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  1. Why FFG dont make a new Box with the last Heroes and Classes? Maybe a Fanbox? And a App-Campaign for this Box. And why not new App-Campaigns for the other Boxes (Mists of Bilehal, Chains that Rust,...)? There are a great Potential for sell all the Boxes! A Tiles-Pack would be great!
  2. Cool! Thank you very much for the Inspiration!
  3. I have see the minis from Talisman its a bit like Descent. Somebody have experience about this?
  4. Yeah with Captains/ Lieutenants and there own Ships would be amazing! And with Island Creatures like Giant Snakes and Crabs or Killing Gulls! Search the greatest Treasure ever or rescue the Castaways! The potential is endless!
  5. I cant understand FFG when Descent 2 is over now! The potential for the App still now ist amazing! I would not wait and buy for this in two years in Descent 3!
  6. Swissman

    Epic Variant

    Thank you very much! The Epic Battles can beginning soon! :-D
  7. The best what FFG can do is bringing two big expansions with the rest of classes and heroes! Most suitable with a Snow and a Sea Themes like Tomb of Ice and Sea of Blood! :-) That would be amazing! And then go with all Tiles in the App!
  8. Swissman

    Why I don't buy this game

    For me Battlelore is better. Its easy and simple to play also for new players! But its very variable and lots of fun! So i find enough players to play that. Im not sure if i find enough with Runewars.
  9. Swissman

    Epic Variant

    Right, thats maybe better! Great idea! How you play? With a own Scenario or Deathmatch?
  10. Swissman

    Epic Variant

    No one knows if FFG bring out a Epic Variant for Battlelore 2nd Edition. So for now anyone know a idea for Epic Variants with two Boards? Maybe with two Boards on top of each other and not to lay side by side. Maybe with help from a saw?
  11. Swissman

    Latari Elves Collaboration

    Very Nice! That would be great!