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    Swissman reacted to tomkat364 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I am a 100% owner of Descent, IA, and Battlelore. I can't bring myself to get emotionally invested in any more of your products when these AMAZING systems are neglected/dead/abandoned. It takes a lot of money to get involved in these types of games, and I am much more likely to continue buying into a system which I already love and own rather than jump into another system that can be expected to be abandoned in a few years. 

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    Swissman reacted to Supertoe in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew,
    I urge you to reconsider ending support for Battlelore 2nd Edition. There are many fans waiting for the final two expansions that add the Latari Elves.
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    Swissman reacted to Supertoe in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I can't like this post enough. So many games are left to silent deaths, and it's kept me from buying into some that I might otherwise have, for fear of such a death.
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    Swissman reacted to Charmy in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'd like to echo some previous posters about having great interest in knowing if there will be any more physical product for Descent 2nd Edition? An update to the Quest Vault to support our modding and writing community would be appreciated as well.
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    Swissman reacted to archerhawke in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi from Paris !
    What about the futur of Heroes of Terrinoth ? Why we haven't heard any news since the launch of the game ?
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    Swissman reacted to williaps in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    +1 for me as well. I’m a big fan of Descent and would love to know the future plans. 
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    Swissman reacted to seeman8813 in [EN/DE/RU/ES] Terrinoth Expanded Project (TEP)   
    Corresponding BGG thread is here.

    !Tell me if you want to translate TEP into your language!

    Hello fellow D2Ed. fans,

    I am glad to present you Terrinoth Expanded Project (TEP), a fan-made content for Descent 2nd Ed. that stays true to the FFG' language, math and quality.

    UPDATE v5.00.2019.08 (redownload it all, please):
    - Spanish language is now supported! Now FULLY in EN/DE/RU/ES. Many thanks to the Spanish D2Ed community, you made it happen!
    - 1 NEW Lieutenant Pack (Yaga).
    - Some balance changes.
    - Some text improvements.

    UPDATE v4.00.2019.01 (redownload it all, please):
    - Now FULLY in EN/DE/RU. Thanks to Chaoticus we've finally finished German translation and proofreading.
    - Even better templates.
    - Some balance changes.
    - Some text improvements.
    - Added .zip w/ individual cards for each supported language.
    More to come!

    REBOOT! UPDATE v3.00.2018.11 (redownload it all, please):
    - Now EN/DE/RU (German translators and proofreaders are still needed, tell your friends and PM me!).
    - Better template resolution, better cut markings.
    - 8 TOTALLY NEW hero classes + 8 REWORKED TEP hero classes.
    - 8 NEW heroes.
    - 1 NEW overlord class.
    - 3 NEW monster groups.
    More to come!

    At the moment, TEP is a compilation of some of my 2015-2018 projects that I’ve made for my Descent 2nd Edition play groups. I’ll publish more works, if you express your interest (loud).

    NOTE: For minor part of TEP content certain official FFG components are required. Tips: If you lack a green power die, read text “add 1 green power die…” as “…may apply +1 SURGE, -1 DAMAGE to the attack results”. Also, you can easily find (and print) all Condition cards on the Wiki.

    Stay competitive! I encourage you to use TEP content in a 4-heroes play with the overlord using a Plot deck from one of the Lieutenant Packs. Other expansions are also highly advisable for the sake of game balance. It works OK (with little restrictions) with co-op systems like FFG official co-op systems, Nerdook's and RedJak's fan-made co-op systems.

    Feel free to share your TEP experience in the comment section.

    Tell your friends about TEP today! Also, tell me about any typos or other issues, if any.


    TEP Hero Class Pack 1. Far Borders. Includes: Martyr, Veteran, Occultist, Sea Dog.

    Preview (latest version):

    We always hear stories of noble knights and mages from wealthiest baronies. Let me tell you the story of four heroes that came from far borders of Terrinoth.

    Martyr. A few poor villages on the border with savage Uthuk Y'llan lands had been left without any care by their baron for countless years. Blood magic they’ve learned from their oppressors and constant martyrship melted into the only way to survive the locals could afford. Finally, this blood swept land gave a birth to the one whose destiny is not only to be one of the Keepers of their village but also to become The Savior of all Terrinoth. The cost will be high though.

    Veteran. While some veterans are still marching alongside the shining knights of the baronies with their colorful banners and noble chivalry, being some of the most skilled and valued soldiers in the Daqan army, others seek for a different kind of fight. They band together with other adventurers in small, closely knit groups and proudly answer the call of duty when the evil is showing its presence at the farthest borders of Terrinoth.

    Occultist. Eldritch Gods ruled the worlds long ago. This lore is scarce in Mennara these days. They still visit Terrinoth dwellers in horrific visions. Sinister whisper from inside their head reveals the truth to those who have kept a shred of sanity, encouraging them to search for the deeper communion through weird practices and eerie rituals along far borders of Terrinoth. However, there is no such thing as unity among Eldritch Gods. So do not be surprised if you stumble upon an occultist stepping onto the path of war against dark overlord. This is an echo of the eternal battle for dominance. From the lesser evil comes good.

    Sea Dog. Sea Dogs or The Brethren of Blood Sea, as they call themselves, were the most fearsome and well organized group of pirates until most recent time. Rumor has it that they have made a pact with the evil overlord, even served him for a while until the overlord broke the pact and spent their lives and their ships, pursuing one of his dark goals. Only a few survived. Now Sea Dogs live for the sole vengeance, marking each overlord’s minion they can find with their black spots.

    TEP Hero Class Pack 2. The Witcher. Includes: Dampyr, Doppler, Jaeger (Werewolf), Witcher.

    Preview (latest version):

    “Because there will always be darkness. And always in darkness evil will be waiting with fang and claw, murder and blood. And we will always need witchers. And those witchers will always be where they are needed.” (A. Sapkovski, Season of Storms)

    This is my take on what if Geralt of Rivia had found arachyura instead of IDR UL Ex IX 0008 BETA monster in his travel through space and time (A. Sapkovski, Season of Storms). And you always travel with your friends from Neutral Darksiders Club, right?

    Dampyr. Prototype: Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy (A. Sapkovski, Baptism of Fire).

    Doppler. Prototype: Tellico Lunngrevink Letorte or Dudu (A. Sapkovski, Sword of Destiny).

    Jaeger. Prototype: Otto Dussart (A. Sapkovski, Season of Storms).
    Tip: You may use a separate figure instead of placing Wolf Form token on your figure's base. I’m using D&D Castle Ravenloft Werewolf figure at the moment (also for the Beastmaster's Wolf).

    Witcher. Prototype: Geralt of Rivia (a mix between A. Sapkovski and CD Projekt RED).

    TEP Hero Class Pack 3. The Weird Crusade. Includes: Deadborn, Druid, Pyromancer, Runerunner.

    Preview (latest version):

    World of Mennara knew a lot of crusades. Eliminating a dungeon, a castle or even a folk in a favor of a deity has become a long living tradition among Terrinoth dwellers. This story is about the weirdest crusade of all. How could it happen that maledict servant of Death, druid-gardener, Kellos’ priest and rune contrabandist have been united under one banner?

    Deadborn. Breath left a newborn child of Greyheaven’s Grand mage. But, first of all, she was a mother. This was her blind reasoning behind the twilight miracle she was able to create. As the act of last hope she weaved together and casted upon her child the white healing magic and the darkest curse she learned in Academy to protect people of Greyhaven from it - Waiqar The Undying casted same curse upon himself and his men to hold his foot in Terrinoth even after death. Then, she devoted the child to the eternal arbiter of all the dead and living – The Death herself. And it worked - the child could breathe again! Story tells that the mage was exiled for her deed, but this is how the first deadborn emerged in Mennara – a living being over whom Death stretched out his warding hand. Not many know that the last words she weaved into the curse were “This living being will not establish their final rest until after evil is expelled from Terrinoth”.

    Druid. What once appeared an old stump now glows with living green light. Thanks to the great knowledge and mastery of the druids-gardeners. There will always be a place for them in the land of living trees, in the Forest of Aymhelin, where druids are welcomed day and night. It is unclear what forces a druid to leave Aymhelin Tree Nursery and quest through Terrinoth. But be sure, the blessings of the Great Treegod and his aymhelin scions will always follow druid in his quests. When a druid calls for help, the very forest answers his call.

    Pyromancer. Fire god Kellos is well known throughout the Terrinoth. The diversity of followers and ministers of his Church is as great as the variety of his divine interventions in the life of Terrinoth dwellers. Kellos’ fire mages – the pyromancers – always act as a spearhead for the crusades that Church constantly performs against the enemies of her god. They purge with fire every filth they can find. They do it without a shadow of a doubt, even if that means sufferings or losses on their side. Because every brother know, that Kellos tests the faithful with the heat of his divine flame.

    Runerunner. People will always need runes. Scholars, runemages, warlocks, sages, collectors – demand is huge and growing. Also, governors of many lands bring their rulings to control the market and confiscate the real gems of the world of runes for themselves. Not all runes are equally healthy, some even are dangerous, - they say. Therefore, there is always a shady job waiting for a volunteer crossing borders with a bag o’ rare runes. Some realize that the best way of obtaining a rare rune or two for their customers is to accompany a band of heroes in one of their weird crusades for the greater good. Sounds simple, but isn’t. You got to be really prepared if anything goes wrong.

    TEP Hero Class Pack 4. Unpaid Debts. Includes: Cataphract, Investigator, Necrodancer, Parasite Host.

    Preview (latest version):

    Cataphract. There is a legend about Last King’s stallion Ox-head. He is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, King Daqan, for whom he continued to wait for many years following King’s vanish, and no one could tame him. Eventually Ox-head has disappeared, but bonded to the Daqan’s beloved realm and empowered with the Lost King’s magical vestiges he became a ghost. This legend is very popular among descendants of the survived King’s Mounted Guard members that till now raise their children with the sense of duty and love to their divided Homeland. And there is a reason behind such popularity among loyalists of the Elder Kingdom. The legend says that the King will be back, probably in a different appearance. There will be a sign to all the Terrinoth: a hero will rise among loyal, riding his ghost stallion with the Royal Banner in his hand.

    Investigator. Sometimes it is hard to urge someone to pay for all the crimes his black soul committed. Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another. All debts mush be paid, but it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.

    Necrodancer. Even dead have their debts unpaid. The necrodancer knows it for sure. This strange person collects souls of those who borrows from Life and Death. Life is something they are deprived of, because they abused it too much. All sorts of black soul people are now dancing like puppets, listening to the boneflute trill. They dance until they die, and then they dance again. This plainly absurd but horrifying train shows to each and every one in Terrinoth that there is a pay day, and they better be prepared to meet it.

    Parasite Host. Rumour has it a hero has returned from Mistlands. No one knows that he is no longer the person he was before. He is a different kind of living being now. Brood of parasites under his pale skin working with inexplicable coordination to manipulate his mind, tendons and muscles. The concepts of duty and unpaid debt cannot describe the only aspiration that entail the foggy mind of the parasite host. Ensuring the well-being of the brood is much more than that. The brood needs only strongest and most viable carriers. Just like the new party members, with whom I met yesterday at the tavern. However, there is no «I» anymore. There is only the hive.

    TEP Hero Pack 1. Puppet Uprising 1. Includes: Belthir, Splig, Tristayne Olliven, Milka Blackthorn.

    Preview (latest version):

    “You can fool all your minions some of the time, and some of your minions all the time, but you cannot fool all your minions all the time.” (Lord Maharab Leancoin)

    Belthir: One must choose between honor and ambition.

    Splig: It’s time for big green uprising! Me is the king!

    Tristayne Olliven: I’ll show you all the colors of madness!

    Milka Blackthorn: Look. This is a black mark… Well, you deserved it!

    TEP Hero Pack 2. Puppet Uprising 2. Includes: Ardus Ix’Erebus, Lady Eliza Farrow, Kyndrithul, Zarihell.

    Preview (latest version):

    “You can fool all your minions some of the time, and some of your minions all the time, but you cannot fool all your minions all the time.” (Lord Maharab Leancoin)

    Ardus Ix’Erebus: I do not fear death anymore. Ethernal oblivion is my enemy.

    Lady Eliza Farrow: The secret of my beauty should stay secret.

    Kyndrithul: I follow words of my father: “a lord’s foes face his watchful eye and ready sword, while his servants stand behind him in treacherous silence.”

    Zarihell: I command spirits like a mother directs an obedient child.

    TEP Overlord Class Summoner

    Preview (latest version):

    Summon. Lock. Command them. Then, summon again.

    TEP Monster Pack 1. Creatures of the Night. Includes: Lycan, Night Goblin, Vampire.

    Preview (latest version):

    The best scheme makes its way in the dead of night.

    Lycan. Many Daqan knights perished under lycan teeth before they managed to slay the Alpha and drive the rest off into the night. But the pack is always come back following their new Alpha.
    Figure: Beastman, Oath of the Outcast.

    Night Goblin. Unlike their craven-coward brothers, the pale skinned night goblins prefer open confrontation in a hit and run manner, leaving their enemies discouraged from dueling at range.
    Figure: Goblin Archer, Base.

    Vampire. Vampire factions are strong in the lands of Terrinoth. They rule the whole regions, terrifying their neighbors. Only the most skillful mages and knights can compete with even a low rank vampire. The secret lies in the vampire’s ability to drain life from their victims.
    Figure: Changeling, Shadow of Nerekhall.

    TEP Yaga Lieutenant Pack

    Preview (latest version):

    Common folk have given these three sisters the names Weavess, Brewess and Whispess, and call the threesome "The Ladies of the Wood". The Crones can hear everything that happens in their Twisted Forest and far beyond it in the lands of Terrinoth, predict the future, twist the threads of human lives and bring blessings as well as curses. No one knows their true names, nor what breed of monstrosity they in fact are. The one thing we know for sure is that watching eyes and a helping hand of their mother Yaga who is said to be the Witch-Queen of the Dead are always with Yaga’s daughters when they need them.
    Figure: Widow Tarha.

    DOWNLOAD (zip):
    TEP En print ready PDF, A4, CMYK
    TEP Individual Cards En
    TEP Individual Cards De
    TEP Individual Cards Ru
    TEP Individual Cards Es


    MANY THANKS to all who inspired and helped me with the TEP.

    Tell me if you plan to translate my work into your language or use it in any other way than playing D2Ed.

    Yours Sander Engel (seeman8813)
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    Swissman reacted to rugal in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I would also love a "patch" (à card deck would be awsome) for Descent with all corrected and rebalanced components from the game. Is this possible ?
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    Swissman reacted to tibia in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew,
    what about Heroes of Terrinoth? It is a great game, but we need more content (campaign, monsters, locations, ...)!!! When is an expansion planned?
    Thank you 🙂
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    Swissman reacted to Hector131 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the future for Runewars the board game? One last expansion with Orcs and Dwarves like we had for Rune Age? Runewars 2nd Edition? I love TI4, own Android, Netrunner, X-wing, Descent, LOTR LCG, Runebound and other smaller FFG games, but I am really hoping to see Runewars come back triumphantly with a revised edition like we saw with TI4 and the full 6 factions. Its such a good game that we still play regularly.
    Thanks so much for everything you and many others at FFG have done for us gamers!
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    Swissman reacted to Otakuon in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I also "N"th all the "what's up with Terrinoth/Descent" questions.  Same with Imperial Assault.
    My questions are:
    Are there plans for releasing new, stand alone campaigns (either as digital PDFs or as physical books) for Descent and IA's traditional one vs many mode? What are the plans for releasing additional co-op campaigns for the Descent and IA apps? Are there any plans to release an official scenario/campaign editor for the games that use apps (Descent, IA, MoM 2e, Journeys in Middle Earth, etc) in order to allow fans to create their own content?  Such an editor would go a long way toward extending the life span of these games and drive product purchases (and in fact there is already a fairly decent home-brew community editor which I am sure you are aware of). Are there any plans to expand your printing operations in the US and/or manufacture more products in the US as opposed to China given the current trade climate and the recent issues FFG has had with respect to its overseas printers and shipping partners (like, what happened with that GoT Board Game playmat)? Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!
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    Swissman reacted to Zaltyre in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I am very interested in the answer to this question, as I'm sure many Descent players are.
    However, I would also like to add:
    Are there any FFG efforts to patch or update the Descent Quest Vault? There are open technical bug reports which have not received responses since before 2017. A number of users are actively trying to build a fan-content community, but are hitting a stone wall. A "development suspended/cancelled" notice as a bare minimum would be polite. Thank you for your time!
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    Swissman reacted to rugal in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Is there a possibiliy the campaigns, that, fans, have created, could ever be "official" content ? As it is, or in some way or another.
    Personnaly, I've created theses 2 and I don't mind about money of rights, as long as it offers the game some more life
    The first one is far more epic, but with a bit of work, the second one can be really great too.

    And what about expansions ?
    This one is my work too, so, same as for campaigns. But maybe Sadgit Zaltyre and the others are thinking the same as me ?
    I'm sure this game has enough fan base so, at least, campaigns as books can be attractive as for players and for FFG.

    The more the game lives, the better it will be for all
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    Swissman reacted to tomkat364 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hear Hear! I would like to know the same information.
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    Swissman reacted to kbalazsa in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Yes, some news regarding Terrinoth would be nice to have, or Descent, Heroes of Terrinoth at least
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    Swissman reacted to rugal in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second this.
    And what about runebound's universe ?
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    Swissman reacted to Sarcsmorator in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'll add to those asking about Descent. I'd love to see the last of the 1E heroes released with new models for 2E; the originals looks so tiny and low on detail in comparison, especially to the last few 2E expansions when the minis got scaled up!
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    Swissman reacted to Carbini in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I also would like to know the future for the Terrinoth series of games. I'm a massive Descent fan and hope for a 3rd edition at some point. Runewars: Mini may have passed (I really liked it too:() but are you straying away from the world? I thought a lot of good stuff was in the story books for Runewars: Minis and hope there's still a good future for those games.
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    Swissman reacted to edgeseeker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I third those questions! 😀
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    Swissman reacted to edgeseeker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What's next for Terrinoth? When can we see an update for Descent: Journeys in the Dark? 
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    Swissman reacted to MercuryMike in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second those questions as well 🙂
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    Swissman reacted to any2cards in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the future of Descent ...
    Will FFG ever produce the missing 12 Heroes from D1e for D2e?
    Will there be any further development for D2e (*** NOT *** for the app, but physical content)?
    Will there be a D3e?
    EDIT: Why is the D2e Quest Vault and its various issues, bugs, etc. completely ignored?  It started as BETA about 5+ years ago, and continues in that state today.  There would be far more community development for the game if the software simply worked.  There is already an extensive bug report thread for the vault, so all it takes is someone at FFG to pay attention.  If you don't want to maintain it anymore, would you be willing to provide access to the code, so that the community could host it and maintain it?
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    Swissman reacted to Sadgit in Sands of the Past - Release   
    I am happy to announce that the Sands of the Past expansion has been released. 
    For more details see my BGG post.
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    Swissman reacted to rugal in There's hope   
    I will soon post another new campaign
    Finally I like creating stuff
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    Swissman reacted to power500500 in There's hope   
    Well...it’s something https://www.facebook.com/110432647142/posts/10156137483957143?s=100000300163909&substory_index=0&sfns=mo
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