawdites removes two Form cards from the supply, then two interesting issues come up. 1.) The wording of Shift says "You may switch your Form card with 1 other Form card of your choice." While Shape specifically mentions "the supply", Shift does not. Does this mean that you can swap Forms with another deployed Clawdite? The Senator already activated, but at the start of the Streetrat's turn, that figure Shifts, becoming the Senator and swapping Streetrat to the other model? That could really shake things up! 2.) If there are only three forms, and they are unique, then you could never field more than three Clawdites with attached forms in Skirmish. This would limit the double purchasing that some people do, and seems like an odd choice for FFG to make. Will Clawdites not have an elite version perhaps? Would they be the first non-elite-only deployment that cannot effectively field the 2E-4R complement? (I guess some are limited by cost as well, but my point being ability limitations)
  14. tomkat364

    Excited by the new article!

    Actually, I thought more about this and I think I missed the utterly obvious. It's not an attack, it's a special action. So the only way to specify the dice is "roll your attack pool." It's not "add a yellow dice to your attack,' because it is not an attack.
  15. tomkat364

    Excited by the new article!

    The Senator card does oddly specify "roll your attack pool plus one yellow dice." Since the attack pool is on the deployment card, it seems odd to have the Form card not just say "add a yellow dice." It suggests that there would be more than one attack pool possible.