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  1. As far as im aware movement points can only be spent in your activation unless it specifically says interrupt? So opportunistic is used when you cause damage to gain a few movement points, but can it be used when the enemy hits you to then back off? Didn't think it could but got told otherwise today. Same as any other gain movement points ability i guess, am i wrong? P.S. Opportunistic reads: Any merc Figure Use after a hostile figure suffers damage. You gain 3 movement points. edit: Damit, found it in the rule ref. where has the delete post button gone
  2. Do you not feel Diala is a tad redundant in this? Disnt seem like she adds much and I always think she's over costed
  3. Can a model who has different results for a surge, apply a beneficial one if the other ability is harmful and they did not cause damage? For example Lando has stun+hide for a surge. He cannot apply the stun unless he causes damage, but the hide is the same surge. Can he choose this surge and gain only one of the rules associated with it?
  4. Mine is a logo from an old PlayStation game called armoured core. It featured giant robots smashing each other up.The logo was a bunny girl riding a bomb. My cousin hated it, so me being basically a troll made my robot a giant pink bunny with ears, and went on to crush anything he tried to make. There after I made every customisieble character in any multiplayer a bunny, just to annoy him.
  5. When activating a group in skirmish, do I need to finish one models activation before moving on to the next? Or can I move one storm trooper, move the next, then begin to attack with them.
  6. The impression I get from the box expansions is they are not directly related to any of the movies. I know they have timelines that coincide, and things from specific movies. But I've always thought of them based more around places, so an endor set would be ROTJ. Personaly I'm looking forward to a death star two box. Complete with knight Luke and the Emperor.
  7. I was wondering about whether mercs count as imperial units Budgernaut. Don't suppose you know where the rule on that is do you? Cause ive been only using imperials wherever text states imperial model/deployment card.
  8. I don't have them on me but show of force is the initial equip for military might, exhaust to make an imperial model focused when you declare an attack. Sustained fire reads that an imperial model may make a second attack action then becomes stunned. Throw in an imperial officer for giggles and start trolling rebel players!
  9. Had a great game with elite royal guard, with sustained fire and show of force, managed to wound dirty rebels in one activation quite reliably.
  10. Generally ive found my valejo paint age quite well, non of the awful separating that gw paints seem to do over time. If in doubt in the shop I just give em a good shake, if they are still "split" or not one colour in the bottle after a good ten second swish. Id leave em. Also as a side note its worth picking up some valejo model air. Its designed for airbrushes but makes great thin paint for detail or glazes.
  11. http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.co.uk/2009/10/tutorial-overview.htm One of my favourite painting blogs. Amazing tutorial articles for any level of skill and great for inspiration for when i cant be arsed to pick up a brush.
  12. Oh god yes please, and while they're on a 6 player Mansions expansion would make my life easyer
  13. finished Fenn the other night, cant wait to do the twilek jedi and get some blue OST going on.
  14. I just did it dark red (khorne red), then a slighter brighter red (Mephiston red), then started mixing a little white into the bright red to make irregular lines down the length of the blade. With a light pink start the white triangle at the base and a line all the way to the top, then with pure white go over the pink. Very thin lines or not even a complete line from the base triangle to the tip, then with the bright red define the base triangle to make it stand out. Then a pink circle on the end (sharp bit?) of the sabre with a white dot in the middle. Not explained well but hope it helps.
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