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  1. Hey TiLT, not a coder at all so i stayed. Away. I did, however, want to stop by and thank you for your generator again. I recently had a few awesome sessions that revoled around the crew attempting to resque a Lunar Cruiser they found in a graveyard from your app. Just "Lunar Class Cruiser-May be possible to salvage." Caught the imaginations of my whole group. And we had several great sessions built around the endeavour thanks for the help and insparation.
  2. That would be quite interesting. I would probably stick to only two PCs similar to errants system but idk if I'd allow switches mid game. More than two pcs would get pretty confusing i feel
  3. Sounds like you ran it perfect to me. Hardened, Loyal soldiers dont want to listen to the wierd robo-guy who is literally demanding they turn on one of their brotherhood to appease his fit of pique. IMO never gonna happen. And the Navy guys would feel similar. Not to mention that naval ratings are likely voidborn and born into the fleet at that, they would be used to following orders and have a similar sense of us verses them. Idk how low morale is atm but too low and the explorator could be looking at revolt and or assassins. You could rule that they are eventually cowed and he manages to plant that bomb but id rule SERIOUS bad blood with not only that unit but anythey come in contact with. No one wants a boss who shoots you on bad days. OOOHHHH!! and The Imperial Cult would have some pretty definite things to say about an Explorator who is attempting to force them to expose themselves to corruption.
  4. **** man, my heart goes out to you thats a bunch of prep lost. i had a save overwrite issue but that was an ID-10-T problem not anything tilt can fix.
  5. Errant this is awesome! i really appreciate the rundown here, I can honestly say i Will definitely be "borrowing" several pieces here. Especailly your Travel rules i cant say enough how ive been annoyed by the RAW set. this simlified version is awesome.
  6. Hmmm, This is all really good stuff. they have no psyckers among the party but there is an Explorator. The Hulghast thing is really nice i hadnt even thought of that. most of the time they just leave internal problems to the provists and to reasonably well to let the provists handle problems without trouble. Currently they keep returning to imperial spaces via a trade route they hope to open between the Lathes and a run down mechanicum installation(lots of Archeotech and lost knowledge stuff) they found but the various factions are making it hard to nail down a contract. so the Inquisition has had plenty of chances to sneak aboard and or grab a rating or two for first hand accounts. I dont know that i want them to go that far as to become Chaos renegades, and unfortunately they can spare the ship getting lost to the void. but that isnt necessarily a bad thing that makes it more likely they will notice being one ship short. I think i will start turning up the void encounters for no reason they can discern. Thanks for the advice. Next session isnt for a week or two ill report back with what i do and how it works. cheers guys.
  7. For starters i need to share the party rolled death cult for complications(again) and i thought that due to thier recent "luck" fighting of chaos fleets 3-4 times it would be kinda cool if they started dealing with the taint sreading throughout their ship and eventually their fleet. For setting it up they will eventually be able to track the spread of the taint back to a lower deck officer who also happens to be a leader of whats now a splinter faction of the deathcult. He decided to keep a sword trophy from one of the boarding actions and its corrupted him. His eventual goal is to shut the gellar field off mid warp to sacrifice the whole ship "In Nominae Imperator"-really a chaos deamon whispering in his sleep My question for you good folks is this "Any suggestions on how i can hint and slowly build this heresy up to something they must deal with?" Ive already been taking extra crew pop off and random drops in population and ive been reporting lower officers in charge of random stuff missing for the day. But how can i turn up the heat without bringing in the inquisition just yet? I will bring the inquistorial hammer down if they ignore the signs long enough but i cant figure a step between random missing reports and being under investigation because they keep leaving little heretic cells all over the void. P.S. This cell has been subtly working for 1-2years in game.
  8. I havent used a big nemesis RT yet, but im excited to see this thread as im brainstorming the return of a rich RT with a bigger fleet and connections to the IG. I plan to start stealing glory and muscling in on contracts with him and this thread is perfectly timed.
  9. This phrase is exactly what my buddy said pitching the game to me lol. But im poor and he hasnt boughy it so i havent been able to run it.
  10. I can under stand what you are saying but this IS the Imperium ad they aren't exactly know for small buildings. Ill grant that there are plenty of small spaces like some corridors but i recently had a gun fight on the bridge of a light cruiser and i made the bridge like 100m long and 60m wide. My players like that they move around even indoors. My rant: Committing to the game. i dont even mean getting into the role play or understanding the universe. Ive run a couple different systems and despite the age old questions "How do you feel about the game?" and "Anything you'd like to see done differently?" i still end up with with weeks at a tie when one player or another cant come. I have even denied players who cant make it regularly. And going back a few pages. That one player at your table who literally cannot resist the urge to use two or three components from EVERY BOOK THEY GRAB. Its always the kids who can torrent or afford to buy all the expansions too. He/She HAS to have this thing because its essential to the character in their head and they want you to know how to run all the special rules and actions for that charater. The Lidless Eye Problem would probably get a rocks fall ending for me. "It was funny ONCE, now you are sucking the fun out of it." warnings and a penalty or two in the form of PF loss for "Fines" then some powerful friends sending assassins and just attacking their business. Ive actually nearly TPKed because the party attacked the wrong guy and pissed off a Deathcult. Dont be afraid to remind PCs that they arent the only ones out there with the money to kill and bribe their way out.
  11. So i might have missed something because i just skimmed the thread, but the solution i use i saw only once. NUMBERS, yes one or two ork ships will be beaten off even in a well done boarding action fairly easily but always reserving the right to call in reinforcements has been helpful to me. I *think* it was in the 5thed Ork codex i read it "There is never a single ork, they are always in groups." IDK if it solves your problems but its really made it easier for me to use orks to have wave after wave hear the fight and show up. (when there are enough numbers around, i dont magic orks into being like some jerk GMs) Even in space ill bring in like 2-5 more med classed ork ships that were further away or drawn by the conflict. It really makes my party consider if its worth tangling with the orks or not THIS time. Edit: I had time to re read the thread and saw OPs last post. That was how i solved it, only stated much clearer. sorry for rambling.
  12. Thanks for the reply. It was more that the desire sparked my notice that i hardly ever had inhabited systems. with percentages that small i see why though. I have had the generator create systems with inhabitants since that post and have determined its just my luck. Again i love this generator i don't sit down to run a session without it open just in case i need a quick starship or a xeno artifact. Thanks for your hard work.
  13. Hey Tilt i had a question. I wanted to run my explorers into a system that has decided to Secede from the Imperium but i noticed that your generator almost never creates systems with inhabitants. i Dont have my books near but i was curious if this is a common problem people have? is that because of the scale from the orginal tables? or do the dice gods just think its funny to mess with me?
  14. Hey TiLT, i signed up just to reply to this thread. I was super excited when i saw this tool. My group has been talking about how cool it would be to make an app that generates the systems for us. Here it is all ready to go. The one thing i would ask for more is the Human ship generator include all the parts from the other source books, but after a quick look at the thread i understand why you havent. This is amazing thank you for the hard work you shared with us.
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