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  1. Rouge Five

    Happy Friday.

    I started just before Scum launched. I used a stack of saved up B&N gift cards to get a core, Imperial Aces, Rebel Aces, Defender, and a few more ships. Once I completed my rebel and Imperial sets, I completed scum. Now I gave to collect all of them!
  2. We’ll see, although I’m not holding my breath at this point. In hindsight, we should have had to order first, lottery from those that ordered, no need for multiple rounds then.
  3. Guess I didn’t win round 2 either
  4. Nuts. Still hoping for a round 2 pick!
  5. So.... it’s April 29th..... dare I ask if anyone got a code for ships that didn’t sell?
  6. I agree with @Darth Meanie. before I moved, I only played epic with my friends. We had a blast playing with obscenely large squads, as we really just want to get as many models on the table as we could. Was looking forward to 2.0 epic and have been left wanting a bit. Errors in production with no replacements, which seems so unlike all the positive customer service I’ve read about on here over years. I just got the epic box yesterday for my birthday and was surprised at how little content was included for the price. And finally, not putting the huge ships in the app really stinks. Overall, while FFG has had issues over the years, I feel like they have gotten worse in the last 12 months.
  7. I would vote for the Interceptor as well, mostly because it’s a movie ship.
  8. FFG updated, codes are now good through 4/28 and they do not know when shipping will occur due to stay at home orders. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/4/10/limited-edition-naboo-royal-n-1-starfighter-expansion-pack-update/
  9. I'm interested in doing this, but have never played online. Can someone give me some direction on how/where to get the needed program? I'm itching to play!
  10. Enjoy yours! Fly it proud for those of us that didn't get one.
  11. I agree with Darth Meanie. I wish next time they would do what some else said. Post the limited ship on their store. Take orders for 30 days. Make the product and ship to those that wanted it. Everyone wins.
  12. Got my rejection email. If anyone got a code they don’t want......
  13. I bet the Phantom II was easier to dock with the Ghost, no wings that also need to fold.
  14. Did anyone find out the price?
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