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  1. Ready. XP spent: 10 on Move (Control: Hurl). 5 on Move (Control: Pull). 5 on Cool (Rank 1). I didn't know what to spend the money into, apart from some extra Stims, honestly.
  2. Chewbby... We're home. Sorry for being late, guys, been visiting France filling my belly with cheese and foie gras xD
  3. Yeah, committing for some ongoing effect or adding the Force Die to another roll are probably the best ways of using a single die, much better than just rolling a lonely d12 which 7 out of 12 times will disappoint you.
  4. -If you guys can think of something reasonable, I'll be willing to talk the captain into it. Even if it's just reconnaissance. I'm not sure if we can help Dev out of this, but every bit of info we get will be helpful in the future. Maybe next one is anyone of us, and maybe Dev's fate could be turned out to be useful. But I'm not really the tactical brain here, so I'm asking you to think of something. What do you say? Aren't we all in this Resistance ship together?
  5. -Well... as much as I hate to say this, because I don't like disobeying direct orders... I'm with Gael on that. What kind of people are we, if we don't at least try?
  6. -They agreed to support us, as long as they are treated like genuine allies and be given protection. All this I promised them. They were a bit reluctant at the beginning, but Kell's performance (that a Nautolan fought so hard for them) played a big part in convincing them.
  7. Qel Droma has always appeared to me as a very deep-built character, tridimensional and with a cool story. Also Quinlan Vos, for the same reasons, and maybe Ahsoka Tano. But Obi-Wan will always be my weakness
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