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  1. I guess we have also overlooked the validility of under the skin. The reality today isn't quite so severe as in the book But if we look at the fungus that controls the minds of small insects. Maybe with a bit of evolution. This could be our demise? Mother nature. Taking her earth back
  2. Why pay when you can use it for free? What extra does it boast.If you say all street view images have been altered to show a post appocolyptic world then I'm in.
  3. Helping loves ones is a great player drive - have the path to succeeding impossible alone, to promote the group working together and have the party decide how to prioritise - Have the delay kill the last family or 2 for 5h1ts and Giggles
  4. Personally I feel a pandemic be the most likely cause of wide spread infection. Human kind is so fragile.
  5. Simple does go with the style of the game. I kinda like the 3 shot burst on assault rifles too as it helps burn a little more ammo and your still getting a stress dice for the kick of an automatic. I still feel there could be a little more complexity mind. AFMBE had single,burst and all out.maybe there could be different stats for each? In regards to 'miss haps' I have taken weapon tables from the video game State of Decay as it incorporated durability of weapons. I'll be tracking damage to weapons everytime a 6 is rolled on the positive dice as It ranges from 1 to 5 in most cases. Repairing with suitable loot such as tape and spare parts I will also incorporate.
  6. How are you guys looking around ammo and automatic fire. How many shots fired and damage as part of a major action in combat. Arguably you can fire a pistol many times in 10 seconds and also automatic rifles hold a negative dice and + when fired but how many bullets is this? Any thoughts community.
  7. He's right, you put both dice in for stats to stay put. I'm nervous about this sytem. I've ran an AFMBE campaign for the last year or so and we closed that game in readiness for this. I've read through the rules, have a reasonably clear idea of the setting and I still really want to start a full campaign again, rather than a one shot, however, There's alot left to poetic interpretation. I have already started hashing some rules across, smashing down doors, explosives, single fire vs rapid fire on automatic weapons. I've made an inventory tetris system (to accommodate weight,encomberment) of equipment. Also I'm still not really clear When to give negative or positive dice, it leaves alot for the ZM (Gm) to rule and the first question my players ask is, so how do we earn xp. That features list is going to get real long after a month or so of play. Even with this worry I am real looking forward to getting stuck in. I'll be playing a take on the parasitic scenario however, putting the fungus spin and zombie arsenal from the Last of us to it.
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