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  1. Their Facebook page lists their events. The HT was moved to October 12/13. I was going to go, but I have an event the night before and would then need to drive 4 hours to get there. Used to live there, now live in PA.
  2. Brother’s Ghrim in Selden (Suffolk County) has a group
  3. Excited for new pilots want more s-foil and it’s better than then releasing new pilots in a full pack w/model. That would have been the true cash grab
  4. I’m not surprised with the color scheme, being that the generic pilot is Phoenix Squadron. I like the paint better than the original release. Might get one. I also think the switch to Phoenix Squadron is not just a draw for younger players, which would work, but Rebels is really the only on screen featured A-Wing stories. ROTJ has A-Wings as minor characters. We don’t really get to know them. Phoenix squadron has several seasons. If we are going to make an A-Wing complaint, let’s ask for Tycho back (not pilot skill, just the name)! Was hoping for him in card pack. The best thing for this game is recognizing that Star Wars is a generational story. As much as I love the OT and most of the “Legends” (can we just make it a multiverse so those stories still exist?), my daughter loves Rey. She will fly (really well for a seven year old) only Rey and Poe, and had to have the Resistance Heroes pack. If she got into Rebels, she would want to fly Ghost and a blue A-Wing. Besides, the A-Wings always changed color in the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games based on the squadron name, so I got used to different colors. That’s my two cents.
  5. I used to use focus the same way. Then my nephew played outside the group and came back to teach us the right way. Boy did that change things!
  6. Honestly, it depends on how much you want to spend and how fast you want to get all the 1.0 ships. The most cost effective way, in my opinion, is to start fresh in 2.0. Buy the new core, which is needed, and then buy the FO ships as they come out. But, if you want to fly all of it, then I would look on eBay for a used lot and see what you can pick up before buying the conversion kit. I would not buy the kit to convert just your existing two TIE/FOs unless you had a friend that would be willing to buy the rest from you.
  7. Yes I am. Was so tempted to get more....
  8. In order: 1. The X-Wing fix 2. Brobots winning worlds 3. 2.0 4. Clone Wars 5. Miniature Market’s insane Thanksgiving Sale (also got in trouble for how much I spent, but now I’m only missing the CR90, Transport, and CROC!)
  9. I want to be, but budget and space has prevented me. Now hoping to find scum discounted as 1.0 phases out so I can finish off that set. Rebel- 100% complete Empire- Missing Upsilon Shuttle Scum- Missing Quad Jumper, Agressor, Jump Master, Bossk ship, and Lancer Epic- Only have Gonzati (coming with two TIEs made it easier to justify.......)
  10. All of it..... It's going to be like Christmas morning!
  11. Wow! Can't believe Brobots won. Great game.
  12. I would buy it. I imagine that once the 1.0 stuff is off the shelf, it is not coming back. We will probably only see 2.0 packs from here on out. It might take a while for us to get everything. If I didn't already have a U-Wing, I might have bought 2 of the Saw packs, just don't see a need for 3 U-Wings.
  13. I play at home with an increasing play group and have lots of fun doing so. That being said, I have no authority to discuss the state of the game or what is happening at a FLGS. Reading this made me think of something, overall negativity. Dreadai made valid point, if you are a long time player and complain about the game, why would new players join or more casual players want to come back/continue. There is one very clear thing about people, they all want to be part of something fun. No one says, "I can't wait to go spend hours playing a boring game!" My play group was started by me buying several pieces, bringing it over my nephews house, and saying, "Hey, this looks like fun! Let's play!!" and then we invited others and others and now we could run a dozen people on an X-Wing night. There is no meta in the group because we are trying to have fun. To be clear, I am not saying people should just love everything that comes out. Sure, you can not like Harpoons or TIE Phantoms or TLT or whatever. There will always be something. There are things I don't like in the game. The key is to not sit around the table and complain. Have fun! Life is too short to be angry at plastic spaceships. One thing my group is doing is planning a night where we fly things we haven't flown in awhile or ever (I'm looking at you Punisher!). Why? Because we want to use our collections and have fun.
  14. I would agree. Would rather wait a few months and have accurate fluff (like K2SO crew) than be missing something critical to what the ship was in the movie.
  15. It could have taken her awhile to get off world, or she probably realized she know knew the future and could not interfere. If she came back, she could alter history. Post Yavin, she would have known about Luke Skywalker and probably didn't want to touch that with a ten foot pole. For all we know, she was off looking for Ezra and now needs help or that scene is post Endor/Jakku, the Rebellion is over, and it is safe to get Sabine and start looking. Overall, I really liked the episode. It felt very much like Star Wars, not the slap stick that was in season one. I also liked how they did bring closure to the story and gave us the fate of most of the characters. And I like that it was Sabine that did it, established her as the story teller. I do hope that this is not a lead into the Resistance cartoon and it is Sabine, Ashoka, and Ezra fighting the First Order.
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