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  1. She's my favorite character. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I do hope the author can do her justice.
  2. Took a break from Rebels for a month, then watched everything in one sitting. The last two episodes weren't that interesting, but that finale was amazing. Some thoughts: 1. Glad to see Maul is coming back, as third parties are always interesting in a war. 2. Ezra's descent into the dark side, combined with Kanan's blindness, will make for an interesting dynamic in season 3. I think the Dark Side may make Ezra more interesting overall as a character. 3. I'm a grown man but I teared up when Ahsoka confronted Vader, and again when I heard Anakin's voice. I wasn't ready for that feel trip, even though I'd been preparing for it since that mid season trailer. 4. While the most dramatic (but also cliché) option was to kill off Ahsoka, I'm glad her fate is ambiguous. She's my favorite Star Wars character and I really want her to come back in the future, in this show or the next (even a movie, perhaps?). 5. The helicopter lightsabers really didn't bother me. This is Star Wars, where silly stuff like that happens all the time. All in all, even though a couple of episodes left me a bit cold, I really liked this season's main story arc. Best girl Ahsoka never disappoints.
  3. Sounds like you have a great roleplaying opportunity there. Sometimes it's hard to get the players to really care about something in the game, but you can bet they always get attached to their characters: an unexpected death can make the group suddenly care very much about what happens in game - especially to those responsible - and as such you should welcome it. Of course, you should never actually plan for a character to die just to serve your story (unless you have a special arrangement with the player), but death is and should be an ever present threat.
  4. I honestly just wing it. It's not really hard, most combats are between short and medium range anyway.
  5. I know nothing of that director so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he won't be afraid to go to new places with the franchise.
  6. My players are pretty tame compared to yours, I kinda envy you! Star Wars IS over the top, it's part of the fun. I say go nuts, find your own limit.
  7. I don't think that's how it would work, unfortunately. I think you would get a Blast 6 from the Pulse Rifle, and an additional Blast 6 from the Spread Barrel, instead of Blast 12. Doesn't mean it's not good of course, especially with jury rigged, you could activate 2 Blast 6 blasts, but it's not Blast 12 good. Why not? Giving a Virboblade that already has pierce a mono-molecular blade to enhance this quality further is not uncommon. Also giving a Rifle that is already accurate a forearm grip to get a second accurate-dice is possible. As well as giving a weapon with the vicious-quality a serrated edge. 2x Blast 6 is nice, but i think it would be blast 10 or 12 when the mods are applied. The problem with such weapons is the same as with jury rigged autofire: The Game-Master has to react to keep the game chellenging and therefore split groups (6 minions become 2x3 minions) or let them appear in even greater numbers, but this are meta-thoughts and should not be part of the consideration. As 2P51 said, the Spread Barrel grants the Blast 4 weapon quality. It does not give the weapon +4 Blast. You could, however, use the mods, since they specify Blast+1 instead of granting a base quality.
  8. I don't think that's how it would work, unfortunately. I think you would get a Blast 6 from the Pulse Rifle, and an additional Blast 6 from the Spread Barrel, instead of Blast 12. Doesn't mean it's not good of course, especially with jury rigged, you could activate 2 Blast 6 blasts, but it's not Blast 12 good.
  9. Just watched this week's episode. As others said, the music was purely amazing. The crescendo leading to the mystical hyperspace jump was full of complex emotions. Like last week's episode, I feel like the story was a bit rushed and could've used another episode (and a bigger budget. Seriously, we're not even gonna see the surface of that super important Lasat planet?), but I still liked it. It felt good to learn more about Zeb's past. I'm also glad to learn more about the Bo-rifles. It has been made clear why those weapons are so important in the Lasat's culture: the warriors would use these weapons to guide ships out of the cluster surrounding their original homeworld, with the help of some Lasat force sensitives. Raises the question though: would Kallus be able to go Lirasan with the help of the inquisitors? He'd have to believe his bo-rifle is more than just a trophy, so I guess that's unlikely, but the possibility stays. As an aside, I got really excited at one moment: Sabine: How far is it to Lirasan? (Me: oh, are we gonna get some official hyperspace travel times?) Hera: Well, judging by this... (Me: oh wow they're doing it. YES!) *Ship stops and gets out of hyperspace* (Me: Well now you're just teasing on purpose)
  10. I think the evolution you're talking about feels natural for a lot of people because of the precedent set by Han Solo and Chewie. Smugglers have been established as the "good criminals", while Bounty Hunters were the bad ones (even in SWTOR, Smugglers are on the Republic side while Bounty Hunters are with the Sith Empire), so it's only natural for some people to associate Fringers with the Alliance, while they don't have an inherent common enemy (as others have said on this very thread, customs will always be there, whoever's in charge). Plus, the Empire is an easy bad guy for a lot of people. It is easy to make an Edge of the Empire without even mentioning the Empire, let alone use them as the main baddies. Hutts Cartel, Black Sun, Pyke Syndicate, Zann Consortium: a lot of those make great patrons, but also great enemies. In my current campaign my PCs belong to a Hutt clan and are stuck in the middle of an internal feud between 3 Hutt brothers. One of them is using a mercenary company associated with the Black Sun to disrupt his brothers' businesses and become the sole leader in the clan. My players have encountered the Empire twice in the campaign: once they were randomly selected for a search by Customs, and another time they got manipulated by an ISB agent, posing as a sector ranger, to do his bidding. I wanted them to feel the presence of the Empire, but more as the lawful authorities in the Galaxy (which every criminal should be somewhat afraid of), more than the main baddies.
  11. The "General Leia's intro" bit would have been VERY welcome -- I think everyone agreed that the lack of understanding about the political landscape hindered the impact of the First Order's destruction of the senate. That intro would've made that movie much better in my opinion. Exposition is okay sometimes. I'm also sad for poor Constable Zuvio. While he's quite different physically from Embo, seeing another Kyuzo would've been great.
  12. Considering Force Awakens' profits, maybe that new series would get a higher budget than Rebels! Honestly as long as Rebels gets a satisfying ending, I don't mind the show being smaller in scope. It was always pretty self contained to begin with, after all. I think we need a series set after RotJ, or at least a bit before FA.There's still so much we don't know about that era, things that I doubt the new Trilogy will explore in depth. A tv show would be a perfect medium, the same way TCW helped flesh out the Prequel era.
  13. Yeah, expect a watered-down, cartoonishly evil and clueless version of him and you'll be closer on the mark (because we can't have competent, complex villains on a kid's TV show, can we?). It's depended on the character, so far... and I'd say that in a Star Wars series... the widespread belief that the Dark Side turns you into Snidely Whiplash with a sadism fetish ( ) is as much to blame as the fact that it's "for kids". Well, sadly, a lot of that -is- backed up canonically (at least in the EU). There's lots of ridiculous sadism that actively causes long-term problems for Sith because of their documented philosophy. Of course, the same kind of stupidity (just the opposite side of the spectrum) is present in the Jedi order, too... They both seem to be operating from flawed philosophical premises, IMHO. I think that's the point. When you go in the extremes, you loose sight of the bigger picture, and become uncompromising to the point of absurdity, while the middle is a more balanced stance. The Jedi Order showed on many occasions that at the point of the Twilight of the Republic, they'd lost themselves, yet were too set on their own path and blinded by their hubris, that they never actually saw how flawed they were.
  14. But it was such a great thread! We must get it back on topic! Did we decide if Infinite Backpacks were 'Legends' or 'Canon'? Legends is defunct though, we can't talk about it. Stop it! We had that one thread telling us we weren't allowed to anymore!
  15. I GM right now, but my players are: a Hired gun Mercenary soldier, a Smuggler Scoundrel/Force sensitive, and a Sentinel Artisan/Soresu Defender. I know the smuggler is looking into gunslinger, but for now they've all avoided to spread out too much, which can be a problem, especially with two Force users in the group.
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