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  1. The best part of this wave is I can shout "The first transport is away!" Other than that, I can see Gonzati waves with Firespray support. Swarm time! And, well, this fills out the fleet for role players. Hopefully thy are planning more smaller waves (2 ships every 4 months, as opposed to 4 ships every 8 months). Helps keep things moving.
  2. So, it sounds exactly like the lore for the Lancer class. It costs as much as a regular ship, but it goes boom when if fights a regular ship, but it is excellent against fighters. It sounds horrible, but it sounds like FFG got this one perfect.
  3. Redundant shields at 8 is overpriced by min 2 points. Wulff is 7 points. With an engineering token + Wulff you get the same benefit as redundant shields AND you can use Wulff for boosting Nav / Squadron / Concentrate fire tokens if you don't need the +1 shield. So same effect + more flexibility and at a lower price. One could argue quite reasonably, that it is even more overcoasted because of the other cards that can be used in this slot. One unexplored reason for the cost is a Raymus / Wulff + Redundant Shields for +2 shields per round. But given XI7s + Intel Officer / accuracy really limit damage mitigation, the benefit of super shield regeneration is dubious.
  4. Honestly, all of these threads are just a sign that we care.
  5. Anything that alters the rules of the game is difficult to value. Look at Demolisher: Demolisher is valued simply because it essentially, for one attack, lets you shoot black dice at long range (move to close range), or ensures a double arc shot the second round. So, essentially it gives you an extra say 3 black dice per round, for 10 points. That is a little on the low side compared with expanded launchers (6.5 vs 3.3). Maybe they modelled it as 2.5 black dice, giving them a value of 4. however, I suspect this title was made exclusively to mitigate the negatives of a pure black dice ship. Just like Reikian and the MC30. How often do you see this ship without the title? Rhymer is just absurdly good. Period. If you bring bombers, you should bring it, if you just bring fighters, you should strongly consider bringing it. However, would the Imperials bring bombers without it? I don't know why it isn't limited to the Bomber keyword. I don't know how to price it as it is dependent on the other fighters it is with. Rhymer will be a "must use". TRC: it is the other upgrades that are overpriced. It is completely reasonable if you only use it once per round, eg Ackbar triggered 4 times, or EA triggered twice. But using it for a double arc shot though, and boom it is now 2.4 per red die, which is what those fast moving corvettes with 2 evades are good at. Othe assessments: Defiance: 5 points, + die of any color, all arcs, target must have activated. This is very straightforward. +1 die = 5 points the requirements to trigger is relatively low and controllable. Fairly priced and improves all arcs. CAN be activated twice, bringing cost down to 2.5, which is similar to TRC. Again, it is the other cards that are overpriced / arc limited that are the problem.
  6. That is the only store that carries it in my city. And yes I am familiar with Meeplemart and 401 games but once you add shipping in, well you can't just pick them up one at a time. So then you have a really, really big bill. And note: it depends who is reporting the sales. Sales to distributors (the channel), or retail sales. Plus the wave launched right before Christmas, of course sales to the stores were "good".
  7. Well, to be honest, their sales have likely been lower due to the strength of the US dollar. I know I have delayed purchase due to the high price of the ships (ISD retail is minimum $75 CAD). Heck, I saw the core set for a blistering $175 CAD in a store. (It used to be maybe $120 CAD retail). So yes, they could quite easily delay (or stop) production due to slow sales. Xwing and IA are far less expensive games.
  8. Ok, here is a better metric: Firespray is 18 point for 2 blue bomber dice, 6 hp rogue. This is roughly equivalent to a +2 blue dice in any arc for one attack. Dominator: 12 points for +2 blue, -2 shields any arc. So is 6 points worth -2 shields and loss of a squadron? How many times will you get to use it? Devastator: 10 points for +X blue, -X defense tokens, front arc only. Do I even need to ask? You are not likely to be able to use it very often, especially not beyond the +2 needed to make it competitive. Expanded Launchers: 13 points, +2 black, front arc only. Pretty limited due to range and the shoot then move mechanic vs Firespray move then shoot. Otherwise it is 6.5 pts per black die, arc limited. TLRC: 8 points, convert red dice to 2 damage (~ 1.6 extra red die of damage), must spend evade, all arcs. Ummm, do I even need to ask? 8 points for + 1.6 red dice in all arcs (4.8 pts per die!), requiring use of weakest defense token, yes please! Slaved Turrets: 6 points, + 1 red die all arcs, only attack once. Ok value if you only plan to attack out of one arc. Enhanced Armaments: 10 points, + 1 red on left and right arcs. Poor value for just one use per round, but great value if used for both attacks. One thing we haven't mentioned is the colour of the dice, as red will always be triggered, and therefore blue and black dice should carry a further discount ( perhaps 1 round) to red. Just to use round numbers, each red die is worth ~ 5 points. Therefore Dominator should be ~ 8 or fewer points, and Devastator ~4 (assumed you deliberately burned the contain token during first round of long range fighting [can you use a defense token if it does nothing?].). Interestingly, Admiral Ackbar follows this pattern pretty well (4.75 points per red die, assuming 4 uses per round). So yeah, anything with a cost > 5 points per die is are points poorly spent, excluding special card interactions. So, having looked at these cards, what are your thoughts?
  9. I still think Dominator has a place, as it can boost the Vic to ISD level of firepower at a lower price. And, essentially the repair command becomes an improved concentrate fire command (+2 blue dice). Note, it is a pyric solution though.
  10. Each cruiser was supposedly custom made. So yes, some are bigger than others. And yes, this is a really stupid idea, because assembly lines and standardization of consumables and spare parts don't improve productivity and maintenance costs at all. Also, back in the 80s they had to use different physical models for different shots. Scale can get messed up (see Tector star destroyer)
  11. Well, we have all been burned by other companies dropping support for our favourite games, so you can't deny the thought hasn't crossed your mind for this one... At least the OP went and said what we are all thinking / fearing.
  12. Devastor is a big head scratcher. 10 points? When will that ever see play...
  13. Ok, to clear up the black hole misconception. Light can and does escape from black holes, even past the event horizon. Specifically, light produced by the black hole via "black body radiation"(think Predator vision for example of black body radiation). Reason for escape is the light is heading directly away from the black hole. Light outside the event horizon escapes, and is actually used by astronomers (gravitational lensing). Now, as to an in universe explanation, they simply made a highly illegal and insanely dangerous modification by disabling the likely innate safety stop. Reason for the safety stop: hitting an object at relativistic speeds is like shooting and apple with a bullet. It doesn't work out well for the apple, or a planet in Star Wars. Of course, there would be no need for Death Stars or Star Killers if this was included in universe.
  14. So kyber crystals could be an upgrade card: You may perform a second attack at the same target from the same arc using only the red dice. Would need special slot or something to stop home 1 / AF2 Ackbar madness. And one thin they can do to make ships play differently is give double upgrades. Imagine HEavy turbos and the shield blocking turbos on the same ship? Block BOTH brace and redirect?!?
  15. Pretty sure the Interdictor works to force ships out of hyperspace by triggering the safety mechanism. As in, mandatory built in safety device to prevent catastrophic damage to the gravity well object. But the Falcon is so modded, it was probably overridden. How else could he make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs!
  16. General Solo (Leia): At the beginning of the Ship phase, you may activate 5 squadrons as if they were activate using a squadron command. BAMF.
  17. Poe: You may divide your attack between each enemy squadron in range. +1 die for each squadron targeted. Defenders tokens: 2 scatters!
  18. Regardless of interpretation, the only reason to spend / not spend the token is if you have an upgrade that provides / uses a Mac token. Givers: Tarkin, that admiral, Raymus. Users: Engine techs, other less popular cards like extra click guy. Speed depended: previously mentioned guy
  19. I would say if we don't see it in wave three, it is 100% certain for wave four.
  20. I would say if we don't see it in wave three, it is 100% certain for wave four.
  21. New post because editing on phone sucks. You typically only see "fixes" if the sales of the model are impacted. And it is done by the addition of new cards, not by correcting the old ones. None of the upgrade cards are so over powered or ships so overpriced (at this point) that FFG needs to fix them. Look at the fixes from xwing: Point reduction card for Awing, new title for Ywing, +1 damage for tie advanced, TLT to nerf Fat Han / help HWK, +1 damage reduction for arc dodgers, extra ammo for munitions (primarily bomber fix I think), some card for the Xwing in the new starter. So, at best you are likely to see new titles(either named OR generic) come out for old ships, IF the sales are impacted. (E.g new player not buying the model, because this other sexy one can do everything better). FYI this is also why you see upgrade card limits to specific ships... To get you to buy the ship for the upgrade. Say for example the Nebulon B. XI7s needed to beat Advanced Projectors with the introduction of HTTs, otherwise there is no "pull" card in the box.
  22. I don't recall who said this before, but it was essentially: Some cards are deliberately bad, or very situational. This is to allow people to feel like they are learning (point defence sucks) or fall in love with a specific combination (Warlord + H9). So yes, some upgrade cards suck. But this is intentional. E.g slaved turrets is a very crappy card, except for special circumstances.
  23. The primary advantage of cluster bombs is that it doesn't count as an attack. This means the target doesn't get to use defence tokens against it. Keep that in mind.
  24. Even within the Empire (will use USA as an example) there are local defence forces such as corsec, Hapes and I am certain many others. On the paper they still report to, an are considers part of the Imperial military. However, they do not necessarily have access to / can afford top of the line Imperial equipment. Therefore, you can role play it that the "scum" are local system patrol / defence craft pressed into an Imperial engagement in the outer rim. For real world current corollaries: Within the USA: State National Guard, SWAT teams Close allies : Canada (not using F22s), Europe (locally made English, French, German weapons, ships, planes) Current Allies: Turkey, Egypt, etc (mix of US and Russian) Not really Allies: Iraq, Afganistan, Syria (local forces, using whatever is available) All of the above can be fighting on the same side, so you could easily have top of the line M4s with US troops and MP44s in the hands of local militia "allies" (whom the imperials would most definitely call scum). This is the current, real world. So yes the inclusion of scum makes sense from this point of view.
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